Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 25

All reach Shimla.Take 2 rooms.Girls (including La in one room), Boys in other.

La:Its good here right mam?
Ishu:No mam and all
Kushi:Call us by our names ok?
La nods.
Shagun calls a doctor,
Shagun:Can I know abt departure details. ?
Doc:Tmw 11:30-1 is the conference.After tht u all may leave
Shagun:Thnq sir
She hangs up…
Shagun:So guys tmw from 11:30 till 1:00 we are busy.Kushi spend time wid boys and La till we are back.Ok?
Kushi:Now me and La ji has become good friends.
Ishu:Come on guys lets get some sleep.
The girls sleep.

Boys room,
Arnav:Manoj just get my laptop and stuffs I hav to send a mail….
Nk:U are gonna do wrk here also ?
Manoj:Bhai…..y yaar..
Raman:I am gonna sleep.Manoj lets get up early and ho to see sunrise. Ok?
Manoj nods
Nk:Me too
Manoj:Ofcourse Nk…..
Arnav is wrking.Others sleep.He gets a message frm Ishu.,
I hav conference frm 11:30-1 tmw.
Arnav smiles wickedly.

Next day,
Payal:Maa I am gng to temple
Mom:Yea beta go and pray….
Mom was abt to say something else but Payal had already left.She thinks of saying it after Payal return.
Payal reach temple,
Payal(to god):Bhagwan ji….whats happening with since the past few days.I am not able to concentrate on my wrk….y am I thinking abt Akash ji…..Do I love him? I am confused god….
Pandit ji comes there and gves her prasad and says:Whoever is the person. U both are going to share a great bond Indra ji (he mistakenly gves to Payal).
Payal:I am not Indra
Akash comes there.A sees P
Akash:Payal ji…..hai long time no see
Payal:I was busy with some work.
Akash:Its been a week.U haven’t answered.
Payal:Woh….I…I like u Akash ji.But…our family….background
Akash (keeping finger on lips):Sh….I dont care a damn abt it.I love u & u love me…nothing else matters.I hav only nani.She will surely accept You.
Payal:What abt my family?
Akash:Me and nani will come with Shagun. Ok?
Akash is abt to hug Payal but Payal stops him signing tht its temple.
Akash:Ok so if it was home u would hav allowed me to do all those right?
Payal:Shut up ji.
All go to see Sunrises except Arnav and Kushi. Kushi couldn’t tolerate the cold and Arnav had some work.Ishu had Informed him abt Kushi staying back.He decided to check her…
He goes inside the room.He gets angry as Kushi didn’t even bother to lock the door.He see Kushi in his jacket covering herself under the quilt.Arnav came and sat beside her.He admires her beauty.Arnav sits near her head.She gets hold of his hands.Arnav smiles at her antics.
Arnav:This girl is a no.1 mental…..but responsible and efficient…..such a big drama queen.(smiles)
Kushi murmers something in sleep, Arnav move closer to hear what she was saying.
Kushi(in sleep):Arnav ji….u are a Kadoos but sweet to loved ones.Y cant u laugh Mr.Kadoos? (Arnav smiles hearing this)
Kushi lifts her hand which she was holding with Arnav’s.He fall on to her.Again she kissing his cheeks.
Kushi gets up shocked. Arnav stands to leave. Arshi stare at eachother…….Kushi was still holding his hand.She pulls him unknowingly and he falls on her…..they share an eye lock…….ek din kabhi jo(Subanallah) plays…….

All of them reach the venue.
Raman:Such a lovely place right?
Ishu walks ahead, slips because of the pebbles. Raman holds her tightly.He makes her stand.Ishu was wearing a sari as she had to go to the conference hall straight. When she enjoyed the cool morning breeze her sari was also enjoying it unaware the fact that her thin bellies were seen…..Raman noticed this.He came over her side.Covering her with her sari.Ishu was getting irritated by his over protective nature.
Ishu holds Raman nd pulls him closer. Raman gves what-is-wrng-with-u look.
Ishu:What do u think of urself are u my hubby?Are u my bf?
Ishita:Shut up Raman! I haven’t gven u any right to touch me ok? So now onwards stay in ur limits ok?
Raman:Ok madam….but will u leave me now?
Ishu realises their position and leave him.Deep inside Ishu was enjoying how Raman protective is Raman. How much he love her etc.etc..But her stubborn mind is not ready to accept.
The conference begins all goes on well.All decide to go back the next day…..Days passed Payal and Akash grew more closer.Kushi avoids eye contact with Arnav.Raman and Ishita are staying as good friends.La and Nk are growing closer.But Nk is a bit upset, doesn’t show though.Manoj is still behind Shagun. Shagun hasdecided for a friendly approach.Raman is keenly watching Manoj. Anjali and Mihir are going to tll abt their relationship in house…..

In Raizada Villa,
Anjali calls Arnav, Akash, Manoj, Nani, Ishu and her parents. Kushi is also present there….as she had some imp wrk there with Akash
Anjali:Arnav bhai and nani u both hav been my mom and dad.U hav taken care of me since childhood after mom and dads death. Ishu di has been a sister and like another mom for me.Her parents are my parents.So to all those present here…..
Akash:Dont waste time like this say fast
Anju:Bhai’s I wanna get married
Arnav(shocked):To whom?
Nani:Beti…..U serious?
Anjali:Bhayya…his name is Mihir.Arora.I know him from college days.He loves me a lot.And I also love him a lot.Plzz can u let me marry him…..
Nani:I am happy in my Anjali’s happiness.
Anjali hugs everybody happily.She hugs Kushi also.
Ishu:We will talk to Mihir.
Kushi; Who am I? Am I frm girls side or boys?
Kushi:I am Anjali’s and Mihir’s bff….So….god! Confusion hi confusion……
Nani laughs.
Akash think abt saying his relationship status too.
Akash:Nani and Bhayya …I also love somebody and wanna marry her.She is Kushi’s sis.Her name is Payal.
Kushi:This time I am girls side.Ok?
All doesn’t respond

Nani:I will not accept this
Akash:But y Nani
Nani:Cause I am goin to accept this(smiles naughtily)
All laugh.Akash gets releived.
Arnav:So Anjali and Akash u both want to get married right?
Anjali and Akash nods.


*Thnq all for ur support 25th update…yipee I am so happy. Thnq all for reading my ff and supporting me.Love u all….

Credit to: Vero


  1. Varsha

    Awesome. I wanted to comment first on ur 25th update. Funtabulous….Awesome….Arshi ♥……..Ishra♥……loved it very much Vero di

    • Veronica

      Tnq Tashu. …..guess what???? Harry is back……he is gonna gve us a treat on his double success

  2. Khushi

    Awesome Vero di.
    Arshi scenes was sooooooo cute..
    And Akash and Anjeli’s marriage!!
    Wow!! I am sooo exited for their marriage episode 🙂 🙂 please put cute romantic Arshi scenes in their marriage scenes

    And many many congratulations for completing 25 episode. 🙂 🙂

  3. Varsha

    Silver jubilee!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!……. We were eagerly waiting for this……. I wish u cross half century and a century!!!!!…….

    Yippee!!!!!!!…….. Today’s episode was over loaded with awesomenes!!!……… All the best……. Way to go……..

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    First of all,CONGRATS…… for the Completion of 25 Beautiful Episodes……. & Coming to Today’s Epi……..Its…….AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AS USUAL!!!!???????????

  5. akshaya

    awsome viru. it is really superb. i enjoyed it a lot and congrats for ur 26 th episode

  6. Veronica

    Tnk u Akshaya…..tnq dear for ur cont support all Kushi, Varsha, Ammu, Jasmine, Reshma, Safu….etc for all ur support

  7. jasmine Rahul

    Arshi r damn romantic n the song played 4 them was just wow.Ishra was cute n romantic.Payash scene was nice.Payal is in luv n akash proposes her.Akash Anjali presented their luv matter 2 others n all r happy.nice epi

  8. jasmine Rahul

    I was talking abt Ishita’s sis in ur ff only.I didnt know that she had a sis named La in ur ff.thats what i meant.So its not Vandita,but lavanya.now doubt cleared

  9. Harshita

    Awesome di sorry for late comment. Loved today’s epi.Happy 25th epi…..ha just Kidding congratz ob ur 25th epi

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