Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 31

The epi starts with Akayal and Anjir reaching Raizada mansion followed by Arshi, Ishra and Manoj.Nani and Ishita does Anjali’s and Payal’s grah Pravesh.All smiles.Payal enter the house.Manoj and Akash take her to Akash’s room.Mihir and Anjali moves to their room.
Ishu:So all was well

Arnav:Tht ends well
Arnita laugh.
Raman:Shall we leave now?
Ishu nods
Arnav:Enjoy with ur Romance till Iyer aunty finds about u ppl (laughs)
Ishu beats him playfully.
Kushi:Arnav ji I hav to go.I have to console Amma.
Arnav:I will drop you.

Kushi:Its ok I will go by myself.
Arnav:Kushi I said I will drop u na.
Nani:Yes Kushi beta.U relax here for sometime. And comfort ur Payal di too.Stay here.Arnav will drop u home evening.
Kushi nods.Nani and Ishra leave. Arnav drags Kushi inside his room.
Inside Arnav’s room,
Kushi:Arnav ji what are u doing?
Arnav holds Khushi closer to him.Kushi blush.
Kushi:Arnav ji…..chodiye na (leave na).
Arnav:Not easily. I need a gift
Kushi:For what?

Arnav:For giving happiness to ur Sister.
Kushi:Tht was Nani’s plan right.

Arnav:Ok then I hav a gift for you…….Actually Kushi I love somebody else…. (Kushi gets shocked).
Kushi:U are lying know.
Arnav:No.I am serious.
Tears roll down her eyes.

Kushi:Is this ur gift?
Arnav:No….I want u to see the person.
Kushi:No I dont want to see the person.
Arnav; U hav to

He drags her and make her stand infront of the mirror.Kushi looks up and sees herself. She gets happy and Blush. Kushi turns and hugs Arnav. Kushi kiss on his cheeks.Kushi runs from there.
Arnav:Kushi wait……..
Kushi:No Arnav ji……..
Arnav:Kushi…(she leaves)
Arnav smiles…..Tumse hi tumse plays……

Scene 2 -In car,
Ishita:Raman can we hav an ice cream.I am hungry.
Raman:No…not now.See the traffic.
Ishu:I want it now (makes crying face like a baby)
Raman:Ishita dont behave like a kid.
Ishita:Now u think I am a kid.I am hungry Raman. (Keeps her hands on stomach)
Raman:Let this traffic get over.I will get it to u from Baskin Robbins ok?
Ishita:Thank you soo much.
Ishu kiss on his cheeks.
Ishu:Thank u thank u soo much. I love u Raman.

Raman:Thanks for the kiss. Why are u getting so excited for ice cream?
Ishu(blush):Dont know……I just felt like having.
Raman:Are u pregnant? (laughs a bit and suddenly realise what he said)
Ishu gets sad.Raman feels bad.Raman stops in ice cream shop and gets ice cream for both of them.While returning he sees Ishu sitting and crying in the car.He rubs her tears through Window.He opens the car door.Kneals down and holds her hand.

Raman:I am sorry Ishu for saying like tht.I didn’t think abt tht….I am really sorry.U beat me (he beats himself with Ishu’s hands)
Ishu:Stop it Raman. Ur beard is hurting my hands.
Raman:Smile please (pulls her cheek)
Ishu smile
Raman:Ice cream?
Ishu nods.They share some good ice cream time…..

Scene 3 -Anjir room,
Anjali:Mihir. Lemme change my dress. Its too heavy.
Mihir:ok darling.
Anjali:I know u are missing ur mom right?
Mihir hugsAnjali and cries
Mihir:I hope mom is alright.She will be broken being away from me..
Anjali:Call her and speak to her.Everything will be alright.
Mihir calls Preeti they have an emotional chat.Mihir assures his mom that he will be back soon.Mihir cuts the call.Anjir hug eachother. Mihir thanks Anjali and kiss her forehead. She smiles and goes to change dress.

Manoj takes his clothes from Akash’s room one by one.Payal smiles seeing him suffer with his clothes. Akash adores her smile.
Manoj:Bhabi……I am sorry. Actually I had told servant but he went somewhere. Sorry ah?
Payal:Its ok.Come I Will help u.
Manoj:Its alright.
Kushi enter.
Kushi; Manoj sir.I will help you.
Manoj:I hav told u not to call me sir.
Kushi:Ok Manoj ji.I will help you.
Kushi and Manoj take Manoj’s dress and things and go to another room.
Akash:Payal ji.I am sorry it was actually all our plan
Payal:I had a doubt on u ppl earlier. But I didn’t say thts it.
Akash:Wow….u are intelligent.
Payal:I know
Akash:So u love me now also ah?

Akash:I was shocked when u said tht u dont love me
Payal:Circumstances made me say tht.I am sorry for hurting u.I knew tht it was u when u touched my hand.I was just acting infront of my parents
Akash lifts her and puts her in bed.He closes the door and Akayal consumate their marriage.

Precap:Arshi, Ishra and Shanoj meet in a cafe.

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  1. Great job dear vero…. Lovely episode…

  2. jasmine Rahul

    wow right couples got married as per d plan.after effects were so terrible.all went smoothly.arshi mirror scene was so romantic.ishra ice cream scene was cute too.Payal came 2 know d truth.she had a doubt b4 itself.loved payash.it was very romantic

  3. Wow vero di awesome. ……
    ..Arshi and Ishra scene were too cute

  4. Awesome episode Vero di,
    Arshi moments were Amazing
    Soooooooo cute 🙂 🙂

  5. I was out of station for the past few just now only I came back.And as usual an awesome update. Really di its just mindblowing.Loved Arshi Ishra and Payash

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Superbbbbbbbb….. loved it……..

  7. but thr is no episode of how the wedding took place why???

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