Hatred to Love a Bful Journey episode 3

Ishu was fully frustrated after her meeting with Raman. Ishu reached her apartment and saw Shagun coming from opposite direction.Shagun also see Ishu
Shagun:Hi Ishita.
Ishu:Hi Shagu
Shagun:Shagu? How did u get tht name?
Ishu:I hear Bhalla aunty shouting ur name daily morning.
Shagun:Haha… How weird na we work in same hospital and doesn’t meet.
Ishu:Yah…I think we should meet everyday….like this
Shagun:I had an hectic day.Wanna get some peaceful sleep if my bro is not there.And hw was ur day?
Shagun:Intrestng story?
Ishu:Yah…his name is some…Raman..Raavan…bhool gayi.He was ordering me to gve him pain killer. If he wanted to order he should hav gone to some hotel.Why did he come to meet me.And how dare he order Dr.Ishita.Iyer.
Shagun smiles.Shagun to herself:She is ditto like my bro.May be she is his soulmate.How romantic…..like serials.
Ishu:Shagun….are u listening. And whats this weird smile?
Shagun:Yah…I was listening. I was just laughing at tht poor guy.
Ishu:He is not poor he is no.1 arrogant Raavan Kumar.
Shagun:Haa…Raavan kumar….I kind a like tht name.

Just then Asr arrives and hugs Ishu.Shagun is shocked, she think him to be her boy friend.
Ishu:Hi Arnav
Asr:Hi Ishu
Ishu:Arnav meet Shagun my neighbour cum colleague.
Arnav:Hi I am Arnav Singh Raizada.
Shagun:Woah! Arnosh fashion house owner right?
Ishu:Sorry Shagun will c u later.I got to go.
Shagun leave to her house thinking abt Arnita (Arnav-Ishita).

Next day,
Raman wakes up and calls Shagun.
Shagun:Bhai! 2 mins more plz…..
Raman:yday also u were late and we didn’t have breakfast together.So no excuses.
Shagun wakes up and says:Bhai…..tu bhi na.
Raman:Shagu…..go take newspaper and come.Dont be too lazy.
Shagun:Ok bhayya.
Shagun goes out and take newspaper and see Ishu talking on phn.She think it might be Arnav. Ishu signs Shagun’hi’.Shagun waves back.Shagun to herself:Is he her bf? Will hav to know….
Raman from his room:Shagu……get me the pain killers from my bag
Shagun:Ok bhai.
Shagun gves it to Raman and ask abt Ishita,
Shagun:I think u should meet dentist.May be Ishita. The one who is staying opposite our apartment. She is the best dentist.
Raman:Ok! Lets go tmw.Today I hav so many meetings.
Shagun (to herself):I think he doesn’t know her name

Scene 2,
Akash goes to temple,
Akash to god:Its been 2 days since I have seen her.I wanna meet her now.
Just then Payal comes and stands beside Akash. He senses Payals presence and turns to her side.He smiles widely and thanks God.Payal who was busy praying to god opens her eyes.She sees Akash smiling seeing her.She was in a red chudi and green Salwar. Payal checks her dress.Akash stops smiling seeing Payal being conscious abt her dress.
Payal to Akash:Ji aap hame ghoor kyun rahe the? (Y were u staring at me?)
Akash:Ji it wasn’t u.The lady behind you….how beautiful
Payal:She is my mother
Akash shocked.
Akash:Haa….I knew.I was just kidding.
Payal:Yah…yah.But I think we hav seen b4?
Akash:Yah…I am owner of Arnosh fashion hse
Payal:Yah…I wrk in Raman Bhalla’s company.
Akash:Wow! He is a gr8 man
Payal:Not gr8 an arrogant boss.See u are also a boss but u behave well with ur employees right?
Akash nods.
Payal:But tht man….he is unbearable.
Akash:Oh! I am Akash and u?
Payal’s mom taps on her shoulder. Payal says coming.
Payal:Akash ji I am sorry I hav to go.We will meet again.
Payal leave
Akash:Naam toh badake ja (Just tell ur name and go)
But she doesn’t hear.Akash is happy he spoke to her.Just then Kushi taps on his shoulder he turns back

Akash:Hi Kushi right?
Kushi:wow! u remember my name?
Akash:Yah….and do u know the grl who just left in green salwar.Braided hair…
Kushi:Yah….but y do u wanna know abt her?
Akash:She is my to be wife.If everything goes well between us.
Kushi:Oh….by the way she is my sister.
Akash:Dammit! Sorry I was just joking
Kushi :Now dont say lies.I can help you.
Kushi:Yah….Afterall my jiji is getting a loving husband. Not like his brother.
Akash:Arnav bhai is like tht.Actually from my childhood he and nani has taken care of us.And he thinks tht he dont hav the right to smile only me and Manoj, my younger bro, has.
Kushi:Oh….Anyways I have to go now.I hav to reach office in time orelse your bro is gonna kill me
Akash:Ha ha…u are right and plz help me with this.
Kushi:One more thing I will make her ur friend rest u will hav to proceed.
Akash shows thumbs.Kushi smiles.

Precap:Asr and Kushi go to see a person. Kushi hugs him. Asr looks on.

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  1. Nice episode.. And waiting for the next episode..

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  4. Superb.. simpky superb… i was laughing at akash saying… it was the woman behind u.. and payal replies back that she was her mother… hahaha… really superb yaar…

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