Hatred to Love a Bful Journey episode 1


A girl is shown.She woke up by the noise of her alarm.She rubs her eyes and in irritation says’again’.She opens her cupboard.Picks some random dress and goes to take bath.After sometime she is seen in hall.She is late on the breakfast table. She was trying to go to kitchen slowly
‘Shagun’ a voice came from behind .The girls name is Shagun.She is wearing a white top and blue jeans.
Shagun with the caught face :Yes mamma.
Mrs.Bhalla:Itni der kardi tumne……aaj bhi (today also u are late?)
Shagun:Mamma…..I hav some important work bye
Mamma:Shagun sun le…khana….chal gayi pagli (Shagun listen…..food….crazy girl escaped)

Scene 2 ,
A girl is doing pooja.She is praying to god for a good husband.Another girl shouts’ jiji…..ah….mera pair'(My leg ).The girl who was doing pooja runs to her-‘Kushi…I hav tld u 100times not to play in kitchen’.The girl who shouted was Kushi.’Payal’-A voice called.
Payal:Haan ma…
Ma:Pooja ho gayi (Done with pooja?)
Payal:Yes ma.I am leaving to office.
Ma:Have a good day.May god bless u
Payal takes blessings from her mom and waves bye to kushi
Ma:Kushi! what is the new drama?
Kushi stands up and say:Nothing. I just fell down
Ma:Dont be late go for interview.
Kushi prays to god and takes blessings from mother. And leave. Ma smiles

Scene 3 ,
A boy is shown on phone to a girl,
Boy:Hi yaar
Girl: I hav called u to say tht.Today there will be people coming into ur office for interview. Dont shout at them if they dont say anything properly.Dont ask anybody to get lost and No ‘What the…’
Boy laughs:Ok meri ma…
Girl:My god! Did Asr just laugh?
Boy:Di I am Akash.
Girl:Uff…..I am fed up of Arnav…..
Akash:Ishita di bhai wants to talk to u.
Arnav:Ishu…I know what hav u tld him.Will meet today.
Ishita:But …..
He cuts the call.
Ishu in mind:Kadoos.I dnt know who can handle him.
The man was Arnav Singh Raizada owner of a fashion house.
Scene 4,
A man is shown.He is driving.He gets a call and its Payal.
Payal:Sir…U hav 3 meetings back to back today.
Man:I know. .
Payal:And sir Mrs Bhalla had called in office.
Man:Ok.I will call her back.

Payal:And sir……
Man (irritated):I am coming plzz say the details after that got it?
Payal:Yes sir.
He hangs up
Payal in mind:This guy doesn’t even know to tlk with girls.Devi mayya! dont gve me a husband like this…….Raman kumar Bhalla nahin Kadoos Kumar Bhalla.Boss should be soft….payal leave all those do ur work or else u are finished.
The man was Raman kumar Bhalla owner of a fashion house.

The scene shifts to a hospital. A lady is shown in blue kurta and black leggings.She has her doctor coat on.She was waiting eagerly. A peon comes and gives her a box.She opens it and excitedly takes a chocolate and eats.The lady was Ishita.A dentist eats soo many chocolate and sweets and asks children not to eat all those.
Ishu to herself licking her favorite galaxy’s-If galaxy chocolate is stopped I will die.Hope tht doesn’t happen.
Peon enters
Peon:Maam u have an appointment with Mr…
Ishu:Whatever ask him to come.

Precap:ASR shouts at somebody. Ishra Nok-Jhok.
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Credit to: Veronica

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  1. Nice strt but y did u stop like tht.U should hav shown Ishra scene right?

    1. Wait dear…..patience

    1. Tnx Kushi

  2. Veronica excellent episode. Waiting for ur next episode

    1. Thnq Akashaya..Wil update soon

  3. Super duper awesome dr…………make it more longer…………..

    1. Tnq soo much ude.Yah wil make it longer

  4. Good make it little long if u have time then

    1. yes aaliya will make it longer. Tnx dear

  5. Mr Raman Kumar bhalla? The episode was awesome.. R asr and ishu siblings??

    1. In my intro I had made it clear dear tht Ishu and Arnav are bffs since childhood.So like family.

    1. Tnq Reshma Pradeep……??

    1. Danks Safu……..


    1. Tysm dear……..I hav updated my 2nd epi u wil get it soon

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