Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 20


After 3 days,
Ishu is back home.She is all set to go to work but Arnav, Raman and her parents are saying no.Shagun and Ishu decide to go together. All are ok with tht decision.Payal is confused. Anjir are still in romantic mood.Manoj is visiting Ishu daily to see Shagu.
A Lazy Monday morning,
Shagun:Again I am late….I hate Monday’s.God! Ishu must be waiting.
Shagun got ready quickly and went out. She saw Ishu waiting.
Shagun:Wow! U look really good….I mean sari and all? Anything spcl?
Ishu:My bestfriend is coming to meet me today in hospital.

Ishu:No someone else
Raman hear the whole conv and is jelous. He wanted to know who tht person is…………

Kushi:Sir, I hav to leave early today
Kushi:My….ah…guest is coming at home
Arnav:Guest will not wait for u?
Kushi:No its not tht.We have movie plans and dinner plans
Arnav:How many ppl are coming?
Kushi:Only one person and we both are going out (excited).
Arnav (jelous):Ok do whatever.But dont come tmw to office
Kushi (shocked):But sir….ok I can leave @ 5:30 right? Thts my office timing know?
Kushi turns to leave but somebody(ofcourse Arnav) stops her by holding her hand.Kushi turns .She loses her balance and falls on Arnav………Suno na (beintehaa) plays…..Again an eyelock.

Scene III,
A guy in black jacket and blue jeans with black tees enter a hospital. He is goood looking. All the nurses and staffs are dumbstruck seeing him.
A nurse:Soo hot.
The man move towards the reception. The receptionist is smiling seeing him cmng closer to her.
Man:Can I know where is Dr.Ishita. Iyer.
Receptionist: 1st floor on the extreme left.
Man:Thnq bful lady
The lady blush. Man winks.
He enter Ishu’s cabin,
Ishu:Dude! At last…..
Man:How can I not reach when my bestfriend wants to meet me?
Ishu smiles.She runs to him hugs him and cries
Ishu(hugging and crying):Y did u leave me alone for 3 years. I missed u soo much.Dont go back anywhere

Man:Ishita…..U know I cant live in this place without her.Each and every place here reminds of her (a small drop of tear escape from his eye)
Ishu:How can I just forget tht.A month tht changed all our lives.Mine and Urs.(cries hugging him)
Man:Ok byee dear(releasing himself from the hug.)
Shagun enter she heard their conv.
Shagun:Hi Ishu…Hi man…I am Shagun.Bhalla. Ishu’s new friend
Man:Hi I am Nandakishore…u can call me NK.
Shagun:Hi nk….u can call me Shagun…..
Ishu:Nk….u haven’t changed a bit…
Nk:I am always the cool guy…And btw Shagun aap bohat aurat dik rahe hoon (U look like a women)
Shagun (shocked):Bullshit! I am a women
Ishu(laughs):He was born and brought up in US.He doesn’t know Hindi well.Sorry Shagun.
Shagun:Its ok i am leaving.
Ishu and Nk laugh.

Its evening,
Kushi reach home.Arnav drops her.She had forgotten her file in his Car.Arnav takes U turn to give it.
At Gupta bhavan,
Kushi enter and see no lights.She goes to switch on light and see nobody at home.somebody from behind lifts her.
Kushi:Who the hell? Leave me…
Nk:Its me ur….

Arnav enters and see this.He is shocked.
Kushi:Nk my jaan.When did u come.I missed u a lot (He puts her down seeing Arnav)…Ouch jaan it hurts.
Nk:Hi Arnav right?
Kushi:How do u know him?
Arnav:Yes…Kushi u forgot ur file. Here it is.
Nk:Hi! I hope u remember me.I am Nk ur senior in school.The guy frm Us who joined ur school in 8,9,10,11 and 12th.With Ishu’s sis.
Kushi shocked
Arnav:Yah…I remember.
Nk hugs him.Arnav doesn’t recipricate it.
Kushi:What?Tht means this Kadoos was my senior
Arnav:Whom did u call Kadoos?
Kushi:Ofcourse u…
Arnav:Kushi! What the…..
Kushi:Oh plzz

Nk:Stop it guys.Arnav she is my sister.
Arnav:Ur sister? How?
Nk:We lost our parents when we were young. It is my maasi who is looking after her like our Amma.My father had business in US.Me and Uncle settled in US looking after business. Kushi wanted to study here and do work here thts y she is staying here.
Arnav (in mind):Uff…..Releived! Its her bro.Now its easy for me to get her…..Ms KKG be ready to become.KKGSR. (smiles)
Kushi (in mind):Mr.Asr.U cant make me urs by cooling my bro.Sorry
Asr (in mind):I will do it just wait and watch and u will confess it….
Kushi makes worried face.Nk see this
Nk:Wht happened princess?U look scared
Kushi:Nothing jaan
Nk:Come lets leave for dinner

Arnav:Ok byee (smiles at Kushi)
A night ends well

No Precap.

*Sorry my friends for not replying nd for makingu all wait.My bff fought with me for a silly reason and I was very sad.My bro Harry nd sis Ire took me out for cheering me up.Plz tell me if my ff is boring. I am getting less comments.This epi was written in sorrow so sorry guys if u didn’t like it.
Reply to Jasmine,
I took Anjali-Mihir instead of Mihika and Shyajali because I thought for a change just mix with both shows.Who doesnt like a change.(JK)…I really hav no idea y I took Anjir.
Thnq Kushi, Varsha, Jasmine, Reshma pradeep, Ammu.

Credit to: Veronica

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  1. Superb Veronica.. Rock on..
    Always be happy vero.☺

  2. Oh!! Nk lifted Khushi!! I thought it will be Arnav.. Any way.. It was fully an interesting episode.. Loved it very much specially Arshi’s mind talking… Arnav is sooo naughty.. Seriously loved it a lott. Waiting for the next episode. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Continue yaar… it’s interesting…

  4. Vero di…….Dont be sad….I will be bck soon.Hope Sanyukta di forgive u.Anyways intrestng update.We will not disappoint.And nobody should disappoint my Vero di…

  5. superb episode yaar. sorry for not commenting these days but i was reading ur ff. so sorry for not commenting. very superb episode. loved the whole episode. nk entry was superb. arnav and ramana jealousy was superb. pleasepost the next episode soon.

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome….. I loved it……….& It’s not Boringgggg yaar……..Its Superbbbbbbbb…………….

  7. jasmine Rahul

    WOW…ISHITA’s best friend is NK.loved his entry.1st time i’m seeing NK as Ishita’s friend in a ff.that itself is freshness.NK Shagun interaction was so funny.About which girl was NK talking about?Arshi fall scene with be enteha song was romantic.surprise is that NK is Khushi’s brother which actually gave relief 2 Arnav as he was getting insecure in d beginning.Nk was arnav’s senior too.

    1. Nk was talking abt A Girl wil reveal her name soon

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