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Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 42


Sorry guys for late update….I am busy with my studies…..Hope u all remember me….
Precap:Shanoj are kidnapped.Ashok and Shyam are behind it.Ishra and Arshi are worried for Shanoj.
Epi continues
Raman was sitting with Khushi Ishu and Arnav in Arnav’s hse.Raman gets a call and moves to the balcony.He comes out and calls Arnav also.Khushi and Ishu look at eachother in confusion.
Raman in balcony,
Raman:Hello.Whose this?
Ashok(laughs):Mr.Raman.Kumar.Bhalla worried for ur sister ah???
Raman(shocked):Who the hell are u…..wat do u want?
Ashok again laugh.Raman calls Arnav ,
Raman:Naam bata saale….

Raman shocked and puts phone in speaker.Arnav gets shocked hearing Ashok’s voice.
Arnav:Ashok…..Where is Manoj???
Ashok:With Shagun…..and us(laughs)
Raman:Shyam ?????
Ashok:Brilliant…U can get ur so-called brother and sister once u give us Kushita….at least for a day with us bas i am happy.And shyam…..
Raman:U cheap…..
Shyam:Just kidding buddy….I love Khushi…She is my breathe….If anybody tries to take my breathe away I will kill him….
Ashok:I also love Ishu from the bottom of my heart….I am nothing without her…
Arnav:Shut up….nonsense…….

Raman signs Arnav to calm down.
Arnav:Ok…we are ready(says that with much difficulty….remincing all his moments with her…her smile…her childish antics…..her beautiful eyes which sparkle love for him)
baate yeh kabhi na tu boolna plays………….
Raman:Ok….tell the place(He Also says that with much difficulty.He reminces his moments with Ishu from the days when he was behind her to all the events till today tears form in his eyes)
Dil kahin rukhta nahin plays……
Shyam(excited):Very nice
Ashok:Dont dare complain to police.Ur sis and bro will be killed…..I am serious this time.
He cuts the call…..
Arman enter to the hall fully broken and see Kushita looking at them in confusion.
Ishu:Raman…Shagun milli na(shagun is found na?)
Raman smiles and nods.Ishu also smiles.Arman hug Khushita.Ishra and Arshi share a bone crushing hug.Ishu and Khushi cry along with Arnav and Raman.

(Khushita heard their convo)
Ishu and Khushi wipe tears and fakes smile….
Khushi:Arnav ji shall we go and pick them…I wanna scold My drama queen.
Ishu:I am also coming.
Raman holds Ishu’s hand tightly and walks.
Raman(in mind):Never leave my hand Ishu.I cant live without u, taking a bit of oxygen inside seems harder now…plz dont leave my hand….
Ishu(in mind):Raman dont leave my hand….I will never leave ur hand…..I feel like a dead person now…thinking that my life might no longer revolve around u.(cries…but hides from Raman)
Arshi in car,
Arnav asks Khushi to wear seat belt.Khushi does and says in mind:Never leave me with him Arnav ji….I completely trust in ur decision.But shyam…..I cant live without u….always take care of me like this.
Arnav:Khushi…I wanna tell u a truth…Shyam had called us he asked u to come with u and Ishu to his place.

Khushi:Sh….We heard everything.I trust u completely Arnav ji…..
Arnav smiles and kiss on her forehead.
Ishra and Arshi reach the spot

Precap:Raman saves Shagun and Ishu.Arnav takes Manoj with him.Khushi is missing.Ishu is also missing….stay tuned for more updates

*Sorry.again for late update.Plz comment my silent readers and the ususal friends….Love u all.And sorry shara for hurting words….I want all of u to comment on my last epi please a request.

Credit to: Vero

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