Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 35

A peaceful night was all enough to start a new day.
Ishita, Khushi and Shagun serve coffee to all.Anjali and Payal were getting ready.
Akash:Guys…Me and Payal have decided to go and visit temple here.And we have a small outing plan too.
Arnav:Ok then.Ishu, Khushi and Raman lets go together. Shagun and Manoj u also join us.
Aman:Guys. Ok then I am leaving. Office se call aaya hai (Call from office).
All:Bye Aman

Ishu hugs him and gets senti.Arnav, Raman, Shagun also hug him.He waves bye to all.
Arnav:Ok then Akash and Mihir we are leaving. Oh! I just forgot something
Mihir:What happened?
Arnav:Where is Anjali?
Mihir:She is getting ready
Anjali enter,
Arnav moves towards her.Anjali takes Arnav’s blessing. He smiles and hugs her.
Anjali:I thought….
Arnav:I can never forget this.

Raman:What is this?
Akash:Its like that….Anjali always takes blessing from him before starting her breakfast. If she is not at home she calls and says good morning.
Khushi:How cute….My bro is No.1 bhuddu……He doesn’t even know how to care for his sister only work.
Ishu:My brothers are Akash, Arnav, Manoj, Mihir, Nk, Aman…..god! I hav too many brothers.
All laugh.
Shagun:Is it brothers day?..come on guys lets leave
Arshi, Ishra, Shanoj leave. After sometime Akayal and Anjir also leave.
After sometime all part their ways as couple’s. Shanoj were forced to spent time together. Shagun was irritated.
Shagun:Look Manoj. Dont follow me.I wish Aman bhai was here.
Manoj:Dont worry I am not gonna eat you up…
Shagun:I know that…..
Manoj:Then….Lets try becoming good friends atleast.
Shagun:Ok on a condition that u wont cross limits…

Manoj:I never cross limits
Shagun:I have seen that…..(Kiss scene)
Manoj:That was because (winks)……Ur lips were too seductive……
Shagun:How cheap? (frowns)
Manoj:Dont do like this.I cant control……
Shagun:Shut up Manoj….I will kill you
Shagun:Stop…I know what u have to say.When I feel its time I will say yes
Manoj smiles. Shagun turns smiles and walk. They both walk together in garden take selfies.
Anjali and Mihir are in a hill point the view from there is just Awesome
Anjali:Wow….Bful right Mihir?

Mihir:Yah….Its really beautiful.
He holds Anjali by her waist
Anjali (blush ):Leave na Mihir….all are watching
Mihir:Padosi ki bheevi todi na hai….khud ki hai yaar.I have all right (hugs her-U are my wife not the neighbours…)
Anjali:If I see u with her.I will kill U, Me and Tht girl
Mihir(laugh):Ok….My Ms.Attitude…….Lets go now.
Anjali:Lets take a pic and then lets go to someother place.
Anjir take selfie’s and leave to another place.
Its a bridge, around the bridge are trees and water and mountains. Akayal are shown.
Payal:Wow…its beautiful
Akash:My selection is always bful..just look at u
Payal blush.
Payal:Thank u for the compliment.

Akash:Always welcome.
Akash holds Payal from behind and kiss on her cheeks. She again blush.Akash takes her to an hotelShe enter and is surprised.A table was decorated in pink and white.A bouquet was kept on the table.Akash takes it and give the bouquet to Payal.
Payal:Thank u ji.
Akash makes her sit and serves her favorite Hyderabadi Biriyani.Payal gets excited seeing all are favorite food on table and starts eating. Akash admires her.He asks her hand for a dance.They dance Romantically on Janam Janam Janam saath chalna yuhi plays…..He lifts her, hugs her, kiss her during the dance…….
Arshi are on parachute ride.Arnav is little scared.Khushi is excited.
Khushi (excited):Arnav ji….it’s gonna be exciting and…
Arnav interrupts:Idiot…its gonna be deadly…..I mean what if
Khushi interrupts:No ifs and ofs…just chill.Omg! Is ASR getting scared of a Parachute ride?
Arnav:Ofcourse No…..I am concerned about you.
Khushi:I am not scared.

Arnav:Then its ok (In mind-) I hope nothing goes wrng.
Khushi and Arnav are in 2 parachute’s.The person asks them to run and jump from the hill top.Khushi runs and screams in excitement.Arnav on the other side is scared.He runs a bit then come back.Atlast, The people incharge push him from the hill point.Arnav screams scared.Khushi laugh at this.She reach down.Arnav reach aftersometime.He remove the belt and faints.
Khushi:Arnav ji wake up
Khushi:Boliye (Tell)
Arnav:I want some water… (shouts) WATER!

Khushi gets him water and makes him drink it.Arnav’s head is kept on Khushi’s lap.Arnav gets back his senses. He opens his eyes and sees Khushi.Khushi was caressing his hair all the while.Arshi gets lost in eachother…..Rabba ve plays……
Ishu and Raman are in a park.Ishu wanted to spent time with Raman….Raman suggested this place.There was an area for adults.Ishra sat there.
Ishu:Raman! I need a vanilla ice cream.
Raman:As u wish madam….
Ishu smiles.
Raman brings ice cream in 15 mins and finds that Ishu is nowhere. He calls out her name many times.No response. He moves a little forward and hears Ishu’s voice. He turns and sees her talking to a girl.
Raman comes near her holds her by waist side ways.

Ishu:Oh..Raman.This is Veena my friend.
Veena:Hi…I am Veena.Malhotra
Raman:Hi I am Raman. Bhalla
Ishu:She is my old friend.
Raman:Ohk….I had been.Looking for u there.
Veena:Ishu. Is this your husband?
Ishu widens her eyes.Raman winks.
Ishu:Veena….voh….Raman is..
Raman:What yaar Ishu….Come lets go home.

Veena:By the way……He is very handsome.
Raman:Thank u beauty.
Veena:Welcome Raman.
Veena leave. Ishu hits Raman playfully.He holds her hand and pulls her closer…..Yhm bgm plays………
Raman:U had troubled me a looot today. Who askd u to go from there? I was worried.
Ishu:Sorry….I forgot about that Completely.
Raman:Me or Vanilla ice cream?
Ishu(taking ice cream from him):Ofcourse u
Raman:Ishu…. (fake anger)
Ishu (winks):How can I just forget u?

A person watch Ishra and Arshi……

Raman:Ishita! U hav crossed limits today
Ishu:What limits Raman?
Raman:How can u…. (shows a paper)
Ishu:I didn’t do it….trust me Raman (cries)
Raman:I trust u more than anything in this world.
A person is shown getting irked.

*So so sorry for late update. I couldn’t update my episode because of network problem here.I am really sorry guys.I know all must have been waiting for my ff.I was so gloomy last few days because of this.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Manoj is so naughty while talking with shagun.they r d hottest couple of this ff.After parachute Arnav fainted due 2 fear.Khushi took care of him.rabba ve…nice.Mihir Anjali scene was cute n romantic.Have no words abt payash scene.it was so romantic.loved everything abt btheir scene.Who is that person?

  2. I enjoyed a lot…..it’s a excellent episode….
    Waiting for ur next episode…

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  4. Awesome episode
    Specially Arshi scenes 🙂

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