Hatred to Love a Bful Journey episode 11


It was a perfect morning for him.He felt as if the whole world is his…….May be I love her-he thought. No it cant be….how can I, and tht too Raman’s sister he again thought.His thoughts were interrupted by Akash as usual.

Arnav comes there.Akash and Manoj smiles at him.He doesn’t smile.
Arnav:Where are u ppl going?
Akash:I mean he is going for jogging and I am gng to temple
Arnav:Akash say to Kushi tht I will come to pick hee tday
Akash nods.
Manoj:But how does bhai know we are gng to meet thm?
Arnav smiles hearing this and leave.
Akash:Bhai is very intelligent.
Manoj nods.They leave to temple.

Scene 2 ,
Ishu is attending a meeting in her apartment. She is sleeping actually, hearing boring stuffs.Raman comes there and sits near her.She is still sleeping.
Raman to himself:Wow she looks so cute while sleeping.
Her hair strings falls on face.He see tht and tries to tuck it behind her ears.He had to move close.He head was near his chest.Suddenly the president of the apt shouts.Ishu gets up shocked and hits her head on Raman’s chin.Raman screams in pain’Ouch’
Raman:Its ok…
President:We would like to organize a cricket match for the entertainment of orphans in Peace orphanage.Flat organization has elected Raman.Bhalla and Ishita.Iyer as the team captains.
Ishu widens her eyes.Raman is shocked.
Ishra:But uncle….
Both stare at eachother.
Ishra:U first (pointing towards eachother. )
Raman:Ladies first
President:No no children plz dont say No.Its for a good cause….plzz for me.
President:U can bring anybody frm outside. But there should be atleast 5 ppl in ur team….

Scene 3 ,
Arnav comes to pick Kushi. He rings the door bell bua opens the door.Bua see Arnav and get excited.
Before 1/2 n hr,
Garima (Kushyal’s mom):Bua ji I am gng to temple with girls.A man will come with food for evening….
Bua:Kya kya hain? (wht all are there)
Kushi:Bua ji Samosa hai, Bada pav hai, Pani puri hai….hay bohat maza aayeka(It would be too much fun).Afterall its my salary day and jiji’s bday.
Bua:Ok…I will take and keep it here.
Present, Bua think it to be the catrer.
Bua:Ji u are the person who was here lastday right?
Arnav:Yes where is….
Bua:Give me the things I will keep it inside.
Arnav:What things?
Bua:Devi mayya….what are u saying? We hav given money for it and u are fooling us?
Arnav:Where is…..
Bua interrupts:Police…I will call police and say tht u are doing fraud business.
Arnav (irritated):What the…….
Bua:woh kaun hai?(whose tht?)
Arnav:Kushi kaha hain? (where is Kushi? )
Bua:Y do u need Kushi?Hayy re Nanda kishore….kahin tum Kushi ka bf ho aur tum log bagkar shaadi karne wale toh nahin hain na? (Are u kushi’ s bf? Are u ppl gng to elope frm home and get married ?)
Arnav:Bua ji right?
Arnav:I am Asr…Kushi’ s boss ok?
Bua (shocked):Sorry beta I didn’t know.Mein bhi na bohat serials dekti hoon….maaf karde(I watch lot of serials thts y I behaved like tht)
Arnav:Its ok….
Bua:Kushi went to temple
Arnav goes to temple and see Kushi in a blue and gold full length anarkali.He is mesmerized seeing her……her dress…… her hair….her red cheeks………her payal………her jhumka …….her smile was immensely beautiful. He enjoyed how she was coming close to him. Climbing down the steps she slips and is abt to fall down but Arnav runs and holds her on the right time.She had closed her eyes in the fear of getting injured but Asr took hold of her on right time.She opened her eyes and saw tht she was in his arms.Akash and Manoj saw Arnav on the temple stairs and are completely shocked. The person who had stopped worshipping entered the temple stairs to hold Kushi

The screen freezes with Arshi in an intense eye lock and Akash and Manoj shocked faces…

*sorry I couldn’t reply to ur comment and Jasmine Rahul…and Kushi I hav deactivated my fb account as I cant update in both Tu and Fb.As my studies are going on…..so sorry I will try to start in June……..so so sorry.And dears I will try in Indian forums also.Btw Jasmine are u a malayali???

Credit to: Vero

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  1. Awesomeness reloaded.Its just funtastic…..btw njnum oru malayaliya @Jasmine (if u are a malayalee).And dear dont think tht Vero di is a Malayali. She hav stayed in Ekm for 2.5 years in 5th and 6th thts it.strting of 7th also.Di when will u get ur phone bck.?????I wanna chat with u in the app…..missing u badly…….#snapchat memories #whatsapp gossips #lookan DP ‘s????????love u soooooo much di

    1. Tnx Varsha. I will get my phone on sat… will be back im whatsapp soon….And dear take care of my sissy

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Ishra sleep scene was so romantic.Buaji mistook Arnav.ha ha..Arshi temple scene was so romantic.Arnav who diesnt go 2 temples visited temple 4 Khushi.wow.

    Yes,I’m a malayali

    1. Tnq Jasmine. Dear I am not a Malayali as Varsha said I have been in Ekm whn I was in 5&6.

  3. Hai I am also a malayali .today story was very good

    1. Tnq vavachi.Dear I am not a Malayali as Varsha said I have been in Ekm whn I was in 5&6.

  4. Its Awesome……. Loved it………Especially ISHRA…………

  5. Wow!! What a episode!! Loved Arshi scenes a lotttttttt… Eagerly waiting for the next episode. Plz post it soon.
    And it’s ok no problem.. Give concentration on ur study..

  6. jasmine Rahul

    I’m from eKM.I have posted 2 ffs of mine Pyar to hona hi tha and emotions here on YHM forum n IPKKND forum.Plz do check.

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