Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 21


‘Chotu…..Mera shirt zara Iron karke rakho'(Just Iron my shirt chotu)…said Arnav
Chotu:Yeh Arnav bhayya.(in mind) Hamesha mujhe kaam dete hi rahte hain.Par sabse bohat pyar bi toh karte hai.Jis ladki unke zindagi mein aayegi bohat kush rahegi…..par kaam karvakar pakkayenge Arnav bhayya… (This Arnav bhayya is always giving me lot of work.But like everybody a loot.The girl whom he marries will be the happiest….but he will make her do lot of work.)
Scene 2,
Ishu:Amma…..can u make Dosa for me today?
Amma:Ishu….eat oat meal.U hav to stay healthy…..
Ishu:Amma plz…..Yuck! Oat meal sucks.

Raman enter
Raman:Amma just let her have Dosa….
Ishu:See this is how ppl should be.Ppl who love me and care for me should let me do what I like
Raman lifts his eyebrows. Amma keeps her hands on hips.Ishu realises what she said and bites her lips in worried face
Amma:Kya chakkar hai? (whts gng on? )…See Raman is blushing.
Ishu looks at Raman and see him blushing and shows angry face.
Ishu:Amma….u are mistaken.He is my friend.
Raman:Ishu kyun jhoot bol rahe ho? Boldo na ki main…tum…hum dono…..I cant (in a girlish manner-Ishu y are u lying? Tell na tht U…Me…Both of us . .I cant)
Amma(cutely):How shy!!I knew my beti will marry a girl..I am happy to get u as my bahu…
Raman:What the hell aunty.
Ishu laugh and gve hi-fi to her mom .
Ishu:This is daughter-mom bonding.
Raman:Maate……Forgive me (smiles)
Ishu:U hav my blessing all through life
Raman(pulling her closer):I dont want ur blessings whole life…I want u to be with me all my life
Ishu :Raman…plz….
Raman:U hav your time…but tmw I will make u accept. No forcing u will accept it whole -heartedly. He turns and hits a man, the man had a plate(quite heavy) with him it flew up and hits on Raman’s head on landing
Raman:Ouch! U Mr.how dare u.Cant u see….
Man:I am sorry my bro
Ishu:Nk! Are u alright?
Nk:I am alright babes.No worries
Raman:Ouch it hurts.

suddenly Raman feels a cool sensation in his head.He thought it is Ishu.He turns and sees Amma there caring for him.
Amma:Call me aunty…..I haven’t gven u permission for calling Amma.
Raman smiles
Nk:Amma….give me dosa know
Amma:Yes my Nandu…
Nk:Stop calling me Nandu. I am cool NK.
Raman shocked coz Amma didn’t say anything after Nk calling her’AMMA’.Raman was quiet sad.
Ishu:Nk…but u here? What a surprise….
Nk:I love giving surprises…..u know na…
Ishu:Ofcourse I know…how many times I hav got ur surprises my cutie (pulls his cheeks)
Raman loses his temper

Raman (shouts):Dammid! (takes his phone)….Hey…u idiot, fool, how dare u(Ishu)touch him.Did u think abt me?I cant withstand anybody else being close to u….Ask him to get lost frm work.
(cuts the call-Acting)
Ishu:.What happened Raman?
Raman:Nothing. A guy in office misbehaved with my czin sis who is wrking in my office(to himself)…If ishu knows there is no such czin sis and it was all for Nk….I wish she doesn’t get to know.
Ishu (in mind):Whothe hell is tht czin whom Raman is so close to….Why should I care afterall he only like me….wait…I should care to accept him I need to know abt him what if he is time-passing with me….No Ishu he wont do tht.No worries…Ayyo murugan! Help me.
Nk:Guys ithna hungama kyun hain(he meant silence)(Guys y is it so noisy)
Ishra laugh.
Ishu:No hungama its sannata(silence)…….
Nk:Yah….U know right….Anyways u guys continue chattng lemme eat dosa and darbar…I mean sambar
Ishra again laugh.

Raman:Stop laughing and tell me who is he?
Ishu:First tell me whose the czin?
Raman(in mind):Madrassan is getting jelous….My 2nd step to success.
Ishu (in mind):Raavan Kumar was getting jelous and it was all just a fake story….Murugan! What did I do now?
Ishra:Voh…ok….u first….No u….
Ishu:Ok me.He is my bff.He was my senior in school but studied with ma sis.
Nk hear what Ishu said.
Nk:Ishu! I am leaving. Dont take her name….
Ishu:Sorry…I am really sorry hav break fast and go plz for me.
Raman is confused .Ishu holds his hand signing him to shut up.Raman nods.He was njoying her touch and smiles weirdely.
Scene 3 ,

At Arnav’s hse
Arnav:Kushi get the files kept in Akash’s room
Kushi:Ok sir….
Kushi goes to take file from Akash’s room.She sees a cockroach there and ges hiccups in terror
{*Author note:I am soo scared of cockroach.I get hiccups when I see cockroach. So its a real-life situation. And next scenes are imagination.* }
Kushi see a 7up bottle and drink it.it was vodka mixed with someother alcohol….Kushi gets more hiccups she again drinks it.Atlast she drank the whole bottle and comes to Arnav’s room.
Arnav:What happened. Y are u looking at me like this
Kushi:Mr.ASR.Do u know who I am?
Arnav:Are u drunk?
Kushi:No….1st answer my question u fool.

Arnav:What the….
Kushi:What the…what the. …what the… What the….. What the……. What the…….. What the…..raised to infinity. My foot! Y are u not completing sentence and cannot answer for my question also….I have a doubt….ur teacher didn’t teach u in smaller classes to complete sentence and answer to questions?
Arnav:Kushi try to understand u are drunk.Go get some sleep.
Kushi:U want Kushi. Kumari.Gupta to sleep tht too in a kadoos’s bed…never!
Arnav:Kushi! Come here….we will talk
Kushi:Again u are changing topic.
Arnav:No…In smaller classes they hav tought me to do all those but I forgot.
Kushi:I am hungry….

Arnav:I will take and come.
Kushi:I want jilebi’s and pani puri…..can u make it?
Arnav:Ok.I will bring it.Dont move out frm here.My naani is sleeping in the room below.sh….dont talk loudly.
Kushi keeps her finger on lips and nods head.Arnav smiles
Kushi:Say good girl Idiot!
Arnav:Yah…very good girl.
Kushi smiles and sits in the same position. Arnav goes to kitchen to get food and see nothing is ready.
Arnav:I think I am screwed. Akash’s vodka bottle was there.I think she drank it.Crazy girl.
Kushi:Did u call me Crazy?
Arnav:U? Here? I tld u not to move frm there and U…….
Kushi:I was hungry.So came to help me…
Kushi:Yah…I hav to eat know.
Arnav smiles.Kushi plays with her eyebrows. Lifting it up and down.Arnav laugh at her funny antics.
Kushi:Atlast Mr.Khadoos laughed….

Arnav suddenly stops laughing.
Kushi:Male ego…..whatever…
Arnav:Oh miss (lifts her by hips and makes her sit on the kitchen slab.Kushi widens her eyes.Arnav smiles evily.
Kushi:Arnav ji…..give me food.
Arnav keeps a bread piece on her mouth.She eats tht and again ask for food.Arnav gve her something. Afterwards she strts behaving more weirdly.
Arnav:Sorry Kushi. I have only this way out.

He lifts Kushi in arms to the bathroom and make her stand under shower
Kushi makes sound of water.Arnav gets irritated and warns her tht he will put soap inside her mouth.She obeys.After sometime she was getting out of the kick and they realise their position. Arnav was holding Kushi by waist and Kushi was holding Arnav’s shouldersKushi slowly moves her hand down to his back for a hug and they hug eachother. Arnav kiss her neck.she get moved and close her eyes.Arshi move closer….closer and closer….and their lips are just inches away.Kushi move more closer and they share a passionate kiss….Yes a lip to lip french kiss……

*Hope u all liked the update. Thnq all for ur comment

Credit to: Veronica

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  1. Wow superb scenes vitu. It is awesome. Arshi scenes were superb and ishra and Raman both getting jealous was superb. Totally the episode is awesome

    1. It is viru not vitu

      1. Tnq sooo much Akashaya

  2. hahaha very funny love it

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  3. Awesome episode vero…

    1. Tnx Ammu….I read ur update but so sorry I dont get time to comment

  4. Wow too romantic arshi scene….. ishra scenes was funny nk was so cool…..

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  5. Wow wow wow wow wow wow vero diiii,, it was AWESOME… Ah!!! I was like ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? while reading the last part… It was Ammmmaaaazzzziiinggg… Really loved it soooooooo much.. Wowwwwwww!!!!!! Eagerly waiting for the next episode..

    1. Oh…wow! Thnq thnq thnq thnq soioooooooooo much Khushi

  6. Meri Vero………Lovely episode.I am bck after a loooooooong [email protected] home.Will cme to meet u soon.Wanna get a hug frm u.Eat ur noodles…yummy. ..missed all those.One more thing Arshi scene was awesomeyyyyyyyy.Ishra jealousy fight.Funny epi

    1. Tnq Tashu will mwet soon

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Wowww Wowwwwwww………..Its Amazingggggggggg yaar………Loved it……………..???????????????????????????????????

  8. jasmine Rahul

    raman jealous of nk ishu n made a fake story 2 make ishita jealous.so funny.khushi drank alcohol by mistake n the way she spoke 2 arnav was so funny.2 bring her back 2 senses he made her stand under d shower.but omg..they shared passionate moments.never expected it.very romantic.missed other jodies

  9. Wwwwwwooooooowwwwwww viru its fantastic and fabulous…… Together fantabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Soooooooooo happy for ishra scenes……………… The way ishra gets jealous……… Oh ho!!!!!!!
    Love it……..

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