Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 33

The epi starts with Ishra, Shagun, Khushi reaching Raizada mansion.
Nani:Subah(morning)…Subah what are u people doing here?
Khushi:Sh…Nani….we are going on a road trip.
Nani:Ohk…..Now go wake Arnav up.
Kushi:Offo….this Arnav ji is unbelievable.
All laugh.

Ishu:Khushi! come lets go.Shagun u also join us.We will wake all the idiots.
Shagun, Khushi, Ishu leave.
Raman:Girls I am also coming.
Ishu:Follow us.
Nani laughs and goes inside her room.
First the group go inside Akayal’s room.They enter and see Akayal infront of the mirror romancing.
Kushi, Shagun, Ishu cough.Akayal leave eachother and say’hi’to the gang.Raman enter and says:Congratulations and celebrations na na…I dont know the next part.
All again laugh
Ishu:Me too
Khushi:Me too.
Next they all go inside Anjir room and wake them up.All heads to Manoj’s room.Khushi go inside Arnav’s room and escape frm the gang.
Khushi enter Arnav’s room and see nobody there.Then she hears somebody closing the door.Before she could turn the person hugs her from behind. It was Arnav.
Khushi:Arnav ji.Chodiye.Hum logo ko jaana hain na? Yaha se thoda door bhi hai. (Arnav ji..leave. We all hav to go na.Its quite far away from here also)
Arnav:How much do u talk yaar? I want to say something (rests his head on Khushi’s shoulder)……I love u Khushi.
Khushi:Not again! I love u too Arnav ji.Par aap hamesha yeh kyun keh rahe hai? (But y are always chanting it?)
Arnav (laugh):Khushi…..I hope our honeymoon plan will be crazy asu said.
Khushi:Our honeymoon plan?
Arnav:I meant their hm plan frm our side.
Khushi:Ok ok….Now go and get ready we hav to leave.
Arnav leave Khushi and goes to get ready. Khushi waits for him outside. Others come and knock on the door.Arnav asks Khushi to open the door as he was in washroom. Khushi opens the door all starts teasing her.Khushi feels shy.

After sometime, all head to leave in 3 cars.Ishra and Arshi in a car.Shanoj and Anjir in another. Akayal in one car.In between the trip all stop in a dhaba to have food.
Khushi:I am not hungry.
Arnav:I will give u food with my hands.
Khushi:How flirty?
Arnav:I know…..
Ishu:I am very much hungry. I need Gobi ka paratha and aloo mattar….yummy
Shagun:Arnav…u dont eat non-veg right?
Arnita-Anjali-Akash-Manoj:No never.
Khushi:Idiot Shagun! We are all vegetarians.
Raman:But…ah….Ok Shagu we are also vegetarians for next 5 days.
Shagun:Ok bhai.
All laugh.
After 3hrs they reach their destination.A big bungalow is shown.A beautiful garden is surrounding it.In between a small pathway is made for Cars and other vehicles. All of them get down. A guy in black suit is standing there facing his back towards our gang.
The guy turns.Ishu, Arnav goes towards him and hug him.
Aman:Hi guyzzz….Ok now its my guess game…(looks at Anjali)…Anjali right? (Anjali nods)… (looks at Akash and Manoj)…Akki and Manoj long time right.(They hug)…(looks at Khushi and Shagun)…U are Khushi right?ยก(Khushi nods)..Arnav and Ishu has said a loot..And u are Shagun. .heard a lot abt u from Ishita. (Shagun nods).(Looks at Mihir and Payal)…So these are our new members right Mihir and Payal…. (looks at Raman)…Raman.Kumar.Bhalla right? Ishu’s Raavan. Kumar….
Raman:I am shocked…like loong time buddy…..where the hell where you.I didn’t know tht it was you whom Ishu was talking all the while.
Shagun:I am also shocked. I mean…Aman bhai here after a long time…..
Ishu:Aman Bhai?
Ramgun:Cousin brother.
Aman:I knew it was u.When Ishu said the name.And Shagun also I knew.But I didn’t expect her to be too beautiful….
Shagun:Bhayya……..Come on lets go in.
Arshi, Ishra and Shanoj smiles naughtly.

Nk had come for shopping in oberoi mall.Nk see Lavs.
Nk; Lavanya. Hi
Lav; Hi Nk…long time right.I thought u all must have forgotten me.
Nk:How can I just forget u?
Lav:Oh…By the way a coffee?
Nk:No ice cream?
Lav nods smiling.
They go for an Ice cream date.Lav and Nk order same ice cream.Both look at eachother.
Lav:I will get water
She gets water and makes him drink…….both get lost in eachother……Na kuch poocha ..Na kuch maanga.. tune dil se diya jo diya plays……..Nk and Lav leave after having ice cream

Precap:Ishita, Khushi and Shagun faints.Aman takes them.

*Thank you all my friends for ur support.

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    Its Superbbbbbbbb…….

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    Aman as new entry.cool.Which actor plays Aman?loved Navanya scene in d ice cream parlour.nice song

  5. Aman is played by shakti Arora (Matsh)….I love him.Thats y I thought he might be good

  6. Di….its too good.I loved the epi

  7. Vero di, it’s really AWESOME episode ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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