Hatred to Love a Bful Journey episode 12

*Happy bday to my bff…….my buddyforlife…….my sister……..my world….I hav seen u grow seen ur crazy side….. desi kudi side….the studious Ire…….I love u my soul sister.Happy Bday Irene (my sister)…..I am missing you sissy.Actually my sis and bro has gone with her friend nd family to Pune…..so missing her badly….
Epi continues,
Ishu is in hospital,She is sitting in her cabin and see Manoj outside the cabin looking for somebody.She has been watching him from past 10mins he hav been walking left and right looking at his left and right in tension. Ishu was enjoying the sight.Then suddenly his face glows and he smiles.Ishu look on his right side and see Shagun.

Ishu (shocked):Baap re Shagu…..No Manoj no kabhi nahin….But both of thm are cute together.
Shagun enter Ishu’s cabin ignoring Manoj with a disgusting face.
Shagun; Hi babu….
Ishu:Hi Shagu…..whts the news?
Shagun:Can we hav lunch together outside? what say?
Ishu:Hey Manoj
Manoj enters.
Manoj:Hi Ishu ……Hi Shagun
Shagun:Hi (irritated )
Manoj was enjoying Shagun’s expressions.
Ishu: Y dont u join us for lunch Manoj?
Manoj:I would love to (staring at Shagun)
Ishu coughs.
Shagun:I will call Bhai
Ishu to herself:Dont make me fight with him god…….
Ishu:Yah Shagun u call him.I will call Arnav also..
Manoj:Bhai Will come with Kushi…..
Ishu laughs.
Ishu smiles. Shagun looks at them with suspicion. Ishu and Manoj smiles.
Ishu:So Shagun, Me, Manoj, Arnav, Raman, Kushi thts it right?
Shagun:Yup lets go to biriyani house. I just love their Chicken Biriyani…..my mouth is watering….
Manoj is lost in her cuteness. Ishu laughs…….
In Biriyani House,
Arnav enters with Kushi as expected followed by Raman,
Raman:Sorry guys….I was little late
Arnav:Its alright
Ishu:Its alright for u we hav been waiting here since 1 and now its 1:25….
Arnav:Meri ma…forgive us
Raman:I am so damn hungry
Ishu:We are also hungry
Raman was sitting opposite Ishu.Arnav opposite Kushi and Shagun opposite Manoj.
Raman:Instead of wasting time on foolish talks lets order
Raman:Waiter…take our order…
Waiter:Sir…self service. We will gve it on ur table…..
Others laugh except Arnav.
Shagun:Ishu ur friend is serious types I think.He doesn’t even laugh.
Ishu:I know….but after his parents death he is like this only
Ishu:They are family yaar.. .atleast smile for them.
Arnav smile.
Raman:Wow buddy u look good while smiling
Ishu:These boys doesn’t evn know to praise somebody.Arnav looks extra handsome and hot while smiling
Arnav:Ishu yaar….
Raman:Hello these EXTRA HOT AND EXTRA HANDSOME are made for u ppl to use not our cup…..
Manoj:I hav kept the order.
Everybody stares at Kushi as she hadnt said anything till tht.
Shagun:Kushi…..I miss u yaar come home sometimes.Dont be with ur saddu bose all the time.
Arnav looks at Shagun after hearing”Saddu boss”.
Shagun:I know u are gonna say’what the’….Right Mr.Arnav. Singh.Raizada.
Raman:Thts Ishu’s line
Everybody stare at him now.
Manoj:How do u know tht buddy?
Raman:Just like that…
Food arrives and Kushi was eating her rice like a child.Shagun was sitting next to her like her mom…..Ishu and others were concentrating on their food but Arnav was staring at Kushi…..she look in his direction and see him staring at her.She waves her hand.He doesn’t say anything. She again waves but Arnav doesn’t notice. Thn Ishu pour a full jug water frm top
Arnav:What the……

All laugh.After lunch all were leaving. Shagun left in her scooty.Manoj in his car.Arshi in Arnav’s car…..Ishita and Raman had parked cars closer.
Raman:Wow we are gng to same area I think.
Suddenly, Ishu’s ankle twists and her leg sprains.She screams in pain.Raman gets concerned and lifts Ishu.Ishu widens her eyes .He takes her near his car and find her car opposite to his.Raman gently places Ishu in the front seat.
Raman:How is ur leg?
Ishu:Its painig
Raman twists her leg once again to left and right.Ishu screams in pain as it was irresistible. But her leg was alright after tht
Ishu:Thank u
Yhm music plays. ……

Precap:Cricket Match

Credit to: Veronica


  1. akshaya

    Wow Veronica superb update. U r do rocking yaar. Sorry for not commenting these days. U r episode is so awesome. Waiting for ur next update

  2. Khushi

    Sooo nice episode…
    Precap is sooo interesting
    U know, I am a great great great fan of cricket.. So, waiting for the next episode
    And Happy Birthday for ur sister.
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  3. Varsha

    Hurray!!! Hey veronica!!!! Its just mesmerizing… The scenes just flashed in my mind while reading the episode… The couples nok-jok was damn good… It was such a cute episode.. Loved it to the core..???

  4. Varsha

    Thnq soo much Vero… .I miss u too.I am Irene from Varsha’ s account. And today’s epi is just awesome. ….funtastic

  5. Khushi

    Hey, Awesome episode yaar…
    U know what I am a great great great fan of Cricket.. Precap is sooo interesting for me.. Eagerly waiting for the next episode only for cricket.. Thank u soo much for this cricket match..
    Happy birthday to ur sister

    • Khushi

      Hey, sorry yaar.. Actually my comment was not seen before.. So I have commented again.. Me Khushi

  6. Jo

    Nice episode…. waiting for cricket match……. I hope in this match, arnav, khushi, shagun, manoj, raman, ishita, akash, payal play together…..I can’t control my eagerness… plz update ur next episode ASAP….

  7. ude

    Viru…………….u rock yaar………….
    Today episode made me laugh……….and my sister ask me why am I laughing……….they must have think I am stupid………….but I showed her the reason for why am I laughing…………. Thank you for making me laugh……………. I was too busy today and while I was reading ur ff my stress went away from me…………..
    Happy birthday to ur sister !

    • Veronica

      Wow….I am so happy tht I hav been the reason for ur stress release…..tysm Ude……..Luv u dear

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