Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 22


Arshi realises what they just did.Kushi runs out takes her belongings and go home.She didn’t get any auto she calls Shagun.
Kushi:Darling plz cme to pick me.
Shagun:Ok dude.I am on the way.
She hangs up.

Kushi (in mind):Shall I say to Shagun? No she will tease me.Devi mayya! how am I gonna face him tmw.
Arnav(in mind):Wht the hell did I do now? I hope she doesn’t feel awkward talking to me tmw.I dont want her to go away frm me because of this.No….No….I dont care….I hav to make up my mind.
Shagun pick Kushi.
Shagun:Wht happened dude.Y are u drenched in water? (laughs).
Kushi gives a I-Dont-care-abt-tht-now look.
Shagun:Ok…Ok…Say na?
Kushi explains whatever happened and how SHE kissed ASR.Shagun gves a Is-tht-seriously-u look with shocked face.
Kushi:I know….but…now..
Shagun:Relax…dont blabber.
Kushi(takes deep breath):I dont know how I am gonna face him tmw.Partially it was my mistake.
Shagun:Partially? It was completely ur mistake.
Kushi:Dont scare me too much dammid….gve me a solution for this.
Shagun:Whats the big deal it was just a Kiss.
Shagun:Shall I talk to Ishita?
Kushi:No Ishita ji never…..
Shagun:She will gve u a plann…

Kushi:I cant hide daily know.
Shagun:After 2 days he and u will be bck on wrk life.So just chill.Ok go on a trip with me…what say? A 4 dayy trip.I am gng to shimla for a conference with international delegates.We can hav fun together.
Kushi:Good Idea.But my bro has come…Shagun:U hav a brother????
Kushi:Yah idiot….Nandkishore aka NK
Shagun:Tht stupid guy.He is Ishu’s bff.
Shagun:Yah….we just had little argument….neva mind. …will he join u?
Kushi:May be….but its alright.
Shagun:I will call my brother.
Kushi:Its ok….
Shagun:Its finalized.We will go tmw in car…..
Kushi:Road trip is exciting.
Shagun:Come lets go shopping!
They leave.
Akash get a message frm Kushi saying she is gng to shimla for 4days…so is asking for a leave. With Shagun and brothers.
Akash informs this to Manoj and Arnav.
Manoj:Bhai….I am also gng to shimla for work…Akash are u joining?
Arnav:I will join u (in mind)-I wanna see how this KKG is gng to hide from me now….
Manoj(No interest):Perfect.
Akash laughs
Arnav:Mr.Akash.Singh. Raizada. …we are gonna hav fun u just stay here with Ur Payal, Nani and Take care of my Anju….lemme call

Akash:Do whatever bhai.
Manoj:Ok Akki byee we are gng for shopping!
Akash:Go man…I dont care.
Arnav calls Ishu,
Ishu:Hi Aru….
Arnav:What the…
Ishu:Shut up tell know y u calld?
Arnav:I am gng to Shimla tmw…Take care of Anju…
Ishu:Idiot! I hav conference in Shimla I am also gng.
Arnav:Akash will pick her no problem. How are u gng?
Ishu:Car with Shagun.
Arnav:Kushi is also cmng with her bro and Raman.
Ishu:What the hell…Raman!
Arnav:All the best my bestfriend.
Ishu makes crying face nd cuts the call.
Scene 2 ,
A morning.Ishu wakes up and think abt Raman’s dare and makes upher mind.Arshi wake up and think abt what happened last evening. Arnav smiles. Kushi makes worried face.Payal wakes up and thinks abt Akash’s proposal. Shagun gets up and thinks abt Kushi she suddenly reminces how she kissed Manoj. Raman think abt Ishu and smiles.Akash abt Payal.Manoj think abt Shimla trip and smiles.All are heading for a exciting journey…..

Stay tunes friends …..Shimla is gng to Invite our couples with love, hate, sorrow and Laughter.

Precap:Shimla fun….

Spoiler :Payal accept marriage proposal for parents.Akash is sad…Will Payal realise her love or will she get married to someone…..again stay tuned

Credit to: Veronica

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  1. I hope this trip is going to bring them together….. Day by day you give awesome episode vero… it’s really interesting.. I enjoyed a lot dr…. keep it up.. I hope u have better thought for 25th episode…I am waiting for that….

    1. Tnq soo much jo.I will not let u down on my 25th update.

  2. jasmine Rahul

    so now shagun knows abt arshi kiss but she is cool.waiting 4 the shimla trip.i have always loved shimla scenes in serials.they r very romantic

    1. I also love Shimla.Tnq jasmine

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Really Amazing yaar……..I am Enjoying it a lot………Really Interesting……….

  4. Superb Veronica..
    Awesome episode..
    You are great

  5. Wow wow wow!! Vero di… It was awesome… I love ur ff sooooooooooooooooo much.. And full episode was soooooo nice. Eagerly waiting for next episode… And eagerly eagerly eagerly waiting for more Arshi scenes…

  6. Wow superb update viru. Loved it a lot. Waiting for the shimla journey .

  7. I just started reading ur ff they r really awesome………………… Please continue it and update regularly

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