Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 39


The epi starts with next day morning shanoj meeting Arnav and Khushi in cafe.
Khushi:Shagu what do u want?We.hav work in ofc
Arnav:Yes Manoj.Whatever it is say fast.
Shagun:We want to know about shyam and Ashok
Khushi:That’s not a big deal….
Arnav:I will say about Ashok.He was mine and Ishu’s friend.He always wanted to be close with Ishu.He tried to create differences between me and Ishu coz he thought that me and Ishu had something between us.And I found it out a day.He left school the day after that.I hav never seen him after Confronting him.I have never said anything to Ishu also.
Shagun:Omg!Kamina meri bhabi ki upar…how cheap.(He had crush on my sis-in-law)

Manoj:Khushi plz about Shyam.
Khushi:What are u guys gonna do?
Shanoj:Ah…May be we can help u out from them.
Arnav laughs.Khushi:Ok…I will say
Shagun:Say na…but i dont understand y dont I know him?
Khushi:cause u had gone to mumbai for mbbs.
Khushi:In college me and shyam used to be good friend.I introduced him to Bhai and all as My Friend.He mistook it and came home with marriage shagun.I said no.Bhai pushed him out of house.He kept on disturbing me till my last day in college.Just before my graduation I heard a news that he flew to New york with his cousin brother.I never knew about him afterwards.
Manoj:Strange story.
Shagun:I think Shyam is trying to seperate Arshi now
Manoj:And Ashok Ishra.
Ishra enter hearing all what they just said.
Ishu:I never knew Ashok was a cheap.
Shagun:Ishu bcareful…and Khushi u too.
Raman:Lets solve this out…
Arnav explains a plan.Ashok is seen looking at them smirking.He.calls someone and says they are planning something.The person laughs saying…they cant do anything and its Shyam.
Arshi books a table for dinner.In the evening Arnav goes to pick Khushi and sees her ready in a red sari….Arnav in a blue suit.Arnav gets mesmerized seeing Khushi…Rabba ve plays…..Khushi blush seeing Arnav staring at her.
Arnav:Khushi.U look beautiful.
Khushi:Thank you Arnav ji…
Arnav holds her hand makes her sit in car and drives to the venue.Khushi see the place and complains that its costly here.Arnav asks her to keep quiet.Khushi makes irritated face.Arnav drags Khushi in and takes her to a lawn behind the hotel.A golgappa shop was set up next to it was jilebi.shop and next to that was ice cream shop.All Khushi fav.
Khushi:Wow..Arnav ji awesome(hugs him)
Arnav:Shuru kare(shall we start?)
Khushi eats everything like a kid.Arnav admires her childishness.HeA
laughs at the way she stuffed her jilebi and golgappa inside her mouth.Like a fat face….Arnav laughs at her.Khushi makes pout face.
Arnav:Sorry…but u looked too funny.
Khushi(with food inside her mouth):Arnav ji….u are so mean…
Khushi finish her food and run behind Arnav.Arnav stops near a pool but Khushi runs and hits Arnav.Arnav holds her hand while falling.Making both of them fall into water.Arshi laugh seeing eachothers at their water state.A staff comes there and asks them to leave the pool.Arshi laugh and ends their awesome water date.
Ishu comes late from office so as with Raman.Ishra park car on the opposite directions.Ishu see.Raman coming smiling naughtily.
Ishu(in mind):Whats cooking in Raman’s mind?
Raman(in mind):I know what u are thinking.Dont worry today I hav no plans.But if u force me.Ms.Ishita.Iyer…I will end up doing something.
Ishu(in mind):Better I dont make eye contact.He might do something naughty
Ishu avoids eye contact
Raman(in mind):Now u see what I do.
Ishu.runs to take lift.Raman runs behind her.Ishu enter lift and press her floor.Raman also gets in and press.7th floor(both in 7th floor)
Raman:Hayy Madrassan y where u running away from me?
Ishu:No…woh…I was just in a hurry
Raman:Bathroom jana hai kya?(u wanna go to bathroom or what?)
Ishu:Raman!Shut up…I love u byee(lift opens and Ishu runs to her flat)
Raman looks on smiling.Ishu laughs and goes

Precap:Ashok and Shyams evil plan to seperate Ishra and Arshi.

Credit to: Vero

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  1. Really nice next one pls

    1. Thank u kumud

  2. Awesome di….loved Arshi and Ishra a loot today.So Shyam and Ashok are trying to seperate Ishra and Arshi…..as expected.Now Arshi Ishra and Shanoj have a plan….Where is lavanya?And Anjir and Akayal?Nk is still in hospital?…..Update fast

    1. Thank u yaar varsha….I will get them all dont worry.Guess what Harry is home with Raz di……Too much fun here.All the best for first day of school.Missing u here

      1. I am crying here…….missing raz.di god!Y is it always me??

      2. Sorry guys thats an error in my previous message.Tht was my friends msg for me I had copied it earlier.But it accidentally got published here

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbbb…?

    1. Thank u Reshma

  4. jasmine Rahul

    even ishita is unaware of ashok’s true colour.oh..so they all conclude that its ashok n shyam who r causing probs btw arshi n ishra.r they d real culprits or will there b any twist?loved arshi scene a lot

    1. Yup they are the real culprits as.of now.I havent thought of any twists or turns till now Thank u Jasmine dea

  5. Vero di,, AWESOME episode..
    I am soooo sorry for not commenting in the previous episodes… I didn’t read that episode… Now I read the previous episodes and this episode…
    Both episodes were awesome di..
    🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you soo much khushi.I missed ur comment too…..Love ya

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