Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 32

*So sorry guys….for not updating yday.I was out.Thank u all for ur continuous support. Khushi. Jasmine. Varsha (both).Akashaya.Reshma. Safu.(sorry if I hav missed out any names)….And my silent readers a very big thank u to all……

The epi continues,
Next day morning,
A bright sunny day,
Payal wakes up and shyly looks at Akash who was sleeping. She blush thinking abt what happened last night.She goes to take bath.After bath she tickles Akash with her wet hair.He wakes up and smiles seeing Payal.
Payal:Akash ji….wake up.I want to go to temple.
Akash:I am coming darling.
Payal:Go bath na…
She irritates him and he stands from bed.Payal then push him inside washroom.She then heads down.

Anjali wakes Mihir and says abt visiting temple. Mihir goes and takes bath.He comes out wearing towel.Anjali see this,
Anjali:Mihir wear your dress (closing her eyes)
Mihir smiles naughtily and moves close to her.He holds her hand and pulls her closer. Both lost their grip and fall down in bed.Mihir achs his back.Anjir get lost in eachother. He kiss on her cheeks and forehead slowly……Mila hua ab jo tumse (sukoon mila) plays………

Scene 2-Raizada mansion,
Nani to Arnav:Aru.Now only my 2 children are there to get married.I want to see tht before a white hair come in your heads.
Manoj and Arnav frown.
Manoj:Nani….u are unbelievable
Nani:I know.I am a new gen Nani….smartphone……puff in my hair…..and heels
Payal enter laughing hearing what Nani said.
Payal:Nani ji….I loved u a lot.
Nani (laughs):Thank u….Thank u…..
Manoj:Bhabi where is bhayya?
Payal:On the way
Nani:Mandir jaate hain ok?
Payal and Manoj nod.
Arnav:Nani. I Will drop u all.
Nani:Call Ishu also.
Arnav calls Ishu.Ishu says she is already there.
Raizada’s leave to temple. On the way,Mihir signs Anjali tht his back is paining.Manoj see that.
Manoj:Mihir! Is it hurting so much?
Mihir nods
Others:What happened?
Mihir(realises); Woh…nothing…..me and Manoj were just kidding.
All smile.
Mihir signs Manoj tht he will hit Manoj. Manoj shows scared face.Anjali smiles seeing them.Payal and Akash were in another car.
They reach temple,
Shagun and Raman were also there.
Manoj:Wow Raman. Atlast u inside temple.
Raman:Yah….I hav realised tht its important to pray
Raman:After Ishu came in my life.
Shanoj stare at eachother. Nani had arranged pooja for the newly weds.The pooja goes on happily. In between pooja Khushi comes running. She hits Arnav….Arnav holds Khushi.He lifts her up.He opened hair hits his face when she again runs inside temple
Arnav:Be careful Khushi.
Khushi nods and again runs.
Arnav smiles.
After pooja,
Shagun to Ishu and Khushi:Guys….we hav to gift out newly weds right.
Raman:Girls.What abt a honeymoon package?
Khushi:Something crazy
Manoj:Yah…something idiotic. Which they will never ever forget.if at all they forget we should remind them.
Shagun:Lets meet in cafe today afternoon. Afterall its Friday right.
All nods.
Its evening,
Payal is sitting sad thinking abt her mom and dad.Akash comes and hugs her from behind.Kiss on her left cheek and console her.
Scene 3-In cafe,
Shagun, Manoj had been waiting for Ishra and Arshi for a loongg time.Manoj is flirting with her and she is enjoying it.He tries to hold her hand.Just then Ishra enters. Manoj frown.
Ishu:Sorry. Actually I had to meet my friend.
Raman:I had a meeting. Checking for new P.A.
Manoj:Ask Lavanya know
Raman:Tnx bro for the idea.I will ask her then.
Shagun:Office things after this meeting ok?
Raman:Ok….meri dadi ma… (my grandma)
Arshi enter holding hands.Others looks on.
Arnav:Ok now we are here.So whats the plan?
Ishu:Just like Raman said a honeymoon package. Ok?
Shagun:U only said its boring idea right.Thn now what?
Ishu looks at Arnav and signs something.
Arnav:No Ishu.Anjali will get scared.She might cry and I cant see her cry…
Manoj:Oi…..brother Indian. Dont show too much concern.Now she is married.
Arnav:But still she is my choti.
Shagun:Ishu explain the plan
Manoj:I will say
Manoj-Ishu explain the plan.
Raman; But who wil give the place?
Ishu:Aman (IPKKND).Arnav’s old P.A.He knows abt the area and things well.He will help us in this task.
All join hands.
All heads back home.Shagun and Khushi went in Shagun’s scooty home.Arnav and Manoj in Arnav’s car.Ishra in Raman’s car….
Raman:Whose Aman?
Ishu:Oh…he is a sweetheart.A very goo friend of Mine and Arnav.
Ishu:U know something. When I was in school. Once one boy who was my senior. Pushed me frm stairs and I fractured my leg.Arnav and Aman lifted me to the infirmary.
(Ps.Its a true incident. In school I fell frm step because of a senior and one boy in my class helped me get up.And now he is my bestfriend.)
Raman:Ohk….by the way.Which school u studied?
Ishu:Modern school.
Raman (shocked):Ok….u used to wear spectacle?
Ishu:Yah…only 3 years or something. Till my 11th.
Raman:U fractured ur leg in which class?
Ishu:Y do u ask too many questions? Anyways in 9th.
Raman:Ohk…. (he stops car on road side, Holds Ishu’ s hand)….Ishu…actually. I was the person who pushed u down.I am sorry
Ishu (laughs):Raman…..its ok(pulls his cheeks)….u look so cute while apologising
Ishu laugh which makes Raman laugh.Both laugh and enjoy their time together

Precap:On a road trip.Aman entry.

*Again sorry for late update

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