Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 43


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The epi starts with Ishra and.Arshi reaching the place.It was Ashok’s farm house.Ishu and Khushi hide their tears….Arnav holds Khushi sideways and comforts her.Arshi and Ishra enter the farm house and see Ashok and Shyam sitting there.
Raman and Arnav leave Khushi and Ishita….Ishita cries…Khushi gathers some courage as she had full trust on Arnav and console Ishu….Raman looks at a broken Ishita and cries….
Ashok:Correct timing brother….Bhabi ko sahi time par mandap lekar aa gaya(U brought ur sis in law in right time.)
Raman:Where is my sister?
Shyam:Hum toh jeet gaye hai toda dialogue toh maarne do na…(We hav won so let us give some dialogue)
Ashok laughs.
Shyam:Khushi ji
Khushi:Dont call me with that dirty mouth.
Ashok:How dare u…
Shyam:Bhai!it’s our personal issue dont interfere.
Shyam:Not a word

Raman signs Arnav.Arnav understand Raman’s plan.Arnav nods.
Shyam:Khushi ji hum badal chuke hai(Khushi ji I hav changed)…
Khushi:Tum kabhi nahin badal paoge…..badtameez…kammeno….(U can never ever change….cheapster……)
Ashok:Stay in ur limits…..
Ishu:U first understand ur limits….
Shyam:Dont shout at my brother.
Ashok:U stay away from my personal issue
Shyam:But bhai…how dare she….
Shyam and Ashok argue about personal issues bla bla…Khushi and Ishu added some spice to it…Raman laugh at this sight Ishu.Meanwhile Raman saves Shagun.Arnav unties Manoj.Shanoj and Arman sign Khushita to escape.But in between the arguement Shyam holds Khushi hands and says:I dont want any of ur properties…….I am taking my Khushi with me and leaving
Arman and Shanoj stand there shocked.

Khushi:hame chodiye…..(Leave me)
Shyam:Khushi ji hum aap se pyaar karte hein…aap samjhte kyun nahin.Mein hamareliyr apni bhai ko bhi chod di.(Khushi ji I love u…U are u not understanding.Look I even left my brother for u)
Khushi:But I dont like u…
Shyam(angry and shouts):I want u if not I will kill Arnav
Khushi panicks
Ishu sense something and says:Gas leak ho raha hai.(Gas is aaleaking)
Raman:Paagal ho gayi ho kya?(Are u mad?)
Shagun:Bhai she is right…gas is leaking.
Raman takes shagun out….when he sees a servant taking matchstick out.He makes Shagun comfortable in car then goes to take Ishita….All look at him confused.Arnav takes Manoj and Khushi and run out…shyam runs behind.Ishu bites Ashoks hand and runs into Raman’s arms.Ishra run out Ashok follow them…..

Shyam:I wont leave u Khushi(Holds khush’s hand and pulls her)
Khushi tries releasing herself from him but he is too strong for her.Arnav and Shyam indulge in a fight when Ishra and Ashok reach there.Ashok tries to harm Arnav but Raman stops him and they both fight…… Suddenly BOOM! House explodes…All looks on shocked.
Raman and Arnav see that Khushi,Ishu,Ashok and Shyam are missing.They get panicked and are in a state of dilemma…..

Precap:Arnav shouts at Peon again for adding sugar in coffee…he remembers Khushi and smiles, a small drop of tear escape from his eyes…..Raman is infront of an ICU and crying….Doctor comes out and gives a shocking news.Raman cries.Shanoj hug eachother and cry hearing the news…..

*I know there are soo many questions in your mind…but stay tuned…I will update tmw…..

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  1. Hi di Varsha.Malhotra here….I hav changed my email…..Awesome epi….Cant wait for next one….too many questions.Update soon

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    Superb yaar

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  6. ?????
    Vero di, it’s a shocking update…
    What happened to Khushi as well as Ishita???
    Oh ho!! Precape is more shocking!!!
    Di, what will happen next?? ???

    1. Veronica

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  7. jasmine Rahul

    Oh..poor Khushi in Shyam’s web.house exploded?KhushimIshita n d villains missing?Precap gives more tensions

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