Hatred To Love A Bful Journey episode 17


She was in hospital…….ICU…..Raman was crying no he was breaking down into parts…..He felt as if he will lose her……But he knew she cant leave him.
Raman:I know she cant leave me……….(crying)
Shagun:Bhai…….Control u hav to be strong
Arnav breaks down:Ishu…..plzz dont leave me……I want my bestfriend with me whole life
Kushi console him.Akash and Manoj are also crying. They remember their happy moment with her…..Anjali and Iyer family rush to hospital.
Doctor comes out of ICU
Raman:Doctor hws Ishu?
Doc:I cant say anything clearly…..may be by morning.
Mrs Iyer:Meri beti…..god!U hav gven her too much pain.
…please give her life happiness dont take her away from me.
Suddenly Ishu’s hands tremble.Nurse see this and calls doctor. Doctor check her and come out
Doctor:Miraculous! She is out of danger
Raman:Can I meet her?
Doctor:She is unconscious but u can sit beside her only one person.
Iyer’s:Raman u go we cant see our Ishu like tht……
Raman enters the ICU.He sits beside her and holds her hand still tears rolling down.
Raman(rubbing his tears and in anger):Ishita.Iyer get up….get up quick yaar.We hav to finish the cake….come na this time I will also eat with u….
Ishu doesn’t respond.
Raman (little tears):I…..I cant live without u Ishita….U cant see anything when u close ur eyes its just darkness and thts me without u.U can call it Love….Yes it is love….I love You…No may be…. (Her hands holds his )Raman rubs his tears and look at her she slowly opens her eyes.Raman hugs her and weeps
Ishu:What happened Raman?
Raman:What u mean by what happened? Cant u see u are in hospital……u dont feel pain
Ishu:My life is filled with pain and sorrow that now I dont feel anything more painful..

Raman:Chi! Tht was really boring philosophy
Ishu(smiles):But that is my life…..By the way I heard u talking but I couldn’t hear
Raman remember what he was telling and think:God! Should I propose her? Did I just said God…..Raman Bhalla has changed and its because of Ishu….yes I think I should
Ishu:Were hav u lost? And U know something…..I think I should tell u now….may be tmw anything like this… (Raman close her mouth)
Raman:How dare u say tht…..
Ishu:Sorry….But I am gonna tell abt my past.
Ishu explains Raman her past…
Scene 2, Outside the ICU.

Arnav move aside Kushi follow him.He cries sitting on the other side,
Arnav:I dont believe in god because of all these he doesn’t value people’s pain..Always gve them more pain…
She has been a sister for all of us, another daughter for my grandma…..she made my nani feel she has 5 grandchildren.She s the reason for so many people’s happiness.Y does he (god) give her soo much pain.
..she lost her love (Kushi hear all this she is teary eyed)….thn she cant become a mother (Kushi shocked)…..she lost her sister….
Kushi; Sister? Thn Anjali?
Arnav hear this,
Arnav:Anjali is my sister
Kushi again shocked
Arnav:She is staying with Ishu’s parents as their daughter so tht they dont feel they lost their daughter
Kushi:Thn y cant Ishita ji become mother?
Arnav explains flashback….
Arnav:After subbu’s death Ishu was in shock and she fell down from stairs….she already had some problem…after that incident she couldn’t become a mother.
Kushi cries.Arnav too.He hugs her.They break their hug…Kushi cups Arnav’s face and says:Everything will be alright.Ishita ji is lucky she hav loving ppl around…if it was me there….Shagun would..
Arnav:Shut up! I cant even think abt u being there dont hurt me again like this (she hugs him)…..
Jisse zindagi doond rahi hai
Kya yeh woh makaam mera hai
Yah chein se bas rukh jao.Kyun dil yeh mujhe kehta hain….plays
Raman hear the whole story and is sad.
Ishu:I cannot become a mother Raman…..and thts where it hurts me
She cries.Raman hugs a crying Ishu.
Raman:Ishita….I want to tell u something…..
Nurse enter
Nurse:Wow she is conscious sorry Mr.U will hav to go out.I hav to check her and call doctor. Sir change ur shirt it is blooded.
Nurse:Plz go out
Ishu:But u were saying…
Nurse:He will say tht afterwards.U lie down mam
Ishra stare at eachother and leave…..Dil kahin rukta nahin plays(slow version)
Precap:Raman to propose Ishu in hospital. Will Ishu accept? Stay tuned…..

*Sorry for the delay friends.I had an imp work at college.So so sorry.Comment ok?

Credit to: Veronica

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  1. Wow!! AWESOME episode.. Eagerly waiting for the next episode.. ???

  2. Wow…. super episode.. Raman propose ishu … excited for ur next episode..

  3. wow awesome episode. ishra scenes was veryawsome. khushi consoling arnav was superb .

  4. Superb vero…
    Rock on…

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  6. jasmine Rahul

    Raman was heart broken seeing Ishita in this condition.But Ishita escaped.Ishita shared her past with Raman.Raman hugs her crying was touchy.He wanted 2 confess his luv 2 her.but it was interrupted by d nurse.Oh!last scene where ishra staring at each other n d sad version of dil kahin played on background was beautiful.Arnav sharing his pain with khushi n khushi consoling him n arnav telling that he cant imagine khushi in that place n their emotional hug was lovely.I’m shocked 2 know that anjali is actually arnav’s sister who stays with ishita’s family 2 make them 4get their daughter’s loss.Who was Ishita’s sister?How did she die?

  7. Amazing… Fabulous.. Fantastic… Episode… Its so wonderful dear vero…

  8. Its just awsome n so emotional… Update the next part soon.. Arshi n ishra rock!!

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