Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 34


The epi starts with All entering the bungalow with Aman (Played by Harshad.Arora)….
Inside bungalow,
Anjali:Its beautiful.
Payal:Yah…..Its just wonderful and well maintained.
Payal heads towards the stairs.
Aman:Payal ji stop(Payal turns)…..Nobody should go up.Its risky there (his face turns pale.All notice that).
Arnav:Whats there up?
Aman:Believed to be a ghost….yah…dont get scared.It is believed that a ghost is there by the local people here.
Girls scream.Boys console them.

Mihir:Girls….be cool.We are there na…..
Shagun:Thats our biggest fear.
Mihir frown.Others laugh
Raman:Aman…actually I want to see the ghost.
Ishu:Are u mad Raman?
Ishu:Ok then….lets go see the ghost.
Payal:No no…..
Akash:We came for honeymoon or finding ghost?
Khushi:Come on Arnav ji lets find the ghost
Ishu:Yes Khushi come
Ishu and Khushi looks at Shagun, Anjali and Payal-drags them.
Raman:Ishita…..dont try to become Jhansi ki rani.
Ishu:Shut up Raman
Arnav:Khushi! wait I am also coming.
Khushi:Follow me.
All heads to 1st floor. Boys in the front and girls behind them.
They reach 1st floor and hear sound of bats.Girls scream
Manoj:Aap logo ki cheekne ki awaaz sunkar bhoot bhaag jayega (Hearing ur voice the ghost will run away)
All laugh
Shagun:Tum logo ki hasi ki aawaz sunkar bhoot ki dadi bhi bhaag jayega (Hearing ur voice of laugh the ghost’s grandma will run away)
Girls laugh.Aman laughs for both.
Ishu:Aman….say 1st in whose team u are
Aman:I am neutralboth team.
Raman:U are a boy so be in boys team
Ishu:He is my bestfriend.So he will be in my team.
Aman:Now did we come here for making teams?

Aman:So now……
All again start their finding ghost journey.
Anjali holding Mihir’s hand:I am getting scared Mihir.
Mihir:Nothing Anju…I am there na.
Suddenly Shagun faints.Manoj holds her and goes. Others get scared. Next Khushi faints and Arnav takes her.Ishita faints and Raman takes her.Anjir, Akayal and Aman heads forward. They see a door and goes inside that.Suddenly the door closes.Anjali and Payal scream.Aman also scream this time. Akash and Mihir are horrified. Suddenly a red LED light is shown.All scream at the sight.6 deadbodies hanged.
Payal(pointing at a body):Yeh toh Khushi hai (This is Khushi).
Akash:No yaar.Its somebody else.
Aman finds a door he gets out first.When Akayal and Anjir turned after closing the door Aman was missing.Girls get more scared. They move forward. Anjir,Akayal slips and falls in blood carpet.The carpet pulled by someone.Anjir and Akayal close eyes.After sometime the carpet stops.Mihir slowly opens his eyes and see Congratulation board.He asks others to open eyes.Then from 4 sides Arshi, Ishra, Shanoj and Aman jump and sing yo yo honey singh rap…Bhootnath returns….Akayal and Anjir get relieved and laugh along with them
They enjoy time singing.
Ishu:Hws our gift?
Anjali:Ishu I will kill u
Khushi:It was ur bros plan (Pointing towards Manoj)
Manoj:Anjali di….I was just…
All laugseeing Anjali staring at Manoj with full anger.

Precap:Ishra and Arshi hav fun outing.Shanoj cute nok-jhok, Akayal and Anjir romance.

*Thank u all for ur support

Credit to: Vero

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  1. Today night i am going to india
    I am going to miss ur ff 🙁

    1. Thank u Safu. Will miss u too

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome…….. Really Interesting…..

    1. Thank u Reshma

  3. Vero di…… Its awesome……. Such a creative and great thinking……… I never expected it to be such awesome…… I was really scared while reading…… It was splendid……..

    1. That was such a lovely comment. Thank u so so so so so so much Varsha

  4. Wow what a honeymoon plan… superb episode….

  5. jasmine Rahul

    i thought whats this mystery.but it was a honeymoon prank.interesting.glad 2 c Harshad arora as aman

  6. Super and interesting

  7. AWESOME episode Vero di..
    Really I liked it sooooooo much..
    Horror scenes was nice.. And last scene was funny..
    Waiting for ur next episode 🙂 🙂

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