Hatred to Love a Bful Journey-2 Episode 1


A day A new beginning A fresh start……….The Sun rays tickled her face.She woke up smiling. Opened her eyes and saw a big SRK picture on her wall.She said to herself I wish I got a chance to act with him no no may b an autograph nd a selfie…
A voice interrupted:Kushi! Come out…..
Kushi:Jiji I am cmng
Payal:Me nd ma are gng to temple….bua will come now.
Kushi:What? Bua?
Ma:U haven’t seen her b4?
Kushi:Yah….but ma she is an head ache..
Ma:Shut up kushi….
Kushi keeps her finger on her lips in a childish way…
Ma:Ye ladki…
Payal-Kushi:Mom take a chill mill (Srk style)
Ma:Crazy girls
Kushi-Payal laugh
Payal:We will be late…
Kushi:Ok….I might leave to ofc by tht time
Payal nods nd waves bye.
After sometime,
Door bell rings in Kushi’s house. Kushi was drying her hair.She ran to open the door and get shocked to see Asr….
Kushi:Aap? (u? -with respect)
Arnav:Yes…I thought of picking u up to ofc
Kushi:Ok….just a sec lemme take my bag….come in…
Asr get in….Kushi goes inside her room to get ready. Suddenly again bell rings
Kushi:Sir….can u just open the door.
Arnav moves to open the door but somebody from the other side opens and hits Asr’s nose

Lady:Who are u? I think its not my hse sorry….
The lady goes out looks at the number again comes inside and sayz:No ji this is my hse I think u are mistaken…
Arnav:Whn did I say its my hse?
lady:Kushi betiya….
Kushi comes running and get shocked
Arnav:Kushi are u ready? lets leave its 9.
Kushi nods takes her bag say bye to bua pray to god and leave bua looks on.
Arshi in car,
Kushi:Sir…y did u cme to pick me today?
Arnav:I had to come there so just thought of picking u….

Scene 2 ,
Shagun’s hse,
Shagun in phone:Yes sir…I will go to airport to collect tht medicine…no problem….perfectly alright….ok sir bye..
After hanging up the call.Shagun runs and hugs Raman.
Raman release himself frm the hug nd asks the matter.
Shagun:A medicine is imported to India frm America……somebody hav to go nd collect it from airport. And the person who collect tht medicine is going to get a promotion from 2nd floor to 1st floor with the experties….And the jury has selected me. .yipee
Raman:Thts a gr8 news so lets party tonight.Call ur friends to our lake house. K?
Shagun hug him and says Tnq so much bhayya.
Mrs Bhalla:Tomorrow favorite of my Shagu…
Shagun hugs her mom and dad.
She leave to airport wearing a Black sleeveless net top and blue jeans.Ishu see her.
Ishu:Shagun congratz.Now we r on the same floor
Shagun sees Ishu and feels sad afte knowing her past she didn’t know how to react..
Shagun:Hi…thanks nd btw how did u know?
Ishu:I am a member of jury.I suggested your name…
Shagun (excited):Thnq soo much……I love u…
Ishu:Control dear…go get the medicines quick.
Ishu who was facing Shagun’s side had to move opposite side for her car.She turned and collides with Raman. He holds her in his arm covering her waist with his hand.She had worn a saree today.Raman could feel the skin so as with Ishita. She freed herself from him and moved forward saying thanks. Raman smiles…

After 30 mins Shagun reach airport.She runs to the parcel counter and hits somebody and both fall down.The boy was in a white shirt, black jacket and blue jeans. The boy was Manoj.He was mesmerized seeing her.
Shagun:Are u blind?
Manoj: I think not.I can see u.
Shagun:Agg….cant u see somebody walking?
Manoj:Ok so thts wht u call walking? In London we say it to be running. There are so many changes in India within a year
Shagun:Ok so u are an NRI? I am an Indian dont mess with any Indian girls she can put u in jail…
Manoj:I am an NRI afterall…(lifts his eyebrows)
Shagun:I dont hav time to waste lemme leave
Shagun goes..
Manoj:Just listen to me haseena (beauty)….missed her…
Akash comes and hugs him and takes him home.Akash call Ishu and say abt Manoj’s arrival.Ishu gets surprised. Later, Shagun calls Ishu, Kushi, Anjali, Payal for the party held by Raman. Manoj calls Raman and tells abt his arrival(friends in college).Raman invites his brothers and him for the party (un aware tht Arnav is his bro).Shagun calls Mihir (czin brother)…..

Scene 3 ,
Arnav and Kushi are in office. Kushi coughs while working Arnav notice tht and gve her water.She smiles.After sometime he sees Kushi taking headache balm.He orders peon to buy fruits.The peon brings fruits….Asr calls Kushi .Kushi comes inside his Cabin .
Asr:Did u eat something in the morning?
Kushi:Yah ..
Arnav:What did u eat?
Kushi: 1 roti
Arnav:only 1 roti?
Kushi:My stomach was full.
Arnav:Now its 1.Go and eat these fruits. Didn’t u hear what doctor said yday tht u are weak.So have fruits u can stay healthy
Kushi nods.Akash and Manoj hear all this and are shocked.
Manoj:I think bhai likes her
Akash:No way
Manoj:Yes way….look how caring he is….so nice na…
Akash stares at him
Manoh:Yes Akki
Manoj:I am in love with her.Her eyes met mine in the airport. She looked hot but pure hearted….she was no Akki I cant forget her
Akash:Bhai u are maad.
Manoj:No I am in Love…….

Precap:Party hai …

*No update on Sunday

Credit to: Veronica

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  1. Hey, soooooo nice episode.. Is it season 2?? When I see hatred to love 2 I was shocked thinking what about the previous episodes.. But while reading i feel sooo happy. It was Awesome….

    1. some Tu crap….dont know.Anyways not season 2

      1. Tnq Kushi

  2. I miss ur episode tomorrow…. nice episode..

    1. Will update soon jo.I really liked the fact tht u all are liking my ff.Tnq all

  3. jasmine Rahul

    can u plz post this ff on india forums.its a request

    1. Will try dear I cant promise….I dnt know abt Indian forums

  4. Hi really good episode but can you plz do really long episodes plz do not mind me saying this

    1. will try Ark

  5. jasmine Rahul

    This is India forum where ffs can be posted in the same thread.plz post it here.Its a very nice site


  6. jasmine Rahul

    Or can u post this FF on facebook?

    1. will update in fb dear.I will .make a page and thn update in it

  7. soooooo fabulous episode keep updating like this and why no episode on sunday and my day starts with your ff so plz nick if you don’t have any problem can u update on sunday actually the main reason for I am requesting you to update tomorrow is my birthday actually its tomorrow so I want it to be the best day of my life sorry plz don’t mind.

    1. Sorry dear I hav to go to church……thnq soo much for ur comment …nd advanced happy bday….

  8. Superb Veronica

    1. Tnx Ammu

  9. Wow………..Its Superbbbbbbbb……………Loved it soooooooooooo Much……………….

    1. Tnq Reshma

  10. @Jasmine Rahul I hav created an fb accout Veronica (vero)

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