Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 37

The epi starts with All reaching back their respective house after a funtastic weekend.Arnav drops khushi home.On the way they see Nk and picks him.
NK:How was your trip guys?
Khushi:Awesome bhai….u know jaan I had my best vacations ever with Arnav ji and others….
Nk gets doubtful.On reaching Khushi’s house.Nk asks Arnav to wait.Arnav nods.
NK:Arnav do u like my sister?
Nk:I dont think so.Arent u just time passing.
Arnav:No never ever I Will and I can hurt Khushi.
Nk:I know how rich boys are -not into
serious relationships.

Arnav:I hav values.
Nk:I will not accept or allow this unless and until I feel u are good for my sister.From tmw dont come to pick my sister.I will drop and pick her from office.
Arnav gets angry and go.Khushi watch all this from her house balcony.She gets sad.
Next day morning.Ishu has come out for a walk in a nearby park.Raman follows her.She feels tired and sits on a chair.Raman sits there on the other end.
Ishu(smiles):Hi Raman.Good morning
Ashok enter.
Ashok:Hi Ishita.
Ishra turn.Raman gets shocked.Ishu smiles.
Ishu:Hi Ashok.

Ashok:Loong time ah?
Ishu:Yah…By the way this is Raman.My boyfriend
Raman:To be hubby too
Ashok smirks.Raman notice that.
Ishu:Ashok…Its time for us to leave.Byee.Will meet u soon.
Ashok:Yah byee…
Scene 2,
Arnosh f.h,
Khushi enter and hears Arnav shouting at peon for bringing coffee with sugar.Khushi understand that he is angry at Nk for not accepting him.
Khushi enter inside Arnav’s cabin
Arnav:Ms.Khushi.kumari.gupts u are late today
Khushi:Sorry Arnav ji
Arnav:Sir…u get that

Khushi now gets little irritated.She signs on a book and goes to work.Arnav looks on.Manoj understand the scene.He looks at Arshi hopelessly.
Arnav comes inside Khushi’s cabin holds her hands,puts her inside car and drives angrily.
Khushi(scared):Arnav ji yeh aap kya kar raha hai?(Arnav ji what are u doing?)…U are scaring me.
Arnav stops and turns to Khushi’s side.
Arnav:I am scared of losing u Khushi.I am nothing without u.
Tears roll down from her eyes…kyun khaabon par tere saaye hai..slow version plays(Rabba ve)
Khushi:Just give jaan some day he will surely accept u ji.
Scene 3,
Ishu is in hospital.She gets an emergency case.A person comes running and enters Ishu’s cabin like an hungry lion
Raman:Ah…yaar my tooth is paining badly.Help me out.
Ishu takes Raman inside her treatment room.She treats him he feels good.She removes her doctor coat and turns to Raman’s side.She asks him to take rest and turns to leave.Raman holds her hand and pulls her.She lands on his lap.He locks her with his legs.
Ishu:leave Raman.
Ishu:Koi aa jayega(someone will come)
Raman:aane do(let them come)
Ishu:Raman!what do u want now.
Raman:A kiss.

Ishu widens her eyes and gets shy.
Raman pulls Ishu closer,closer and closer.He release her as he get lost in her embrace.She kiss on his cheeks quickly and runs.Raman smiles.
Scene 4,
A road, Nk is crossing road.A car comes and hits him.Khushi was standing on the opposite side and see the car but doesn’t notice the number.She gets shocked on seeing the whole scene.Nk is taken to hospital.Ishra and Shanoj reach there along with Arnav.
Khushi gets angry seeing Arnav there.
Khushi:How can u be so cheap Arnav ji.Just because he didn’t agree u tried to harm him
Arnav:I..I didnt do anything.
Khushi:Stop it Arnav ji…I saw ur car.
Arnav:What the…Khushi!I didnt do anything dammid
Ishu:yes Khushi Arnav cant do anything like that…

Raman:Stop it Ishita!Let them solve it themselves.
Ishu:Raman but he is my brother
Kushi looks at Arnav in anger.Raman looks at Ishu who also angry.Shanoj look at eachother and nods.

Precap:Nk gets conscious.Khushi ask about the person.Nk says a person name.Khushi apologise to Arnav.Raman to Ishu too.

*So sorry for not being regular.From today regular updates

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  1. Awesome di…eager to know abt Ashok.Y is he doing all thses?

    1. Wait and watch u will get to know abt him soon

  2. Nice one lovely

  3. Oh ho!! What happened to Arshi!!!??
    Hadn’t Khushi any trust in Arnav?? How could she blamed him…. ???
    Feeling sad…

  4. jasmine Rahul

    Surprised 2 c a serious NK here.he wants his sis Khushi 2 b safe.so he told arnav 2 b away from her unless he feels that asr is rt 4 her.arnav defending his luv was nice.arnav meeting khushi in fear of losing her with d perfect song was emotional.ishra scene was naughty n cute.Raman is too naughty.Ashlok on d lime light.NK met with an accident n Khushi mu Arnav 4 doing it?oh no…is ashok behind it?

  5. Reshma Pradeep


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