Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 38

The epi starts with Doc coming out.and saying NK is fine.Khushi gets relieved.
Khushi:Can I meet bhai?
Doc:After 5 mins.I have to keep report ready.
Khushi nods.Arnav looks at Khushi who was angry at him.Arshi ,shanoj and Ishra enter ICU.Nk looks at everyone and smiles.He asks.Khushi to sit next to him.Khushi sits crying.She hits him.
Nk:Oh meri behna aisa bhi kya rona(whats there to cry like this)…I am alright.
Ishu:Nk who did this accident?Did u see persons face?
Nk:Yes…It was..
Nurse knocks door and enter.She asks Shanoj ,Arnav and Ishu to move out and two people to stand there.Khushi and Raman decided to stand there.After some checking nurse goes out.
Khushi:Say the persons name
Raman:Shyam?Whose that?
Nk:The person who was Khushi in college.
Khushi goes from there looking for Arnav.Raman follows her for Ishu.Nk looks on puzzled.
On reaching main entrance she see Arnav about to smoke.She runs and puts it down forcefully.
Arnav:What the….
Khushi:Main aapko smoke karne nahin doongi(I am not gonna let u smoke)
Arnav:I am the reason for all this na then just leave me alone and go to your brother.
Khushi:Arnav ji…
Arnav turns to her side.Khushi says sorry holding her ears.
Arnav:No Khushi…u are not serious about me.How can u even think that I.Will do like this?
Khushi:Isliye toh maafi maang rahi hoon.Murga ban jaoon kya?(That’s y i.am asking forgiveness.Shall I become hen?(It’s a way of asking forgiveness))
Arnav laughs.Khushi smiles and hugs him.
Khushi:I will never distrust u Arnav ji.I am so sorry
Arnav:It’s ok.
Raman looks for Ishu who was standing out talking to Dr.Batra over phone.Raman comes behind her and she shows angry face.She talks to Dr.Batra.Raman comes infront of her all the time she turned seeing his face.Atlast she hangs up and heads to leave.Raman pulls her from behind and locks her by his arms.She gets irritated.
Ishu(angry):Raavan kumar leave me.
Raman:Meri madrassan…chup I am sorry for not supporting u.
Ishu:I dont wanna hear anything….just leave all that
Raman:U are alright?(excited)
Raman hugs her.She smiles.
Shanoj ,
Shagun:,Whose this Shyam?I think it’s time we should do something to find abt him.
Manoj:I do feel.
Shagun:I will ask Khushi abt Shyam.U ask Ishu abt Ashok
Shagun:Bhai said about Some Ashok trying to create differences.
Manoj:He is Arnitas friend.I will ask Arnav bhai about him.
Shagun:Ok byee got to go
Shagun turns and slips.She is about to fall down but Manoj holds her……..Teri aankhon ke peeche peeche hum(dokha daddi) plays….
Anjir and Akayal are out to see Nk who is hospitalized. They reach hospital.They enter ICU.Payal hugs Nk and cries.Nk cracks some joke and all laugh.Arshi enter
Nk:Arnav…pls come here.
Arnav goes near Nk
NK:Ek baat bolo..(shall I say something?)
Arnav:Anything but in English
All laugh including Nk
Nk:Ok mera bhai…I am accepting u
Arnav:I am not ur bahu ok?To accept me.Anyways thank u brother in law.
All laugh.Arnav winks at Khushi.A person is shown getting jealous…its Shyam
Precap:Shanoj and Raman gets to know abt Shyam and Arnav

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  1. Shyam and Arnav????Nice epi….It’s good keep going……..

    1. I meant Ashok

  2. Really nice

    1. Thank u kumud

  3. jasmine Rahul

    Khushi apologizing 2 Arnav after knowing d truth n their hug was emotional.NK accepted Arnav.Nk arnav talk was funny.Is shyam behind nk’s accident?loved Shanoj scene a lot.very romantic

    1. U will get to know abt shyam soon. Thank u.dear for commenting

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Superbbbbbbbbb…..

    1. Thank u Reshma

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