Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 19


Happy Bday my dear Tashu….Love u lodzzz.Hope u gve me treat the day you return.The bestfriend ever.Hbd again Varsha……….,
Epi continue,

Its a pleasant morning, Kushi woke up and rubbed her eyes.She was surprised to see Arnav standing infront of her.
Kushi:Sir U?
Arnav:Sir? Whn did u start calling me sir.
*It was Payal.Kushi saw.Arnav. (dream sequence)
Kushi:Jiji! I thought it was….
Payal:It was?
Kushi:Akash sir
Payal:Kushi. How dare u think of him….
Kushi(laughs):Jiji…..How possessive
Payal:Oh plzz….I was just
Kushi:No explanations.
Payal:Ok madam.Now get ready for temple.
Kushi:I forgot. Today is Amma’s bday right.
Payal nods.

Kushi comes to the hall.Hugs her mom from behind and wish happy bday.
Amma:Thnq beta.Did u miss us?
Kushi:Very much.Amma! Ishita ji met with an accident and is hospitalized
Amma:Bhagwan! Is she alright?
Kushi:Yes Amma. I was just informing u.
Amma:Ok.Now get ready
Kushi leave to get ready.
Ishu:My head is paining.
Raman:What happened? I will call nurse.
Ishu holds Raman’s hand
Ishu:No need.I am ok
Raman:Shut up.I will call nurse.
Ishu:Raman! Now I am alright. Whn doctor comes we will tell him.ok?
Raman:Ok.As u wish
Ishra smile…..dil se dil ka rishta plays………
Raman:Are u accepting my proposal?
Ishu:Not again Raman. I told u I need time.
Raman:Ok.I am not forcing it on u.
Ishu:Thank u half-boyfriend.
Raman laugh.

Scene shifts to temple,
Kushi:Bhagwan ji.Plz gve my amma all happiness which she deserve.Payal:Give my Amma a very beautiful life
Amma:Give my children good fortune.
Kushi was wearing a pink-golden sari with open hair.Arnav comes there to drop Akash and Manoj.
Arnav:Akash and Manoj if u c Kushi there ask her to come and meet me.
Akash:Ok bhai.
They leave.
Manoj:Akki…Isnt bhai being over involved with Kushi?
Akash; Yah….but I am happy for them
Manoj:Ofcourse me too.
Akash and Manoj smile at eachother.They see Kushi and say what Arnav askd thm.
Kushi:Ok.He is waiting there down?
Manoj:Yes Bhabi
Akash:He didn’t know ur name crrctly.
Kushi climbs down the stairs.She is reaching near Arnav.Arnav see her and is mesmerized.A car passes by Kushi turns seeing the car and twists her ankle. Kushi screams in pain-Ouch! ahhh!
Arnav runs to her and lifts her in his arms.
Kushi:Sir! I am alright.
Arnav:No u are not
Kushi:No sir. I am alright.
Arnav:Lets meet a doctor.

Suddenly they realise their position…they are lost in eachothers eyes……..Hum tere bin ab raha nahin sakte plays…….They share an intense eye lock.Arnav makes her sit in the car and pulls the seat belt.Their lips were just inches apart. Arnav cups her face and moves closer for a lip lock.
Kushi:Sir! (Almost pushing him away and takin a deep breath. )
Arnav:I am sorry
Kushi:Its alright
Arnav moves away emabarassed.Akash and Manoj geta shocked seeing this.
Akash:Manoj! Did u see what I just saw now?
Manoj:Were we dreaming?
Akash and Manoj pinch eachother.
Both:Ouch its real.!
Akash:Baap re baap…..Arnav bhai Loves Kushi ji
Manoj:Yes Akki….he loves her
Akash:By the way.y are u calling me Akki.U weren’t like this before
Manoj:Who doesn’t like a change….
Akash:I dont like.Call me Akash from now on…Akki! my foot
Manoj:Ok Akash.
Scene again shifts to a park
A girl:I think its time we take this matter home.What say Mihir?
Mihir:Anju….I think u are right but 1st finish ur studies know.
Anjali:It will go on….no worries.
Mihir:Afterall my miss Attitude is very intelligent na?
Anjali:Stop calling me like tht.I hate it.
Mihir:I met Ms.Attitude first who was turned in to Ms.Anjali.
Anjali blush
Anjali:I even remember our first meeting.My bhai came to drop me to college my 1st day ever.I had askd Ishu di also to accompany me.But she failed to.I was walking through the corridor and bumped into u.U said sorry but u had to baer all the consequences of bumping in to Anjali.Raizada.(Mihir laughs along with Anjali).Thn I scolded u for bumping into me and in all those filmy dialogues we never knew whn we fell in love.One fine day U proposed me and I just said an Yes out of excitement and anxiety and curiosity of being in a relationship.
Anjali:Yah…i wanted to know the feeling of possessiveness and care of a boyfriend or a partner.Though I have 3 brothers the feeling of being with u was different. I love u a lot Mihir and Cant imagine a second without u.
Mihir hugs her and says:I love u too and I cant even imagine a life without u.
The hug eachother……..Khuda jaane plays…….

In hospital,
Shagun:Neetu (nurse) get me the reports of room no.504 (Idk much abt doctor)
Just then a person enters. Its Manoj,
Shagun:Tum? (U?)
Manoj:No ur hubby.
Shagun:Shut up! I hate calling u my hubby. chi!
Manoj: Baby I am really well behaved and handsome. Just imagine abt our kids they will be too good looking na? My good looks.Ur spexy body.My
Shagun:Duh! Shut up.I hate u.Cant u talk properly.
Manoj:Was tht something weird Ms.Neethu (looking at her ID)
Neethu:No sir…I mean…
Manoj:U said No thts it.Now leave my dear.I hav to talk to my to be wify.
Shagun:Get lost
Manoj pulls her closer. He tucks her hair behind her ears.She gets lost in his eyes. They share an intense eye lock moves towards eachother and Lock their lips..yes it was a kiss.Shanoj move away. Shagun regrets for what she did
Shagun(to herself):What did I do now?Did he think tht I love him? Hw stupid of me? Do I really like him? I am confused
Manoj:Dont confuse urself with too many questions. Stay calm.
Shagun widens her eyes.Manoj winks

In a 5 star hotel,
Akash:Hi sir.My brother Arnav is busy with some work.So I had to come.Hope u dont mind a meeting with me.
Person:Sure.My sir is also busy with some work.So me and his P.A has come.Payal ji come this side plz.
Akash:Hi Payal ji.And I am Akash. Sir ur name
Person:I am Rakesh.Mehta
Akash:Hi Mr.Mehta lets strt the meeting.
Payal:U are going for a deal with S designs (S-Shagun).
Akash:I knowU are also doing it with Arnosh F.H.
Payal:These are our guidlines and the contract papers (hands over a file)
Mr.Mehta order food.The food comes and all are busy having it.Akash winks at Payal. Holds her hand under the table. Payal ask him to leave.Akayal go for washing hands.Akash holds Payal’s hand
Akash:Payal ji.I love u.Will u marry me?
Payal (shocked):Are u joking?
Akash:No I am serious
Payal:I need time
Akash:Y do u grls take so much time in taking decisions.
Payal:Coz its our life decision.Boys dont what a women goes through while gving birth to a child.And we know what u ppl go through while we are in labor pain.So dont judge a gurl like this
Akash(whistles and claps):I am falling in love with u more and more.I know u will accept me one day…I am ready to wait
Payal leave. Akash smiles.The meeting ends happily .

Precap:Ishu hugs someone and cries.Kushi is lifted by somebody. Stay tuned to know the link between Kushi and Ishita.

*Sorry for not replying to ur comments.Thnq all for encouraging words.

Credit to: Vero

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