Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 29


The epi starts with Akash-Ishu,Raman-Anjali,Mihir-Payal sitting in the stage for Roka……

Mihir’s dad:Mihir bets its time……lets start the Roka rituals
Akash exchange ring with Ishu in her right hand(it is supposed to be left hand)…
Garima(payal’s mom):Beta we wear it on left hand.Y did u show ur right hand…
Madhu(ishu’s mom):Woh….she is left handed.So she showed right hand.Ishu beta wear it on ur left hand.Ishu herself switch the ring to her left hand.
Preeti(Mihir’s mom):Muhrat time is going.Come on Raman beta and Anjali..U ppl exchange.
Raman makes Anjali wear Ring on her left hand.As he knew Mihir is gonna change it.Anjali also makes him wear on Left hand.Ishu looks on.
Ishu(to herself):It is beleived tht the nerves in the ring finger on the left hand is connected to your heart..As far as it is me in Raman’s heart and Miir in Anjali’s hear noone can seperate us…I hope everything goes on fine.
Raman looks at Ishu.Ishu smiles at him in confidence.
Toshi(Raman’s mom):Oyy…..Mihir kaha dekh raha hain ring pehna payal betiya ko(indirectly to Raman-Mihir where are you looking make Payal wear ur ring)
Mihir:Ji maasi(aunty)
Payal takes ring.Mihir shows his left hand.
Payal(shocked):Ji ur finger is fractured…..
Mihir:Yah…yday i had played a basketball match and i fractured my fingers.
Garima:No problem beta…we will make u wear it once more on the left hand after his finger is alright.Now wear it on the Right hand…..
Payal:Ji maa..

Payal makes him wear on the right hand.It was Mihir’s chance next.He takes the ring and purposefully puts it down.It rolls down to Akash.Asmall drop of tear escape from Payal’s eyes.Akash takes the ring and give it on Payal’s left hand.Mihir takes tht and makes her wear the ring on left hand….
(PS. I had read somewhere that on engagement day if accidently the ring falls or if u took the ring to give it to the groom.If u place the ring on the left hand of the person you love then u wil surely get married to that person.Its all just beleifs but today i just used it for my ff)
After the Roka cermony.Mihir takes Anjali aside with the help of Arshi and Ishra.He removes the ring which Raman made her wear.And makes her wear the ring which he bought.Anjali gets happy and hugs him.He makes her eat sweets(its a ritual).Anjali smile
Arnav:I will be the only brother to help a sister in eloping
Kushi:This is not eloping Arnav ji.This is uniting somebody in love.
Raman:Yah yaar!Waise we will be the only pair who are helping others by doing sacrifise for our love.One wrong step can destroy all our plan.
Ishu:According to the plan.Instead of Payal…Anjali will sit there with Mihir.Kushi u hav to ensure tht the zehra(i dont know the spelling of the thing which the groom wears on the day of marriage) is thick.And instead of me Payal will sit there..Instead of Anju i will sit there with Raman.But Arnav ‘Kushi ,Manoj and Shagun make sure me and Raman dont get married
Raman:Yah….it can cause problem at my house
Ishu:Idiot!my house too…i hav talled amma tht we are doing it only for Anju and Akash
Arnav:OH!by the way he is a punjabi right……I just remembered tht…..
Raman:Hey!Whats the problem with punjabi’s?
Arnav:I dont hav any problem.But Ishu’s mom…..
Ishu:My mom hates Punjabi’s…..i mean she likes them but willnot accept them as my hubby
Raman:Anjali ji…i will marry you…i cant die being a bachelor.
Ishu(hold Raman’s collor):U rascal!if u dare leave me…i will first kill the girl then you and will suicide.
Raman:Jhansi ki Rani…..i was joking……
Ishu:I hate ur not-so-funny jokes
Raman:Madrasan was getting jealous
Ishu:Dont call me Madran
Raman pulls her close sideways and pinches her belly,
Ishu:Ouch Raman leave me na…..
Raman(again pinching):what will u do if i call u Madrassan and if i dont leave u?
Ishu:Arnav will rescue me right…best friend say na….
Arnav:Stop it guys…this is a public place(Raman leaves Ishu.Ishu stare at him angrily)……And by the way Ishu i may come for rescue.But when u are with Raman i will hav to think….
Ishu(angry face):U idiots…..let this drama get over i will show you all
A voice:what drame
All turn back and get shocked to see Mihir’s mom standing there……All look at eachother shockingly

Precap:Sangeet and Mehndi fun with Arshi..&.Ishra dance…..

*No update on Sunday and sorry for late update.I will try giving you 2 updates on Monday ……..as i want to finish this marriage track soon.I hav yet another exciting track for u all stay tuned……..

Credit to: Veronica

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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Superbbbbbbbb yaar……..Loved it…..

  2. Vero dhi… It’s awesome.. The scenes are flashing in my mind…wow….

  3. Superb episode varsha

  4. Superb Yar..ab ishu and Raman Ki jodi mila de rabba

  5. jasmine Rahul

    engagement drama was so well described with cross couples.hope everything will go as per d plan

  6. Awesome episode Vero di ????
    Obviously eagerly waiting for Monday’s 2 episode ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺
    Waiting for my Arshi dance moment…???

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