Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 24


All are tired and are sleeping…..Arnav and Raman aren’t sleeping.

Raman:So Mr.ASR….We are on same mission now right?
Raman:Actually u know what dont be a kadoos, saddy saddy…….angry young man!
Arnav:Really? I mean u are advising me……..
Raman:I know I am also angry man and all….But I hav changed now……for my loved ones…
Ishu hear all this.She acts to wake up and says to driver:Driver ji can u just stop the car near any dhabha I want to freshen up….just strech my self.
Others wake up hearing Ishu.
Shagun (sleepy voice):Yah…..I also want to stretch myself
Manoj:Can I help u?
Manoj (I-am-finished face):I mean to find good place….u know there are ladies here….so…….
Raman:Ohk….I thought u were flirting with my sister.
Ishu (to herself):Idiot. He doesnt even understand tht Manoj was flirting with Shagun.Such a big Fool
Raman (to himself):Manoj beta….I will gve u the best gift for flirting with ma sis.
Shagun (to herself):Bhai…..u are a fool
Manoj (to himself):I am saved…..
The car stops near a Dhaba.All get down.

Nk:Wow…..how beautiful.
Ishu:Yah….really.Its just awesome.
Driver (a lady):I know maam.
Shagun:I respect u a lot Miss.I mean u drive cars….as a taxi driver. …a lady…..sorry for blabbering. I am really happy to meet u and ur name please..
Driver:My name is Lavanya.Takkar……
Nk turns to the driver side.Ishu looks at Nk.
Ishu:Hi Lavanya ji.My sisters name was also Vandita. She passed away 3 yrs before……(tears roll down….Raman wipes her tears.She looks at him and smiles.He also smile).
Nk:I am gng inside…..aren’t u all coming?
All:Coming Hinglish (Hindi-English) master
Shagun:He has created his own language.Such a gr8 man.
Lavanya laughs…..Nk admires her.
Lavanya:Hav ur food.I will be back……..
Nk:If u dont come I will go with the car
Lavanya again laugh.
Kushi:Bhai….how will it be when I call a taxi driver bhabi…
Shagun:So exciting na…..u can go anywhere anytime.
Nk:Oh plzz….Jaan! seriously u think tht I am gonna marry her?
Raman:Hey dude she is very hot!
Ishu stare at him

Arnav:Yah….bful hair….bful legs…..I liked her….
Kushi stare at him.
Manoj:Bhai….I would surely love to marry her.
Shagun:Mr.Manoj.Raizada…..u flirting with me and marrying someone else…..I cant believe boys can fall so low……
Arnav:Y are girls made so bful thn? only for us to look right?
Kushi:How mean……we are made bful for many reasons.
Raman:Can we know the reasons?
Ishu:There is no flower which is ugly…..but there are many pesticides which look ugly and destroy the flowers.So boys better to be a flower, dont be the pesticide.
Shagun-Ishu-Kushi give hi-fi.Boys frown.
Nk:Wow…..u all make a good pair together.Kushi….main tume Kushi Kushi iske haat mein doonga (I Will gve ur hand to him happily)
Kushi:Jaan…..how can gve my hand to him….agg…..plz somebody better.
All laugh

Arnav:I dont hav any intrest in u Miss Hyperactive.
Again others laugh.
Nk:Cool name bro……
Lavanya enter in a blue jeans and white crop top.
Ishu:She looks too good!
Shagun stamps her.Boys are dumbstruck seeing her.Girls close their mouth.Shagun slaps Manoj. Ishu tickles Raman. Kushi screams on Arnav’s ear.The boy doesn’t react.Lavanya finally comes there and stands near Nk.
Nk:Hi beauty.Lets hav coffee.
Ishgun:We hav meeting in Shimla.
Lavanya:Lets hav coffee someother day. Lets move ahead.

The girls make their boys sit on the back side.The girls occupy the middle seat.Nk sits in the front seat beside Lavz.
Raman:Lavanya ji…
Ishu stare at him
Lavanya:Maam we hav a very good place here for sight seeing shall we just go there.If u all want to
Boys:We would love to
Shagun:No need
Kushi:Lets go yaar…..afterall we dont know when are we all gonna get a trip like this.
Ishu:Yah…Lavanya ji take us there….
They go to a place. It was a bful place with trees and parks and shops.All like the place.
Ishu:Truly Lavanya ji such a gr8 place.
Lavanya:U can call me Lavs.Shagun ji.Can I know abt flat rent in ur apartment.?
Raman:Only 7000-10000.
Ishu:Y lavs? Are u planning to change to our apt?
Lav:Yah….I am home deprived now.My house owner just made me out because he didn’t like me….
Raman:I will gve u my house.Stay home…no worries.
Ishu:Yes worry
Shagun:Yes worry. ..I will find u a good apt Lavs.ok?
Kushi:Stay in my place till u get a apt
Nk:Yah….I dont mind
Manoj-Arnav-Raman:Butwe mind
Lavs:Thnq soo much guys.Kushi ji I will stay at ur place.
Boys frown.Nk winks at them.

They step out of car.Ishu wore a top and jeans.Her top was torn a little on the left side and her belly was seen as the top was quite loose for her.Some boys standing in the shops stared at her…..Raman saw this.He took out his jacket and made her wear it.
Ishu:What the hell Raman!
Raman touch her belly were it was torn.Ishu widens her eyes and wear the jacket.
Ishu:Thnk you!
Raman:Be careful from now on.
Ishu nods.
Kushi had worn a casual blue jeans and peach sleeveless-top..
Someboys stare at Kushi. Arnav asks Kushi to wear her jacket. Kushi refuses.He forcibly make her wear it but she remove it.Arnav holds Kushi tight and pins her to the car.
Arnav:Wear ur jacket orelse I am gonna tell ur brother abt the kiss.
Kushi:Leave me…I will wear it.
Kushi wear the jacket
Arnav:Dont wear such sleeveless tops in local places from now on.
Kushi nods.
Precap; Payal accept Akash. A marriagr proposal for Payal.She calls Akash,
Akash:Hi darling.
Payal:No darling darling. Actually I called to tell u tht I am breaking up with u as u are boring type.Sorry ah? ok byee
Payal cries. Akash is shocked

Stay tuned to know more
*Guys the Lavanya who is Ishu’s sister gve her Mihika’s face.And the present Lavanya is the orginal one.And Nk, Lavanya and Akash, Payal will be out of screen soon.And the story will revolve on Arshi, Ishra, Anjir(Anjali-Mihir*on ur request jasmine) and Shanoj.

Credit to: Vero

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  1. Awsomey…….I just loved it actually funny episode. Shocking Precap. Main aapki 25th update keliye bacha party rakhu ghar pe?….just kidding. And yday’s epi was too nice.My Vero di rockzzz….one more thing……I love u…..sorry sorry excitement of ur 25th update

    1. Tnq Tashu….25th update thoda dard bara hoga sorry ah meri behn

  2. Rewa (Ishra♡Arshi)

    I am a silent reader of ur ff…..I love ur ff a lot.Today’s epi was funny…..I hope u give us a mind blowing episode on ur 25th update. Eagerly waiting. The precap is quite shocking.But I know u wont disappoint us

    1. Thnq Rewa….

  3. superb…

    1. Oh!! Really very niceeeee episode.. AWESOME… . Arshi scenes was very nice.. Eagerly waiting for the next episode ??

    2. Tnq Usha and Khushi.

  4. Wow superb episode. Loved it Veronica. Arshi and ishra scenes were awesome

    1. Were is ur ff….though I dont comment. I read ur ff daily and cant go a day without it…Thnq Akashaya for ur support

  5. Nice episode vero…. Raman n arnav are so protective to their partners….. nice to see their concern… if nk out of story I feel little worried.. bcoz I like his language… it always funny… I changed the whole scene in a funny manner….. I love his talk…. I am gonna miss him…

    1. Nk will cme and go dear….. no worries….same as with Payal and Akash …Tnx jo for ur cont support

  6. Oh! Sorry yaar.. My comment went to usha’s reply.. Sorry yaar..

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Woww……Its Just Amazing yaar……Loved it sooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhh

    1. Tnx Reshma

  8. jasmine Rahul

    Raman ,ishita,manoj scene was funny,i used 2 wonder who is ishu’s late sis.so it is Vandita.so sad.How did she die?Lavanya as the taxi driver.cool.Seems that Nk La r going 2 get hooked up.arshi scene was very nice.arnav cud’nt bear anyone staring at k,so he wanted her 2 wear jacket.Arnav blackmailing khushi was so funny n cute.precap..omg…R payal akash breaking up?thx 4 adding mihir anjali scenes in future.but pl dont cut any jodi.i like nk la n payash too.

    was ishita having a sis named lavanya?I actually 4got.Sorry.

    1. wait and watch….Payal and Akash appear in 4 or 5 epi’s after tht only guest appearance for them.Ishita doesn’t hav a sis names Lavanya. Its created by me

  9. Hey….. Its amazing… Fantastic… Vero….I felt like seeing the scenes in front if my eyes…… So lovely…… Boys flirting with lavanya……. Making girls jealous……… Oh…… That was the best part of today’s episode…………. Loved it a lot…………

    1. Advance wishes for silver jubilee………… HAPPY 25TH…………..????

    2. Thnq sooooo much Varshu…..And were is ur ff missing it badly….

  10. There is a mistake guys….Actually when La says her name.Ishu is saying Lavanya not Vandita.Sorry

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