Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 40

The epi starts with Khushi and Arnav in office.
Arnav:Khushi bring me the new contract file
Khushi gives him file.She.is about to go Arnav holds her hand and pulls her,she falls on his lap.Arnav locks her up with his hands and asks for a kiss.Khushi widens her eyes.Arnav winks
Khushi:Arnav ji chodiye hamein….aap hamesha itne stupid haraatein kyun kar rahe ho?(Arnav ji leave me….y do u always do such stupid things?)
Arnav:That is not stupid.I am serious
Khushi:U are impossible.(Bites his hand and goes to her cabin.)
Arnav looks on smiling.

Ishu is in hospital.She gets an emergency case asking her to come to an office.It was Ramans.office.Ishu rushes inside the office nd then to.Ramans cabin.
Ishu(worried):What happened Raman?
Ishu:I got a call….from ur office saying some emergency
Raman:Yah…that was me
He gets up from his chair and moves towards the door wherw.Ishu is standing.Ishu gets tensed.She is about to open the door but Raman close it and locks it.Ashok follows Ishu and see all this he get irked.
Inside cabin,
Raman holds Ishu by waist pulling her closer.
Raman:Raavn kumar is cute from ur mouth.
Ishu blush
Ishu:Raavan Kumar(laughs)

Raman smiles.He moves closer to her.Ishu moves backwards.She was pinned to the wall.Raman moves closer and Ishu turns her face.Both of them could hear their heartbeats.Ishu was sweating all the while.Raman was smiling naughtily.
Raman:Dont worry.I wont do anything now.I will wait for marriage(smiles)
Ishu gets relieved.She push Raman opens the door and goes.out.Ashok see her coming out blushing.
Scene 2-Raizada Mansion,
Akayal are going somewhere with bags packed.
Nani:Akash beta…..where are u 2 going?
Akash:Woh…Nani to London to look after business.Let Manoj stay here….
Manoj:Bhai….y like that?I am ready to go
Akash signs Manoj to keep quiet and accept.Manoj nods
Manoj:Yes Nani I think I should take some rest let Akash and Payal bhabi go(winks at Nani)
Nani:Ok now I understand.Ok then bye my kids have a wonderful journey
Akayal smile.Payal take blessings from Nani.Nani gets emotional she hugs Akash and then…Akayal leave.

Anjir comes to a cafe for spending time and see Shyam and Ashok.Mihir knew Shyam and Anjali knew Ashok.Anjir heads towards.Shyam and Ashoks table.
Mihir:Hi shyam
Anjali:Hi Ashok bhai.
Ashok:Hi anju….long time.Hw are u?
Anjali:Fine bhai….this is Mihir my hubby.
Shyam:Mihir saale….u didnt call me for ur wedding.
Mihir:It was all so quick.
Ashok:Ohk…this is my brother shyam.
Anjali:Ohk…..Ok then we are leaving byee.
Anjali drags Mihir.
Shyam and Ashok smile evily seeing Anjir.
Shyam:Bhai…this Mihir is Khushi bff in college
Ashok:Anjali is like Ishitas sister.May be we can trap them.
Ashok smiles.Shyam too.

Precap:Shyam kidnaps Manoj.Ashok Kidnaps Shagun.

Stay tuned for further updates……

*Thank u all for ur support.It’s my 40th epi and I am really happy.

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  1. Nice di….loved Ishra and Arshi.I think Akayal role is now only guest appearance.Ashok and Shyam kidnap Shanoj omg! Shagun in Ishra’s sweetheart and Manoj Arnav’s brother.Will anything happen to them…..Update fast…….

  2. jasmine Rahul

    arnav is so naughty.arshi n ishra r romantic.ashhok shyam r brothers.omg..they r plotting against ishita khushi.so sad

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    AMAZING AS USUAL yaar……….????????????????????????

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