Hatred to Love a Bful Journey episode 13


The battle begins,
“Ishita’s team members are Arnav, Anjali, Akash, Manoj. Raman’s team members are Shagun, Kushi, Payal and Mihir.”Announced the president.
Raman:Yeh log hame kabhi bhi hara nahin sakte(they can never ever defeat us)….
after all the district level player is in our team……
All look at Shagun. Shagun shows attitude face.
Ishu:What do u think of Akash? He is also a district player….
Payal(surprised):Ji u are dist player?
Payal:Wow….I dont know A, B, C, D of cricket. …can u teach me?
Akash:Sure my lo….(Manoj stamps)….ouch..ah…my friend.
Others laugh.
Raman:Payal u dont even know how to play cricket?
Kushi :Bhai jiji knows…..she was making thm fools
Arnav:Cheap trick
Kushi:U hav any problem? Its our team plan stay away
Arnav:Dont forget I am ur boss….
Kushi:Mujhe bulne ki bimaari nahin hai (I dont hav amnesia)
Arnav:Tht will be the only disease which u dont hav……
Kushi:Excuse me….I am perfect…..
Arnav:I know…..(winks)
Kushi:Arnav ji….aapko sharam nahin aayi aise karte waqt chi(u didnt hav any shame while doing like tht…yuck)…..how cheap
Arnav:Sharam ane vali baat toh nahin thi(it wasnt a thing for which I should hav shame)
Ishu:What did Arnav do Kushi?
Kushi:Nothing (then to herself)….I should be careful with him he is very intelligent.
Ishu smiles.Raman stares at her.Ishu see this and she hits Raman’s head.He rubs his hair with his hand.
The match begins,
Raman’s team was batting. Mihir and Shaguwere the openers.Manoj was balling 1st.Shagun was the 1st one to bat.Manoj runs and throws the ball…..Shagun hits the ball hard and it touch boundary line.

Arnav comes near Manoj and ask him to go for shot ball….Manoj does…..Shagun couldn’t take run.Again he puts the same ball but this time it again touched the boundary line.
Arnav:Well played friend
Shagun:Thnx friend.
Manoj stares at Arnav
Arnav:What did I do now?
Manoj:She is in opposite team bro
Shagun:Thts called sportsman spirit.
Arnav-Shagun hifi.
Manoj throws the ball and unfortunately Shagun hits a sixer….On Manoj’s sixth ball Shagun was out…..It was Raman next and Ishu was balling. Raman stand in batting position. Ishu runs from the end of the court and throws the ball.Raman hits it hard….it a four.. .
2nd ball Ishu was abt to throw the ball but Raman winks.The ball happens to be full toss.Raman hits it hard….Ishu runs and catch and……. there Raman is also out.
Ishu:Never mess with Ishita.Iyer
It was Kushi next….Ishu was still balling (4 balls left)….Kushi manages to take 1 run for all her balls.It was Akash’s turn and Mihir was batting. Mihir hits a six then a four and on the 3rd ball a run.Now it was Kushi’ s turn to bat.Kushi hits a four.And all clap for her as she isnt good at cricket. Akash again throws a ball and Kushi-Mihir manage to take two runs.Again Kushi is batting. Arnav was the keeper (who stands behind the wicket)
Arnav:Kushi get out quick orelse I am gng to fire u from job
Kushi:I dont care. …Raman bhai will get me new job
Arnav:Acha madam!…..I will make u out in this ball….wait and watch
Kushi gets nervous .The ball comes it touch her bat and goes backwards. Mihir ask her to run she runs taking 1 run.Mihir again ask her to run for a double. Arnav gets the ball he throws it and here Kushi is clearly out….
Kushi: Mr.Arnav. Singh.Raizada u will pay for this….
Arnav:How much 1 crore?
Kushi turns and walks but slips.Arnav holds her hand and pulls her closer.Kushi blinks her eyes and opens her mouth.Arnav closes it.
Ajj din chadiya plays…..
Raman:Bas beta Romance shomance at office
Others laugh…..

Payal comes.She and Mihir manages to complete all the 5 overs
Total runs:76
To win:77
Ishita’s team was ready with their bats and hats.Anjali and Akash were openers.Anjali was batting and Shagun was balling. Shagun makes Anju out in the 1st ball nd Tht goes for a celebration said Raman.
Raman:Miss Ishita. Iyer.Back out I am sure we are gng to win.
Arnav:Lets see tht.U can nvr defeat us….
The match cont,
It was Manoj next
Manoj(to himself):Baap re margaya (I am dead)
Shagun(to herself):I will not let u defeat my score.(21)
Manoj hits first to the boundary. 2nd one six.3rd one was dot ball(no runs).4th and 5th a double. 6th ball he was out same as Shagun.
Shagun:Yes… .By the way Mr.Manoj.Raizada. I tld u….u can never ever defeat me….see 14 and 21
Manoj:Lets see who wins the match.
Shagun:Any doubt? obviously us and only us…
Manoj:Dekte hain phir (lets see then)

The match cont,
Arnav is on the other side. Akash is batting. Payal is balling,
Payal:Ji I am very good at balling be careful.
Akash:No worries babe I am very good in batting.
Payal smirks.She balls and he takes double for all the 5 balls and the last one a six.Mihir was balling nxt.He makes Akash out.And now only! Arnita are only left from their team.They need 30 runs to win from 9 balls.Ishu was batting. Raman was the keeper.
Raman:Ishu u can never ever take 30runs in 9 balls…its impossible.
Ishu:Nothing is impossible for Arnita
Raman:Oh Bff bond….. (a small drop of tear come from his eyes-Ishu notice tht)
Ishu:Are u okay?
Mihir had 3 balls left.Ishu hits a 6,4 and a 6 in his over.All are amazed.Shagun is dumbstruck
Shagun:Are u really Ishu? or Virat Kohli?
Ishu (laugh):M.S.Dhoni
Others laugh.Raman stares at her lovingly.
Anjali (to herself):Its been 3 yrs since Ishu di has laughed like this…. (a small drop of tear come from her eyes.)
Raman is balling next and they hav 6 balls and 14runs to win.
President:It a tight match…..and hard to predict.
Arnav is batting. Ishu prays to god.Kushi is a fielder and she was praying to god doing rounds.
Raman:Kushi stop it .we are going to win….
Kushi:We won….wow…..
Raman:My over is left.
Raman’s first become a dot ball.Raman’s team clap.2nd ball a sixer.3rd ball 1 run.They need 7runs from 4 balls.
Ishu is batting she stands in her position waiting for the ball.Raman in overconfidence puts a full toss.Ishu hits it and get 4 runs (boundary).
Raman:What the hell….dammit
Now they need 3 runs frm 3 balls.The 1st ball become dot.2nd ball also a dot……The 3rd ball…Raman assured tht they will win.Ishu was in her batting position….Raman was running from the end their eyes met at once but Ishu ignored tht but Raman couldnt and his ball goes wide thus getting thm extra 1 ball.Ishu was again ready for batting.She slightly smiles.Raman notice tht.He doesn’t give concentration on the ball.Ishu hits the ball hard turning herself and aching her leg (yday she sprained her leg hope u all rem).Raman runs to her.The ball was gng in Kushi’s hand.And she catch it but slips and its a four…..Ishu’s team won……

Precap:A rainy day

*I know the epi was boring coz only cricket….so sorry.I hav something spcl for tomorrow epi

Credit to: Veronica

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