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Hatred to Love a Bful Journey episode 14


The match helped release some stress for the couple’s.Ishu was on leave the next half day.She wanted to take rest……….Raman on the other hand had backtoback meetings from 1:00pm……Shagun was in the hospital with her usual works.Arnav, Kushi, Payal, Akash in office. Manoj had meeting with Mihir. Anjali was in her designing class……….

Scene-I, In Arnosh F.H,
Arnav:Akash…did Manoj call u?
Akash:No bhai.
Arnav:Hope it all went good…..
Kushi:Aise kaise teek nahin hoga…..Manoj sir gaye hai…..matlab Mihir will accept. (How can u say hope so? Manoj sir has gone means deal is done)
Akash:Yah… (smiles)
Arnav:After all he is my brother
Kushi:So….? It doesn’t mean tht he is like u…..he is so soft…..good heart…….u even dont have…..kair chod do (leave it)
Arnav:Complete it Miss.Kushi.Kumari.Gupta
Kushi:U dont care to even smile…. are u a robot? I mean. … feelings….what sir
Akash shocked
Arnav (fake smile):Is it ok now?
Kushi:Meri tarah hamesha Kushi Kushi raho…..u will fall in love with life (stay happy always like me)
Arnav:I love my life
Kushi:But I dont like u living like this (mind voice)
Kushi:Ok sir….
Its evening, Its raining heavily, Ishu is in her cabin. Anjali calls her,
Ishu:Hi Anju
Anju:Me, Amma and Appa are gng for movie. Are u cmng?
Ishu:No yaar….I hav duplicate keys.U ppl go.
Anju:Ok thn bye
Ishu hangs up.
Ishu(to herself):So a night alone. ….dance and sing in my way….ha ha….it will be too much fun.
Peon comes and laugh seeing Ishu talking to herself and laughing. Peon coughs bringing Ishu back to her senses.He laugh at her
Ishu (angrily):Y are u laughing?
Peon:Nothing maam….actually I came to say tht u dont hav any appointments today.
Ishu:Now onwards dont laugh standing in my room.
Peon nods….
Ishu reach back home and search for her keys.And finds tht its nowhere.
Ishu:Shit! Did I just kept it in my other bag?
Raman comes there and is in same situation but he has his keys which is kept inside a shoe.
Raman:Ishita. what happened?
Ishu:Forgot my keys…..
Raman:Ok…if u dont mind u can stay here….I dont hav any problem
Ishu:Thank you….But I…ah…where is ur family?
Raman:They go for a film every alternate mondays
Ishu:Mine too.Usually I go with thm but today I knew I would be late.So….u know right….
Raman:I can understand…come in right?
Ishu:Ah not really…..I…
Raman drags her inside and locks the door and keeps the keys in his pocket
Ishu:What the hell? U cany force me….I hav to go out…..
Raman:U are my friend….I behave like this with my friends.
Ishu:Whatever…..I dont wanna talk with u
Ishu moves to the balcony cursing Raman (funny way like Raavan kumar..idiot. ..fool….doesn’t know how to behave etc.etc.).Rain drops interrupts her thoughts…She enjoys the moment. After some she heard an Old ladys voice,

Old lady:Ji leave me…..ppl will see us
Old man:U are my wife.I cant romance with neighbours wife
Old lady:Agar kiya toh maar daalungi (if u doI will kill u)
Old man laugh
Old lady:Ur smile is still the same…..whenever I miss u I close my eyes and imagine a smiling picture of urs.
Old man:Hum toh abhi bhi jaawan hai….. (I am still now young)….Aapki jaise nahin hai (not like u)
Old Lady:Dont make me laugh plz
Old Man (coughs):U think tht I am lying see my body so fit and s*xy.(again coughs)
Old Lady(worried):What happened ji.I told u not to hav ice cream in the rain….
Old Man:Nothing my jaan.

They talk cutely.Ishu was lost in them.She changes her view to the sky and enjoy the breeze.She closes her eyes.She felt like somebody holding her from behind. She enjoys the touch. She turns back and see Raman and is shocked. He holds her tight resting his chin on her shoulder..she is lost in the touch.
Hummanva plays…..
Ishita!-A voice interrupted her…thn she realised tht it was all a dream
Ishu (mind):Y am I thinking abt Raman? God! Not again plz
Raman was calling her.He had made tea for her they drink tht and chat formally.

Arnav was dropping Kushi because of heavy rain and as it was past 8:00.They had gone to their branch in some where faar and was returning.It was raining heavily. Arnav was driving and Kushi was sitting beside him.Kushi enjoy the rain and Arnav enjoy the fact tht Kushi is enjoying the climate. After sometime Arshi’s car stops.Arnav is trying to start but is not able to.
Kushi:What happened?
Arnav: I think rain has cheated us
Arnav:Car is stuck.Lemme call somebody….but it raining heavily
Kushi:So what?
Arnav:Its heavily raining….I cant take chances on my health.
Kushi get out of the car inspite of Arnav warning her.She was dancing in Rain.Arnav enjoyed the sight.He came out of car and was staring at her lovingly. She turns to see Arnav opening and working on it.She comes and stands near him.He just gves a glare and continue his work.Kushi stands there irritated.
Arnav:U can continue playing. Lemne check it.
Kushi:I was just enjoying Rain
Kushi walks on the lonely road.Arnav looks on.Suddenly, a truck comes from opposite direction and Kushi doesn’t notice as she was busy in her thoughts.Arnav see this and run to her and drags her towards him.Both of them fall down.
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai…plays.They are lost in eachother.
The truck guy stops and says sorry.Arshi get up
Arnav (worried):Kushi u alright?
Kushi:Yes sir
Arnav hugs her…zaroorat plays…..
Kushi to truck guy:Ji can u drop us to Mumbai?
Arshi get inside truck and they reach their place.

*Sorry for late update

Credit to: Veronica

  1. Its awesome hero..keep going..

    1. Sorry its vero.. Not hero…

    2. Tnq Varshu…..I read ur ff daily but dont get time to comment.Will try my bst to comment. And trust me ur ff is well written and just awesome. I just fell in love with ur ff…

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Ishra dream scene was damn romantic.Arnav saving Khushi n the hug were so romantic.songs of Ishra Arshi added more beauty to it

    1. Tnq dear…..I read ur ff too but same situation dont get time to comment. So sorry……..And ur ff is really intrestng , good story line…….and ya thnq sooooo much for ur support

  3. I loved it awesome

  4. Superb yaar.i like ur ff forever.i just read more than 4 times

    1. @Zoyafathima thnq soo much for ur support. And I am overwhelmed hearing tht u read my ff 4 times……thnq so so so much

  5. Wow! Wow! Wow! Whole Arshi scenes was awesome…….. Really very nice… Want for more Arshi scenes??
    And eagerly waiting for the next episode..

    1. How sweet. …..thnq very much for ur continuous support from day 1.Thnq Kushi

  6. Awesome di………Ishra dream sequence was funtastic and Arnav’s concern for Kushi was so touching…….I know aapki mann mein kya aaya hoga whn u hear touching Dont tease me with tht plzx

    1. Tnq Tashuuuuuu………Love ya

  7. Wow……….Its Amazing yaar……..Loved it soooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh……………..Especially ISHRA Dream Romance …..Loved it……Soooo cute………

    1. Tysm Reshma

  8. Viru yesterday night I commented u but it haven’t got published……..??????
    That’s OK I’ll type it again………….???
    Ur ff is sooooo awesome dr……… ishu’s dream scene was the most romantic dream………..I too thought that it was real sooo I got confused………. then I read that it was all a dream………….and arshi rain scene is also sooo lovely………… I know Tashu (kushi) is the one who loved that part most………..thanks for such a awesome episode………..

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