Hatred to Love a Bful Journey episode 2

Recap:Ishita was eating chocolate peon came and tld abt an appointment.
A man came in, his face showed tht he was in atmost pain.Ishu saw him and thought to herself tht she has seen him somewhere but cant recall.
Man:Hi I am Raman kumar Bhalla
Ishu:Hi sir
Raman:My tooth is paining…gve me a pain killer.
Ishu:Sir….pain killer is not a safe method I can gve u a injection.
Raman:Injection?? I mean I dont want injection just gve me some pain killer.
Ishu:It has side effects
Raman:Who cares? I said Give me a pain killer thts it.

Ishu:Agar order karne aaye dey toh koi hotel kyun nahin chale jaate yahan kyun aaya. (If u hav come to order u should hav gone to hotel y did u cme here)
Raman:U dont know who I am?
Ishu:Jaanke bhi kya karoon(What can I do after knowing tht)
Raman:Just gve me a pain killer. ….I dnt hav time for these foolish talk
Ishu:Ok whatever. ….I cant see any person in pain.So I am gving u this.But make sure after eating u sleep for 2hrs.And dont eat before driving
Raman(restless):Haan teek hai de de (Yah yah…just gve me)
Ishu:Your name?
Raman:Raman.Kumar. Bhalla
Ishu:What? Raavan Kumar Bhalla?
Raman (irritated):Raman. ..
Ishu to herself but not audible to Ramn:Behavior se toh Ravan kumar hi sahi tha.(But according to behavior Ravan Kumar only suits u)
Raman:Did u say something?

Ishu (Smiling):Nothing….
Raman:Thanks Miss whatever. Ishu:Ishita not Miss whatever.
Raman:Ok ok.
Raman leave
Ishu:Idiot doesn’t even know how to talk with manners
Raman while driving:Fool doesn’t even know how to behave well.
Scene 2,
Kushi is seen sitting in an office. Suddenly her phn rings nd it was Shagun.
Shagun:Hi Drama queen….all the best for ur interview.
Kushi:Thnks yaar
Shagun:I think my gal is a little nervous
Kushi:Little nahin bohat zyada.Hope I get this job (Not little nervous very much)
Shagun:Devi mayya will help u dear……..
Kushi:Yah….And u have tld to Bhalla aunty right?
Shagun:Yah…I hav tld.She wil also pray for u.
Kushi:Ok ok bye somebody hav come….hope its the manager.
Shagun:Ok gurl bye and all the best.
Kushi cuts the call.She was standing near a water filter.She turns back to go to her seat but hits on someone and falls in somebody’s arms.The person was Arnav. Kushi is lost in his beautiful eyes….Rabba ve….plays.
Kushi straightens herself nd says sorry but was still thinking abt him.
Asr on the other hand was irritated because of the traffic which cost him his precious 1/2n hr.
Akash:Bhai…shall I ask peon to call the people

Many people enter and go out sadly.It was Kushi’s chance next.She went inside and saw Arnav and Akash.She was lost in Arnav for a minute but made up her mind so tht it doesn’t lose its control.She presented her file.Akash took tht and showed on the computer screen. Kushi was puzzled.Asr was also looking in to the screen
Kushi to herself:Are these people mad to show it on screen.May be someone else is also there.Yes Kushi its their 3rd partner.
Asr:Ok so Miss Kushi Kumari Gupta. U are selected.
Kushi(in excitement):Yipee…

Akash signs her to keep quiet.She obeys him he smiles.
Asr:Ur monthly salary is 30,000.Ok?
Kushi:How sweet of u…I mean ok sir.
Akash:Ok miss Kushi. Kumari. Gupta welcome to Arnosh fashion house (Arnav-Ar, Manoj-no, Akash-Sh )
Kushi:Tnq soo much sir.
Akash:Join from today.
Asr:Yes any problem?
Kushi:No sir.
Peon enter and give Asr and Akash coffee.Akash ask him to bring coffee for Kushi also.Kushi rejects and says she doesn’t drink coffee.Asr takes a Sip and his face turns red Kushi notice this…
Asr shouts peon’s name.Kushi is startled.Peon enter scared.

Asr (Shouting):How many time I hav tld u not to add sugar in my coffee.
Peon:Sorry sir.I forgot
Asr:I dnt like the word forgot
He throw coffee on the peon and ask him to get out.Kushi is horrified seeing this.
Asr to Kushi:What are u doing her go do ur wrk.Tanya (PA) she is my new PA.Show her cabin and explain work.
Kushi moves out with Tanya.Sits in her cabin and think abt Asr talking harshly to the person.
Kushi (in mind):God! Gussa is fine but itna gussa is not at all fine.His face is so innocent but behavior is like…..agh….arrogant.
The scenr freezes with Kushi’s angry face

Precap:Akash see payal.Ishu-Shagun chat.Ishu say abt Raman.Shagun smiles.

*Sorry no update on sunday’s I hav to go to church

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