Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 36

All had good time with eachother. Its night, Ishu was talking to someone laughing. Raman looks on.He wanted to know who the person was.He didn’t want anybody else to be close to Ishu than him except her friends. Raman heads to Ishu.Ishu smiles seeing Raman and continue her chatting.Raman gets irked.
Raman:Ishu….All are waiting for you.
Ishu:Just a sec Raman. I will come now. (continue chattng)
Raman moves closer to hear what she was saying,
Ishu (in phone):No worries.. .I will look after all that…Ji….Yah….I will reach there after 3 days.I will call u once I reach there.Ok Ashok?
Raman gets angry on knowing that she was talking to a boy all the while giggling and laughing.
Raman:Hogaya? (is it over?)
Ishu hangs up.Holds Raman’s hand and walk to their bungalow. Raman smiles.On the way Raman asks Ishu abt Ashok
Ishu:Ashok was my classmate in school. Mine and Arnav’s…
Ishu:Was my Raavan Kumar getting jelous?
Raman; No…I was just inquiring about my to be wife’s friends
Ishu:Ohk…I understand jealous Kumar (winks)
Raman:Tumhe toh.. (Raman chases Ishu.She runs and is about to fall down but Raman holds her.They share an intense eyelock……..Tum ko paya hai toh jaise….plays (Main Agar kahoon-Om shanti om)
Arnav:Oii…..Romance in private its a public place
Shagun:Yes bhai……Bachche hain yaha (There are kids here)
Ishu:Were u calling yourself a kid?…Then u are wrong….u are above us in all these (in Shagun’s ears)
Shagun widens her eyes.Others looks at her in confusion.Manoj blush. Khushi understand.
Khushi:I am hungry…lets go in.
All nod.Arshi, Ishra and Shanoj enter and see Anjir and Akayal fighting.
Arnav:Raman,Manoj…..lets better try not to interfere.
Raman:But y?
Manoj:Anjali and Akash are unstoppable
Ishu:I know
Anjali; Akash bhai….Payal bhabi….u ppl are destroying my design by eating it….
Payal:Anjali ji….its really tasty…
Mihir:Guys….My Anju doesn’t like it just stop eating
Anju:Bhayya (both in anger fight)
Arshi, Ishra and Shanoj have food and do not bother Anjir and Akayal.
Next day morning,
Raman gets up hearing his phone ringing, He takes his phone and gets shocked. It was Aman’s call….
Raman goes inside Ishu’s room in anger .
Raman:Ishu…What’s this? (shows a paper)
Ishu reads ‘Complaint of molestation on Raman.Bhalla'(Shocked)
Ishu:Raman…I…I…didn’t do this.My signature….Raman! I really dont know (cries)..
Raman (hugs her):I trust u more than anything in this world.
Ishu cries seeing the paper.A person see this from a distance as they were in balcony. The person smirks.Raman calls Aman and says about somebody creating misunderstanding between Ishita and him.Aman says Ashok’s name…Raman looks at Ishu who was crying shocked. Raman hangs up and decide to ask about Ashok to Arnav.

Arnav wakes up and heads to washroom. He forgets to put the lock.Khushi enter to ask about their plan for today. She doesn’t see Arnav in the room.There was a small dressing area between washroom and the main room.Khushi goes to check there and stands infront of the washroom door.Arnav opens the door Khushi falls down but Arnav holds her.Arnav had only his knee-length trousers on.Khushi felt his bare skin the moment he took her in his arms.Khushi blush.Arnav smiles naughtily.He keeps her down.She stands there blushing. Arnav admires her cute face.He lifts her face holding her chin and pulling her closer to him
Arnav:U look too pretty Ms.Khushi.Kumari.Gupta.
Khushi:Future Singh.Raizada
Arnav laughs. Khushi hugs him….Rabba ve plays…..
Raman:Arshi….This is a public place now…After marriage only u can turn it into private place…….Arshi feel embarrassed.

Precap:Arnav:Khushi! I didn’t do that…
Khushi:Arnav ji stop….I saw ur car there.How can u be so cheap? Just because he didn’t allow will u try to kill him?
Arnav:What the…Khushi! I didn’t do that.
Ishu:Yes Khushi Arnav Will not do anything like that….
Raman:Stop it Ishita! Let them solve it themselves.
Ishu:But Raman. .Arnav is my brother.
Khushi, Raman looks on.Arnav feel bad.Shagun and Manoj decide to find the culprit.

*So sorry. I am out of station.U will get my regular updates from Monday. I know the epi and Precap was quiet confusing. But wait and watch……

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Ishita’s friend ashok….oh…
    Ishra eye lock with romantic song.wow..very romantic.What complint is this?Who did this?Gud that raman believes ishu.bcz of that guy fight btw arshi too.sad

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Its really Interesting yaar…..Superbbbbbbbbb………

  3. Awesome episode…
    Specially ARSHI scenes were soooooooonice. AWESOME.
    So romantic..
    But precap was shocking..
    Waiting for the next episode..

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