Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 41

*Hi all I am planning to stop writing by my 50th epi as I feel it’s getting boring day by day.And today I really dont want anybody to comment asking dont stop and all as I know that it just that u are sympathizing me.So guys 10 epi’s more.Do give me ur valuable comments……Love Veronica.

The episode starts with Ishu ,Raman and Shagun on a walk.Shagun see Manoj and goes with him thinking Ishra will get time together.Shanoj moves away from Ishra’s sight.Raman gets a bad feeling.But he doesn’t show that.Ishu talks with him about her dreams after marriage.Raman smiles.
Raman:I promise u Ishu…I will fulfil all ur dreams.
Ishu:After my death also(laughs)

Raman slaps her and says:How dare u?Never ever say like this ok(cups her face)…
Ishu cries and hugs him..Raman also cries……Janam janam(dilwale) plays………..
Shagun and Manoj were chatting while walking,
Shagun:Woh…Manoj I have to say something to u….
Manoj (excited):Tell na…
Shagun:Not so.easily….May be today evening.
Shagun:Costa coffe near ur place
Shagun smiles and goes.Shyam and Ashok hear this and smirks.
Scene 2-Arnosh F.H.
Manoj enter Arnav cabin so as with Khushi.
Arnav:Hi Manu Hi Khushi
Manoj(in mind):Bhai is in good mood….I think it’s the right time.
Khushi:Woh..Arnav ji I need half-day today

Manoj:Bhai me too
Arnav:Today office is only half-day for all
Arnav:U didnt answer me so I am also not answering.
Khushi:Ok…Nk Bhai is coming back home from hospital
Arnav:Because my 2 sweetheart are taking half-day leave today the whole office is on half-day leave

Khushi blush.Manoj smiles.
Its evening ,
Raman had been calling shagun and Ishu every 10 mins.Ishgun are irritated.He told them that he will pick them.As Raman already had some bad feelings…..it increased every second…As Shagun was.nearing the cafe.Raman’s heart beats fast.Raman called shagun 2 times she didnt pick the call.Raman gets worried.He calls Ishu and asks abt Shagun.Ishu says Shagun had gone to costa with Manoj.Raman then calls Manoj.He also doesnt pick.Raman calls Arnav and asks about Manoj.Arnav says Manoj has taken half day to meet someone in costa.He says he had been calling him from past few minutes and he is not attending his call.
Raman and Arnav reach costa at the same time.Both get worried seeing shanoj nowhere.
Scene 3-A dark room,
Shagun is tied opposite Manoj.Shagun is unconscious but Manoj is conscious.Manoj calls Shagun many times but she doesnt wake up.After sometime Shagun wake up and cries calling Raman’s name.Manon console her saying nothing will happen and also ask Shagun to be strong.Shyam and Ashok enter laughing.
Shagun:What do u want ?
Ashok:Ishita….(looking at Shagun)
Shyam:Khushi…(looking at Manoj)
Shanoj panick

Manoj:If we dont then…
Shyam holds Manoj’s chin and says:U will be dead.
Shagun:Manoj…I cant let my brother and Ishu seperate….I love you a loot Manoj.I called u to cafe to say this….(cries)
Manoj(smiles):I love u too.But shagu dont lose hope…..I will not let anything happen to us.
Ashok:Stop ur nonsense romance.
Shagun:u state that u love Ishu then how can this be nonsense.
Ashok:U r doing nonsense…not me
Manoj:Just ask ur heart does u really love them
Shyam:Just.shut up.Bhai give me the plaster…(he sticks it in Shanoj’s mouth)

Precap: Shyam calls Arnav.Ashok calls Raman.Arman panick.Kushita(khushi-ishita) get shocked.

*Sorry for being rude.But I am really gonna end this on my 50 th epi….Thank u Varsha,Jasmine and Reshma for ydays comments.And all my silent readers for reading.

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  1. Awesome epi…saad that u are stoping it…anyways 10 epis more…Will miss my vero di here.I loved todays epi.Shanoj were tooo cute.Raman slapping Ishu….Emotional dialogue after that was nice.Arnav giving half day for whole ofc coz Khushi and Manoj are on leave…wow such a caring Person….

    1. Thank u varshu for ur support

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Ishita joking abt death pricked Raman n slapped her.they both cried n janam song on bg gave it more effect.Yes,its true that v cant even joke abt d death of our beloved ppl.Shyam n Ashok r so cruel.Poor Shanoj.But while losing hope Shagun confessing her luv 2 Manoj was touching.
    In YHM Ashok is after many women.I used 2 wonder y he is not interested in Ishita until she became shanaya.But here he is obsessed with Ishita.nice change

    1. Thanks jasmine……

  3. I know Everything needs an End…..But its such a sudden shock yaar……But its OK…..If u wish to stop this in 50 th Episode…….. They u can……..But plzzzzzzzz try to be come back with another ff………Bcoz I don’t want to Miss u………& ur writings……….. Really its not any Sympathetic words yaar…….I am genuinely Commenting what I feel towards ur ff………..Gonna miss this for SURE…………

    1. Thank u dear….will surely try writing new one after a break

  4. it was too rude the way u started it… and yeah its ur wish ending it or not… who reads will read it anyhow… and if u end it a nice way the readers will be happy… but being rude wasnt nice

    1. I am once again sorry for being rude………But I was so saad yday thats y just released my frustration…..sorry again if it was too rude.

      1. i understand but dont worry… it will end good….

  5. Oh ho!! Vero di… U want to end this ff!!! 🙁 🙁
    Okk. I don’t say anything as u say…
    But really I will miss ur ff and also u di..
    Again I didn’t comment for the previous episodes… I have finished reading both episode just now.. I am so sorry di… But seriously I want to say u something…. Please don’t day that it’s boring… It’s really not boring di… 🙁
    It’s ur 41th episode… That means only 9 more episodes are left…
    Will surely try to read them timely di..

    1. Sorry dea I am going to get busy with my studies too…..Will try another one after a break……..Thank u for ur support dea

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