Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 27


Next day morning,
Kushi reach Arnav’s hse as Anjali called her.
Akash:Kushi! hw s Payal?
Kushi:Di is quite sad.Dont know why, yday she slept b4 I came.Today mrng she didn’t even tlk to anybody.
Akash:Payal and I broke up…
Akash explains everything.
Kushi turns shocked and see Arnav, Anjali, Manoj, Ishita, Raman, Shagun and Mihir standing there.
Kushi:Do u all know what happened?
All nods.Kushi sits down sad.

Nani comes there.
Nani:Y is it so silent here?
Manoj explains everything.
Nani:I hav a plan…..
Manoj:Nani this is not ur saajan ki sasural………
Nani beats him playfully.
Nani explains her plan…All are happy hearing it.Ishita and Anjali hug Nani and says’U are the best’.
Kushi:Wow nani awesome idea….I love you….
All look at Kushi.
Kushi:Did I say something wrng?
Arnav:No no….
Nani:No beta….I love you too. (Nani-Kushi hug)
Nani:God! I hav so many grandchildren.
Shagun:Nani there are 3 more (winks)
Nani acts to faint.Arnav runs to hold her.Nani winks at him.Arnav smiles.
Nani:So who will be Akash’s bride?
Ishita:Whaat? Acc to the plan Akash will sit with Payal right.So?
Shagun:Idiot! For telling others u need a bride right?
Ishu:Ok ok…
Ishu looks at Raman. Raman signs her Tht nothing will happen.
Anjali:Ok Ishu fixed.
Mihir:For Anju.Raman bhai will go.What say?
Arnav:Yah…Raman is ok…
Raman nods.

Raman:One more thing.Anjali ji its the first time I am talking to you.
All laugh.
Raman (embarassed): I dont even know you and I hav to play your husband right.
Ishu:U just hav to play….u dont hav to marry.Ok?
Raman:I mean….
Mihir:No mean vean.I hav to meet Payal’s family today.Ok?
Arshi:I am also coming. ….
Arnav:Where are u going?
Kushi:Thts my house?
Arnav:I am gng for executing the plan….while Mihir is discussing I will come there to call ur family for the marriage. Mihir will msg me the date.I will talk to Mihir in a friendly way and tell abt all 3 marriage happening together. Ok?
Kushi:Ok ok now I get ur plan….u are very brilliant Arnav ji (pulls his cheek).
Arnav:Kushi! what the….
Kushi smiles like a child in excitement. Arnav smiles at her childish antics.
Arshi and Mihir head to Payal’s house. Ishra, Shagun go to their house for explaining their parents. Akash and Manoj leave to office.

Scene 2-Kushyal’s house,
Mihir enter along with Kushi.
Amma:Kushi! u dont hav office today?
Kushi:Woh…Amma….my sir is busy with some marriage preparation of his bro & sis.
Payal(shocked):Which brother?
Kushi:Dont know di…..He only has one sis tht is Anjali di…..
Amma looks at .Mihir.
Amma:Ji who are you?
Mihir:I am Mihir.Arora…..this is Payal’s hse right?
Amma; Beta….ur parents didn’t come.They are on the way aunty.I came from my friends house …
Amma:Payal beta….bring chai…..(turns to Mihir) she was waiting for you Beta….
Mihir smiles.His parents enter in a while.Payal comes to gve tea to all.She gves them tea.
Rajeev(Mihir’s dad):The tea istasty beta………
Payal thanks him.Pandit ji enter.
Amma:Pandit ji…plz gve us a good date for marriage.
Pandit ji:Next week Wednesday.
Mihir message Arnav. Arnav enter in to Kushi’s house.
Amma:Ji app? (U?)
Arnav:I am Kushi’s boss. I came to call ur family for my brother’s and sister’s marriage…..Akash and Anjali.
Hearing Akash’s name Payal drops a plate in her hand.Arshi, Mihir sign eachother success.
Mihir:Arnav! What a pleasant surprise.So Akash’s marriage. Will u not call me?
Arnav (to Mihir in ears):Dont do overacting my friend plzz….
Arnav:Hi Mihir. U here?
Mihir explains abt the marriage thingy and all…
Arnav:Oh! Akash’s marriage is also on this Wednesday. Lets make it together if u all dont hav any problem.
Rajeev:No problem beta…
Amma:Yes beta…we are all ok with it.
Arnav-Kushi-Mihir winks at eachother.

Precap:Sangeet and Mehandi fun with Ishra and Arshi.

*Sorry for no Ishra and Arshi scenes.

Credit to: Veronica

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  1. Awesome di…….what a plan! Nani is brilliant…..
    I loved the part where Kushi pulls Arnav cheeks…..ha ha…and Ishu asking abt Payal sitting with Akash…..funny man……Arnav askin Mihir not to do overacting…..too good

    1. Tnq Varsha

    1. Tnq swara

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome yaar……..I loved it…..
    Superbbbbbbbb plan……..

    1. Tnk u sooo much Reshma

  3. Very nice episode Vero di… Eagerly waiting for the next sangeet and mehendi episode.. And also for my Arshi 🙂 🙂

    1. Tnq Khushi

  4. jasmine Rahul

    they r so naughty in their plan.hope they succeed in making payal go back 2 akash

    1. Tnq Jasmine

  5. Awesome di…….loved the plan

    1. Tnq Harshita dea

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