Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 26


Its night,
Akash is thinking abt Payal in his room.He is admiring her beauty through his phone wallpaper.
Akash:I told u na Payal.I will not let u away from me…..Tmw is a bigg day for us
Just then Akash gets Payal’s call,
Akash:Hi Payal….how are u darling?
Payal:Ji…plz stop all these darling and all….I dont like you….U are boring types.I want somebody who is very entertaining. Lets break up…..
Payal:I tld u the reason now dont follow me…ok…byee
She hangs up.Payal cries. Akash is shocked and is hurt.
Payal (to herself):God! Y are u taking away my happiness? I cant deny my parents. They hav done so much for me.But I am hurt after hurting Akash ji. (She remember wat happened sometime before)
Payal comes back home after a peaceful day at work and enjoying her time with Akash. Amma comes there and hugs Payal.
Payal:What happened amma? Y are u sooo happy today?
Amma:U hav a marriage proposal beta……
Payal shocked. Her moments with Akash flash before her eyes.She feels something heavy on her head.She sits on the sofa shocked.
Amma :His name is Mihir.Arora a business man…..his family is very good….think abt it beta
Payal (to herself):I cant hurt Amma.She is so happy in this relation.I….I…am hurting Akash ji now…..y is it always me?…Plz help me god…
Amma:Payal….u are ready na
Payal(thinks for sometime):Yes amma I am ready….(she runs to her room and cries).
After sometime she made up her mind and calls Akash…..

Present-In car.Arnav is dropping Kushi home.Kushi is hesitated to talk to Arnav. Arnav on the other side doesnt no what to say.
Arnav:Ah…Kushi…u like a coffee?
Kushi:Yah…sure……I mean No… (in mind) Kushi what the hell are u saying….
Arnav:Ok…but I need a coffee.
Arnav stops car infront of a 5 star hotel…
Kushi:Ek chaay peene keliye 5 star hotel (To drink a coffe 5 star hote??)…..I mean like are u ok???
Arnav:What? I usually drink coffee frm here if I am out.Their coffee is so tasty…
Kushi:Are u mad to spend ur money here….I hav an idea I will gve u coffee when we reach my home.
Arnav:But I want coffee now then?
Kushi:Ok…lets go forward there is a kaka on the next lane.He has the best coffee with him.If he doesnt open I will gve u coffee when we reach my home.
Arnav nods.They stop near the tea shop which Kushi told.Kushi orders two elachi chai.Arnav drinks it.
Arnav:Uncle…its delicious.
Kushi:Its cheap too.If u were in 5 star hotel drinking coffee. U will hav to pay minimum 100rs.But here only 20rs.See the delicious chai here and there…..
Arnav (smiles):Thnks for the coffee….its too good.
Kushi goes to wash her hand.But doesn’t return after 15mins also.Arnav gets worried and looks for her everywhere near the Tea shop.He walks forward and see a girl on road he runs to her seeing her bangles which were same as Kushi’ s.He reach there and get relieved tht it wasnt Kushi. He see a van.Fortunately, the van had the lady’s husband and he took her to hospital.Arnav looks for Kushi all over the place.Then he hear a familiar voice bargaining 1kg potatoes. Arnav turns and sees Kushi.He runs to her ans hug her.Kushi is confused.
Arnav (angry):What the…Kushi….where the hell where you.I had been looking for u all over the place.
Kushi:Woh…Amma had askd me to buy Potatoes…..so…
Arnav:Cant u say tht to me
Kushi:I saw the shop so recalled abt Amma asking me to buy veges.And my phn was inside car so I couldn’t tell u sorry Arnav ji
He again hugs her…..Rabba ve plays………..

Scene 2,
Ishita was late frm hospital. She reached her apartment and saw Raman talking to someone on phone.Raman sees Ishu.He is mesmerized seeing her in blue-black-silver saree……
Raman (moving forward):Hi Ishita! U look bful today.
Ishu(blush):Thnq Raman.
Raman:Ah….Can we just talk for a while?
Ishra walk in their apartment garden and talk,
Raman:Ah…what hav you decided….like my proposal?
Ishu:Raman I told u right I need time…
Ishu:Understand U……
Raman:Understand me? Seriously?
Ishu ; Yah….
Raman:U know me well from past 2-3 month..
Raman:U understand me well now right?
Ishu:Raman! It took me 1 year to understand Subbu.Then how am I gonna understand u in 3 months.
Raman:Ok now I get it…u cant forget Subbu right?
Ishu:No…its not that
Raman:It is tht Ishita (pulls her closer).
Ishu:Leave me Raman. U are not understanding…….
Raman:Ishita….u are not able to forget subbu thts y…u are not accepting me…
Ishu(to herself):May be he is right? …Yes he is right (smiles)
Ishu hug Raman says thank you and runs to her apt.Raman Looks on confused.
Ishu reach her apt and throws all the things which subbu gave.Cards….gifts…..all the things and atlast a ring which he gave on their last meet.Ishu cries a bit on throwing the ring but feels relieved.She takes all the waste and goes down to the waste corner.Raman was still down thinking abt Ishu’s weird behavior. He hears Ishu’s bracelet’s sound and turns.She had a big bag.She threw the things in waste bin.She turns and moves towards Raman.
Raman:Can I…
Ishu keeps her finger on his lips
Ishu:Sh…na na….Raman! …. (takes deep breath)…..I love you too
Raman (surprised):What I cant here
Ishu (loudly):I love you Raman
He hugs her and lifts her…..She smiles. Shagun see all this frm her balcony nd is happy.She calls Anjali and informs abt Ishra…Anjali get happy….. And thnks Shagun for making Ishu happy. Shagun, Raman and Ishita go back to their rooms and sleep.

Scene 3-Raizada house,
Anjali think of calling Mihir and saying abt marriage. But Mihir calls her and says abt his marriage getting fixed with Payal. Anjali is shocked and crying.
Anjali(crying):Mihir. ..dont leave me….I cant lose you
Mihir (sad):I also cant lose u Anju…..I wish my parents understood me.My papa wants contract with her brother’s company thts y he is doing this marriage.I am helpless….only way is eloping .are u ready?
Anjali:No ..I cant hurt them.My family is ready for our marriage Mihir
Mihir:Y dont we ask ur families help? May be ur brothers and their friends. My czin brother and sister.Yes Anju thts the best plan….
Anjali :Yes Mihir

Precap:Nani’s plan to be executed by Akash, Anjir, Arshi, Ishra and Shanoj….stay tuned guyz….

*Thnq all for ur support. I am really really happy by reading all ur comments……Arshi and Ishra romance will happen during the marriage preparation…..

Credit to: Veronica

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  1. Nice…..Vero di awesome. Waiting for nxt

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  2. I just loved isra scenes…….. Waiting for next part

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  4. Wow
    Just loved it
    Atlast ishita said i love u to raman

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  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Really Awesome yaar…….Especially ISHRA…….. I loved it……….???????????????????????????????????????

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  7. Vero di the episode was AWESOME
    And Arshi scenes was sooooooooo nice AMAZING..
    I really liked the full episode specially Arshi scenes
    And u know what, today I am sooooo happy. Cause today my 10th std result is published.. And I have got Golden A+
    I am sooo happy…

    1. Congratz on ur success friend.thnq sooo much….Khushi

  8. jasmine Rahul

    payal broke up with akash as her marr got fixed wih mihir n she cant disobey her parents.so sad.mihir wants 2 have secret marr with anjali which anj isnt interested in.hope her family helps them 2 unite.arshi coffee shop scene n d road scene n d hug were so beautiful

    1. Tnq So so much Jasmine

  9. jasmine Rahul

    ishita realized from raman its subbu’s memories that r holding her back.good that she destroyed all which reminded her of subbu n relieved herself n confessed her luv 2 raman.loved it

  10. Vero di awesome!! I just loved it….Ishra scene was bful……Arshi were mind blowing. Sad for Payash and Anjir

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  11. Ishra &Arshi fan

    Hi I am a silent reader of ur ff.My name is Anarkali.I know the name sounds weird but yah my name is Anarkali. I love ur ff a lot.Its really fun reading ur ff for 100 times

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