His Hatred (Chapter 2 Contd.)


His Hatred
Chapter-2 (Apprehension)
Neil crossed the aisle twice and walked to and fro anxiously and in and out of the door. The doctor said that she had lost lot of blood but she was though out of danger. She would come out of it and into consciousness soon. Now she was resting though but Neil wanted to wait until she opened her eyes.
He wanted to see that for himself. That she was alright and fine.
Tired to the bone he sagged down on the chair and immediately fell into a restless fitful slumber.
Two hours later they woke him up saying that she had gained consciousness.
Neil hurried through and found her half sitting on the bed.
And immediate sharp scolding sizzled his tongue but he tamed it realizing that she didn’t need him again to frighten her. She already was going through a lot and it would be cad like behaviour again on his part to scold her.
He got around the bed cautiously. His eyes moved hungrily over her blue night gown clad body. He took a sharp intake of breath. She looked even more vulnerable in the hospital clothes. If that did not squirm his insides, then the widening of eyes of her weak light brown eyes did it well. He was a thorough jackass. The long black hair around her pale face added to it.
She had her hands folded around her stomach protectively. She had her head rested over two white pillows and other two were under her back. A blood drip was attached to her left wrist and he visibly flinched looking at the needle pierced into her porcelain skin.
Neil sat on the chair over the left side of the bed. He looked into her eyes and he froze completely when she smiled at him a little.
“Hey.” She whispered weakly.
He stared at her for a second before her eyes fell off from his incessant gaze. She flushed to the roots of her hair. His jaw ticked when she did that. Though he was glad to see a little colour return to her cheeks. They pooled in under her skin like the delicate brush pink blossoms.
She plucked awkwardly at the large sleeves of the gown and his eyes caught a new colour. She painted her nails sparkly blue. God damn, cute.
“I…I didn’t.” She started to say but he cut her off right there.
“I know.” He curtly said.
He knew that she wanted desperately to let him know that she didn’t steal the money.
She lifted her eyes to his stared into his gaze. Her eyes brows delicately lined and her lips red and puffed swollen. They glistened as she licked her lips nervously.
“But..you..” She hesitated.
Her voice soft, breathy and unsure.
Neil’s body straightened in a tense knot.
“I did.” He confessed, sounding very much colder by the minute.
She stared into his eyes trying hard to see through him. He steeled himself against such innocent curiosity. He gave away nothing.
He observed her lips purse into what seemed to be in annoyance. She did not like him cut her every sentence. A smile curled his lips into an unseeing one. Though she chose to remain silent.
He had to break it though because the silence was getting to him. Because it sharpened his senses and focus his attention on the movements of her body. Her breathing. The rise and fall of her chest. Her red luscious lips. Her racing heart beat and also the pulse in her wrist vein. He suddenly was getting aware of it and his head reeled with the affect of her.
“How are you?” He asked her huskily.
He really wanted to sound uncaring and formal but his came out differently.
She shrugged. He stared at her. Did she just brush off the incident as if nothing.
She plucked at the sleeve ends again.
“It hurts.” She said while quietly looking at the blood drip over her wrist.
He sighed exasperated at her shy nature. He didn’t understand nor he trusted her. All these movements of awkwardness, the blushing, the hesitation and drawing of eyes. All these days cannot be a deceive. Well if all this was an act then she was a commendable actress.
He got to leave and when he reached the door knob she called him back.
“I wanted to ask something…”She said hesitantly while her words trailed off.
He turned around and his eyes narrowed at her.
“What is it?” He asked sharply, while his eyes scanned her body.
“Is it hurting alot?” He asked as his heart thudded again.
She shook her head.
“No, it’s not that.” She replied softly.
Relief coursed through him immediate but he wanted to check for himself if she was bleeding somewhere.
“What do you want to ask?” He asked then.
Her cheeks heated up.
“Even if I didn’t steal the money or of the woman stole it…..is it not harsh to punish someone like that. Putting people in prison?” She asked with a strain in her tone.
She smiled a little uncomfortable.
“I know you wouldn’t be so harsh. There must have been some misunderstanding, right?” She asked him again, but now trying hard to see into his eyes.
He stiffened and his face turned into a stone mask.
“You need to rest.” He clipped instead.
She blinked back looking disappointed. He turned a little but his eyes drew to her coldly.
“It’s a waste of time and energy to overanalyze. You’ll be disappointed alot for what you are going to find in me. You just rest.” He said in a clear curt voice, before moving out of the door.
Neil worked like crazy the next day drowning himself in reading out numerous files and getting into meets with random company presentations across his firms. All this was because he needed to get out of the mind rankling thoughts of her. The woman had finally lead him into a depressive mode. Thinking of her constantly of how she was doing. If she was healing well or if she got into trouble again. Frankly, she was an accident prone too. All these thoughts still remained in the back of his mind reminding constantly of a pair of light brown eyes which saw through his soul and mostly his mind.
He felt vulnerable and out of depth while he faced her and he didn’t like it one bit. The affect of her disturbing his practical mind.
But he had done something bad. He was harsh and cruel to her since he met her and now she was in a hospital. She landed there because he pushed her to it and the guilt of hurting someone came like a swift blow to his conscience.
Evening spread over a blanket of humid air around. Neil sat in his car and treaded it on the main road while thinking a lot of things on the way.
He walked around the hospital room where she was placed after the twenty hour observation. He walked in closing the behind as he came into the room. He froze and his eyes fell over an empty bed though. He blinked twice.
He hurried and went towards the bathroom. The door was open and it was empty. There wasn’t sign of her in the room.
A slow dread circled his mind.
A nurse came in and Neil straightened.
“Where is the patient that was admitted here yesterday?” He asked her in a little strained.
The woman, around fifty, possibly the head nurse blinked surprised at his enquiry.
“And you are?” She asked, peering up at him through the big round glasses.
Great. He was thrown off the loop suddenly.

“Er..Ah, she is my wife?” He said or rather asked himself the question.
Just plain good. His mind muttered sarcastically.
The woman’s face cleared and it spread into a wide warm smile.
“Oh, is she? Ah, she is so stubborn. I hardly could handle her.” She said smilingly.
Looking at her face though she didn’t sound a bit complaining.

“Where is she now?” He asked feeling exasperated a little.
“Oh, she went around the kid’s quarters here. Maybe, creating a new havoc around. Your wife is really an energetic woman mister.” She said while sorting the bed.
Neil scowled heavily. Damn her, she wasn’t even healed and she was already messing up things around. Kids quarters. Why wasn’t he surprised now.
“You don’t sound a bit complaining though.” He asked the matron curiously.
She looked up at him smiling still.
“Well, I haven’t encountered such liveliness for such a long time. She was a breath of fresh air.” She sighed sadly…”Are you going to take her away today?” She asked him looking hopeful.
Neil nodded his head.
“I’ am.” He replied.
Her face fell.
“Oh, then take care of her well.” She said while her smile dimmed..”She has the way of getting into the heart unknowingly.”
He stiffened while she uttered the last three words. An uneasiness curled around his mind. He turned around and walked out of the room feeling perplexed as hell.
Way of getting into the heart?
Impossible. She was naive, dumb and an idiot of a woman who stuck to him like glue. Her stalking him got to a point of too much now and he needed to get rid of her soon.
Muttering under his breath he followed the signs over the many aisles. He finally got around the kid’s section. It was designed as a crush but with beds and cabinets around. The place and walls were colourful and eye stingingly bright.
He winced while walking into the wide hall.
His eyes caught her back. She was there in the middle with little four year old kids surrounding her. She had her hand held to the saline drip stand. She seem to hold the attention of the whole group as they stared up at her with mouths hung open and eyes wide in wonder.
Her hands flew in the air in an animated story telling or something.
He leaned over the door sighing heavily.
Why does he find her in every odd place of the world.
He stared at her some before his eyes fell over her waist. He froze while the sides of the blue gown turned crimson.
He cursed heavily and moved forward fast. He turned around facing her but before he heard the hitch in her breath.
His eyes circled into rapid observation. The twitch of her full lips. The widening of her round eyes. The flushing of her cheeks. The quickening of her heart beat and everything. Her chest rose and fell with the strain of taking in a hiss of breath.
He was sure his face looked thunderous. His left hand caught hold of both of her upper arms.
“What the hell are you doing?” He raised his voice while glaring down at her.
She drew back paling a little.
He tightened his hands over her arm hard. He saw her flinch.
Her eyebrows drew together and her lips faded of the colour.
“W..wh..what happened?” She breathed looking frightened of his anger.
His eyes icy cold.
“You’re god damn bleeding, that’s what is happening.” He gritted each word harshly.
Her eyes widened a little more and she looked down at her waist. The gown was now soaking. He gulped hard as it sliced through him looking down at the blood.
She lifted her eyes to his slowly and pain seem to dawn on her face.
“Oh, I’m.” She agreed breathing a little difficultly again.
Her eyes closed swiftly after that and she collapsed over his chest yet again. The first time she did that he had bawled like a kid. It had directly his soul but now the second time she was doing it he didn’t know what to do anymore.
A deep anger pumped in his veins.
His hands itched to throttle her being so careful.
His body started shaking again and showed the signs of weakening. He breath deep and hard while feeling her soft body lay completely still over his. Her scent entered into his lungs like a gush of a light breeze. He closed his standing there like a frozen statue as his hands remained to the sides unmoving.
His hands curled into tight fists.
Numerous things ran wild into his mind and his heart raced with those things. Things making him weak and emotional. He felt something else entirely though. A deep clawing hurt. Hers. It stung his eyes and his jaw gritted to hold back the rising emotions.
He glared across at her and he kept doing it until she felt her face heat up with his stare. Dear god, he was frightening. Way way frightening. The grey suit he had on cut him an image of even more a grave statue. Sam gulped hard as she lay there on the hospital bed while the doctor her again after mending up the stitches on her the side of her stomach. And hell, if it did not hurt her. She was given the injection though to numb the area but even then when the needle pierced her skin she screamed like a little girl.
He remained stubborn and sat through in the far corner grimly watching her take in the pain. Sam wondered if he was satisfied. The thought made her wince. He finally was getting the revenge he wanted but though looking at his face she thought otherwise.
The doctor left after warning her to stay put in the bed. She scowled inside. It was awfully bore to lay helpless on the bed. She was always moving around and working. This injury made her feel stuck and stagnant completely to a place.
She plucked at the gown sleeves. Her eyes strayed to his hesitantly. Why was he here? Did he come here to check up on her? Her face flushed with such a thought. Her eyes observed his face. He looked tired and haggard. His jaw had on a little shadow of a beard. His hair lay dishevelled as if he had pulled at the locks frustatedly many a times.
Geez, what made him anxious and angry she wondered. She smiled a little though wincing as she forced it to spread her lips wide.
“I ruined your shirt again.” She broke the silence in an awkward try to lighten the mood.
The silence was too grim and intense. A knife could cut through the tension smoothly.
He stared at her unmoving and his jaw seem to tick.
“What?” He asked in a bit out.
Sam’s head jerked back at his tone.
“Your shirt. It’s ruined.” She replied hastily and fell silent again.
Silence was better.
She heard a sigh. An exasperated one.
“Look up.” He ordered her sharply.
Sam felt herself straighten and her head went up and her eyes hit his wide. His were narrowed and gulped hard looking at the silent fury in his brown swirling stare.

“Pull a stunt like this one again and I’m going to chain you to the hospital bed forever. Will let you off this time. The repeat of this shouldn’t happen, alright?” He warned her in a steely low quite voice.
Sam stared unblinking at his face. Geez, he was scary to an extreme.
His eyes narrowed still more at her silence.
“Alright.” She agreed hastily before he thundered at her again.
His face turned into an calm serene set. He got up and she sighed a relief. Thank god, he was going. She stiffened when he turned around again.
“Rest. I’ll come in the morning again.” He muttered staring across at her coolly.
Sam scowled inside. What was the need for him to come to the hospital again. Ugh, the man was a thorough kill joy.

“Uh..you know I’m already doing good and healing well. You don’t have to..uh..um come again here.” She said smiling a forced one.
His eyes remained flat and his expression remained a complete poker. She couldn’t see through at all. It was frightening how he had the walls high up so tightly.
“Will see you in the morning.” He said curtly cold.
Sam flung curses at his face inside her mind.
He cut her talking always so rudely. A true gentleman he was.
His eyes fell over her lips and she saw his lips twitch into a light smile. He tilted his head dismissing her. Sam stared at his back as he left closing the door behind….
Sam wasn’t discharged though the next morning. She was put under observation again after the sticthes came off and she bled again quite heavily. The whole day was her being on pain meds and she mostly snoozed off because of those. The next day she was a little better so they decided to send her home as she was out of danger and doing well and all.

Doing well? Goodness, it hurt like hundred fold and they say she was better now. Though but she wanted to leave the vile place. She can’t get stuck forever to the hospital bed. Evening passed and night circled around, Sam yawned and slid up the bed bleary eyed. A sharp slice of pain cut into her body and covered her whole right side and Sam gasped feeling breathless.
But she didn’t show this because He was there. Talking to the doctor and signing papers and stuff and all that. He had come to visit her yesterday as he promised and he came again here to take her home. Frankly though, she felt like a recalcitrant child who needed to be supervised. She felt admonished and scolded by his looks. He asked around the nurses if she was on the bed whole day. If she had taken the medicines. Ugh, it was frustrating but she could do nothing because everytime she moved it felt like a knife went through her skin. The pain was that bad. She shouldn’t have strained like that yesterday.
She somehow managed to change herself into a loose blue t-shirt and jeans. Panting from the exertion she got into the room and almost tripped but a pair of strong hands curled around her back saving her from the fall.
She looked up to see him frowning down at her.
“Careful.” He warned her softly.
Sam felt her cheeks bloom pink at his proximity. She nodded her head and tried to move away.
“Stay put.” He murmured an order in her ear.
She blinked catching his eyes. He was wearing another one of the sharp suits. His face was though tired again.
He stared down at her grimly.
“You can barely walk.” He muttered annoyed, while tightening his arm around her back.
She stayed mute and blushed heavily.
He steadied her and helped her walk out of the room and all the way outside. He didn’t look back at her. Though he seemed closer he seemed far away. He made helping her around too clinical. She should have felt warm and nice but nothing as such happened.
He remained broody and silent and she thought of other things. Of how she felt good about the boutique that she finally got back and how she doesn’t have to wait tables anymore. Life would be better than that now. It happened because he let go and she was thankful to him about that. He helped her into the car and she almost smiled inside with the way he was handling her delicately. As if she were a glass doll. Nobody treated her like that. Like ever. It was a strange feeling.
Sigh. But he was only doing it out of guilt. She could feel the condescending coming off his manner quite clearly. He didn’t one bit being here. He was doing it only because he felt himself responsible for the state she was in. She hated it that he was forcing himself to be in her company. Well, what else could she make of continued grim silence.
He started the car and she told him quietly to the way home. The meds started acting and sleep came to her tiring too deep into her bones. She had to pinch herself to stay awake.
They both reached her flat and he looked around the place in complete visible distaste. Well, this is how she lived now. Thanks to him.
Oh, she just wanted to fall down on the bed and sleep for a day or two. She gave him the key and he opened the door. Sam got around the hall and went into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and took out a cool water bottle hastily.
She gulped down half of it and moved into the hall again. He stood there in the middle of the room. The place looked really small compared to his hulking frame. He prowled like a caged animal and to and fro.
When his dark brown eyes caught hers he came around facing her. He looked around.
“Nobody home?” He asked her carefully, his voice deep and burring in the silence.
“Mom is out of town.” She said yawning.
She turned around but her head reeled. He hurried toward her side.
“I’m sleepy.” She mumbled when he caught her shoulder.
Her eyes already drew down completely. She heard a suffering sigh coming out of his mouth.
“Where is the bedroom?” He asked her softly.

“Left side.” Sam replied in a sleepy voice.
He moved her towards the left side of the hall and in ten steps more they reached her room. He opened the door and made her walk to the bed. Sam fell on the bed already drawing up the covers.
Neil stared down at her as she already drew into a half slumber. He set the covers right over her shoulders. A sigh left his lips and he wondered at the absence of people around her.
Her face was scrunched in pain constantly. He could feel her stiffening each time when the pain slashed into her body. But except taking a deep breath she did nothing as moaning and groaning in hurt. He was surprised at the patience of her nature. Most of the women would howl and scream making life hell for the other but she never did that. It cleared one thing though. That she had been taking care of herself since long. All alone.
His forehead lined. She shouldn’t be alone now though. She wasn’t capable of getting herself with such an injury all alone and by herself. He rubbed the back of his neck frustatedly. He shook his head and turned around to leave but a tug at his coat sleeve froze him.
He turned around and saw down to see her hand tugging at his sleeve. His eyes narrowed at her closed ones.

“It’s late. You look tired. Why don’t you stay back…” She mumbled in her sleep and her voice trailed off at that.
Neil stood there blinking down at her uncertainly. He was tired, yes. He was surprised that she observed.
He looked around the room contemplating whether he should stay back or leave. He was sure that sleep would allude him tonight knowing that she was all alone here suffering through until the morning. He was sure he wouldn’t sleep for a month thinking incessantly about her until she recovered.
If he was in two minds, then she made the decision for him.
The delicate small hand around his sleeve moved down and she slowly locked her fingers with his tight. All this she was doing in her sleep. He breath deep looking at such an innocent move.
He stared down at her hand locked with his. Her fingers digging into his skin and his remained unmoved and uncurled. Goosebumps rose all over his flesh. Her skin was cold and his was warm. He could feel the cold in her body.
His jaw hardened.
Now why would she do that? Why did she touch him? He couldn’t possibly let go now.
He closed his eyes and sighed. His fingers slowly curled with hers and he held her hand tight with his.
He opened his eyes deciding to leave in the morning. He didn’t let off her hand but removed his tie and coat moving to hold her hand with the other.
He got on the bed because he couldn’t a move without groaning. He hadn’t had a good night’s sleep since ages and he had been working for three days straight like a maniac now. He could rest a little and leave in an hour.
He sighed heavily closing his eyes. His eyes drew up though when she moved closer and slid her head over his chest. Neil’s hand moved around her back unconsciously and he pulled her closer to his body. His hand moved up and down over his back warming her body.
He sagged completely on the bed with her soft body almost on top of his. Sleep came fast and immediate and his breath evened out with along with hers.
“I’ll leave in the morning.” He mumbled to himself before he fell asleep completely.

A black nightmare curled his mind and he started mumbling. His sweated through it. He could feel the blood cover his hand. It flowed down his arm and soaked his shirt. He felt the final hitch in the breath before the body lay dead and cold. He moved towards it and pushed it to the front. He drew back falling back.
It was her.
His eyes flew open and his heart thudded hard in his chest. He panted and breathed hard looking around wildly at the unknown walls and room. He gasped sweating profusely. He turned his eyes to see her body curled far away on the bed.
Panic set in fast. He hurried and turned her around on the bed roughly. She groaned and that’s when his heart failed. He slid the t-shirt up fast and his hand towards the white band around her waist. He felt her there and slid out his hand. Relief coursed fast when his hand wasn’t red. Swift gush of air passed into his lungs when he felt her heart beat. He moved back the curtain of the thick volume of hair covering her face. He caught her small face in his hands. His large brawny dark hands was a contrast to her porcelain skin. His eyes slid all over. Lips. Eyebrows. Nose and cheeks. Relief set in even more when he observe colour return to her skin. She looked less pale. Her cheeks filled out the gaunt. She was though still asleep. He kept staring down at her. She had a baby face.
Her face scrunched up annoyed in the sleep. She moved away and put her head back on his chest.
“It’s so early.” She groaned and after snuggling warmly into side she mumbled some more…”Why are you shaking. Did you have a nightmare.” A yawn coloured her voice..”Oh, I’m so sleepy.”
Neil closed his eyes and the tremors left his body slowly. blo*dy hell, now he was having nightmares about her. What had he gotten himself into. He needed to get out of here fast because his body was waking up feeling her soft curves pressed to his like that. A few more minutes of this and him feeling her heat and taking in the rosy smell some more and he was going to do something crazy. Like wake her up and kiss her or do something more than that.
He untangled her body from his carefully minding her injury. She was as delicate like a flower all over. He didn’t how to touch before he would fearing to break her.
She mumbled another protest while he moved away.
Seems like the affect of the meds didn’t wear off still because she turned dead to the world again.
He got up sliding the covers over her shoulders.
Neil moved towards the bathroom yawning. Fifteen minutes later he was ready to leave. He called up his secretary to confirm the day’s plan and meetings.
“Yeah, Maria, get the files ready by the afternoon and…” He started sharply.
But as he turned around his eyes fell over the bed. She turned to the side wincing a little. Her face was flushed and sweaty and he stiffened knowing that another of the pains was slicing through her again. He gulped hard feeling it go through him.
His jaw gritted. This one seem to last a little longer because she didn’t stop wincing for quite a while a now.
Neil slid his hands over his hair and he pulled at it while his secretary pointed out the various meeting of the day.
He kept staring down at her. He couldn’t leave her like this. He wouldn’t leave her like this. He didn’t want to. His body turning into stone while possessiveness took over his mind. He felt acutely territorial looking down at her.
And then he decided. He threw the car keys on the table beside the bed. While he attached the phone to his ear and neck he removed the coat off his shoulders. He loosened and removed the tie while talking firmly.
“Maria, I’m not coming today.” He said distractedly…”Well…I’ll be on a break for four days. Get Nyan to take over the office till then, alright.” He concluded while moving out into the hall.
“Uh..um..alright, Sir.” Maria agreed meekly.
“Good.” He said curtly and cut the call….
His Arrogance
Sam eyes flew open as pain hit her right side. Bleary eyed she looked around and finding herself alone she groaned heavily. Tears stung her eyes. God, she was pathetic. She was behaving like a little girl. Somehow from somewhere inside her she found a will to get through this pain.
I will be fine. Everything will be alright, she mumbled to herself continually. After she sweated through the stinging twinges, it felt much better. With her head spinning she pushed back the covers and slid her legs on the floor. She prayed that the ground wouldn’t slip under her feet again. Closing her eyes and counting to ten she got up. She took a deep breath in and released it.
Alright. Slow was good. Don’t over exert yourself, she told herself repeatedly. Slowly, slowly and with baby steps she moved towards the bathroom. It took about half an hour and more than it to refresh, wash her face and brush her teeth. Feeling much better and pleasant, Sam walked out of the room and got into the hall.
She turned to the left corner and reached the kitchen. As soon as she entered in, different kinds of smells greeted her. Her stomach grumbled. She took a deep breath in.
Fried eggs and toast. Wow. Was mom home already? She wondered frowning.
When she got closer to the kitchen counter, she froze to the floor altogether.
What in the heavens name was he doing here?
Thrown off the loop completely she blinked thrice. He was at the kitchen. Cooking scrambled eggs and pancakes.
His dark head was bent and he was sliding a wooden spoon in the pan. She looked on surprised. He changed into a black grey t-shirt and black track pants. It made him look different. Casual and laid back. The t-shirt around his biceps stretched. He was toned and tanned and looked every way a ‘just out of the GQ cover magazine’ model. His face was crease less and serene. He looked very much….domesticated..
It was strange to see a man in her kitchen. That too a one that looked like million dollar worth certified hot bachelor of the town. He was get out of my way kind of guy. The one who ordered and controlled people. He was that intense and broody.
Her stomach growled hungrily breaking her away from such thoughts. She blushed when the sound vibrated around the kitchen. That got his attention as his head lifted up and his lazy dark brown eyes caught.
“You’re awake.” He stated, his voice a deep husky and gruff.
Sam stood there near the kitchen counter awkwardly.
She didn’t reply to that but asked him a question instead.
“You’re here?” She enquired softly.
He slid the scrambled onto a plate.
“I’m here.” He confirmed evasively.
That rubbed off her wrong. She was irritated and hungry because of the meds and looking at him hail and hearty moving around her kitchen as if it was his area…that kinda a little pissed her off.
“Why are you here? She asked snappily, putting her hands on her jean clad hips.
His eyes narrowed to hers at that tone. Usually, she would have a lot of manners because she was taught to stay quiet and calm. She was sure her mother would have scolded if she used such a tone in her presence but Sam didn’t care anymore.

He put three of the pancakes in another plate and took those to the small dinning table near the large window of the kitchen. It was designed like french windows so that she could have a glimpse at the city. It had a nice view and Sam always felt better when she had breakfast there.
“Don’t want to see you dead. Kind of hits the conscience. Other than that I hardly care.” He said bluntly and Sam gasped.
Did he just say that? Oh, god, he did. How mean. He couldn’t have made it more clear that he didn’t want anything with her and he was here only because he felt guilty. And that, he didn’t want her death on his conscience.
It didn’t feel that insulting when thinking of it of that’s what he thought. But, geez, he could have kept that to himself. He didn’t have to humiliate her like this.
Oh, thinking of his arrogance hurt her head. She shook it off the weakness of her muscles and moved her feet towards the dinning table. It was a round small table with three wooden chairs around it.
Sam sat on the chair opposite to his.
He was already forking the eggs and shoving them in his mouth. Sam scowled inside her head. He could have waited for her. Oh. What a gentleman, she muttered under her breath.
Sam’s mouth watered looking at the eggs. She almost lifted the fork when the plate was thrust away from her rudely and a bowl of white looking soup kind came into her vision.
She scowled down at it.
“What’s this?” She asked disgustedly, looking at the bland tasteless food.
She lifted up her eyes to see him looking at her flatly while he munched on the delicious pancakes. They were lathered with golden sticky maple syrup.
“Oatmeal.” He muttered curtly.
Sam looked down at the blue china bowl and then at his plate. How rude. He had made himself a large breakfast but gave her this bland stuff to eat. Not fair.
“I don’t like oatmeal.” She mumbled forlornly looking up at him with puppy dog eyes.
He stared back at her unaffected. His hair lay unruly and wet over his head making him look more younger. He had laughter lines around his eyes and mouth and Sam wondered if he ever did crack a wide smile and if he did, then did it light up his eyes warmly. Well, those are things that she could never see because he was always glaring or staring back at her flatly like right now.
“Good. You’re going to have oatmeal for a week then.” He said in reply.
His voice was dry. As if he was mocking her. He indeed was.
Sam pressed her lips into a thin line. Oatmeal for a week? He was kidding her right?
She snorted.
“You’re kidding me, right?” She said mockingly.
His eyes narrowed at her tone.
He chewed on the pancakes. His eyes slid to the plate as he forked another round of eggs.
“Two weeks then.” He muttered gravelly.
His voice sounded serious and not kidding.
“You can’t do that. You can’t order me what to do.” She cried out incredulously.
His eyes even more narrowed and annoyed lifted up to hers.
“Shut up and finish the bowl. Or it’s going to be a month.” He said roughly harsh.
Sam’s eyes widened and she flushed seeing red.
He went back to eating and dismissed her presence completely.
Arrogant jerk. Fine. If he was stubborn then she was too.
“I’m gonna have eggs.” She decided firmly, while her hand went to the plate.
He didn’t lift his head but silently had his breakfast.
“Suit yourself. But don’t moan and groan when puss starts coming out of your wound. And in few days you will be hospitalized again. And then, the doctors would suggest to amputate the place of infection and…” He went on explaining clinically, and in graphic description of cutting off body parts.
Sam felt bile rise up high to her throat. She put her hands over her ears and cried out.
“Oh, god, stop it! It’s disgusting.”
He stopped talking altogether and stared at her flatly. He took a glass orange from the table and gulped down half of it.
“Yes, that’s what you’ll become. Disgusting and ugly. To be frank though, you don’t look that fantastic or even pretty usually. I wonder what would become of you after the surgery.” He said frowning a little and he shrugged in mock sympathy..”Quite horrifying, isn’t it?” He asked her cynically.
Sam’s mouth gaped opened. Ugly? Not even pretty? Oh, he did not just say that, the jerk. She spluttered to reply and her lips opened and closed like a fish.
Arguing with him will only make him worse. He would either mock and insult her more or she didn’t know what else he would say about her appearance and personality.
And, she didn’t want to know at all. His eyes danced with mirth and he smirked full on while she muttered curses under her breath and shoved spoons of the bland oatmeal.

She promised herself that she would get back at him. Oh, she surely will.
She remained fuming in silence through out the meal and he ignored her glares altogether and uncaring.
Sam pushed her chin in the air proudly and got around to leave the kitchen. She stopped dead while he called her back.
“And, hey.” He said stopping her at the door while he still sat on the chair.
She turned around to face him and folded her hands under her chest. His eyes caught hers.
“Yes?” She asked him coldly.
He turned towards her while remaining seated on the chair.
“Change the jeans and wear pyjama shorts or something. Loose ones that too.” He ordered her flatly.
Sam’s mouth hung open and a deep blush covered her entire face. She reddened like a tomato. If he had any such ideas, she would really hit his head with something. Calling her ugly and saying such things now. Her hands went to her hips in defensive mode.
“Excuse me?” She asked him in disbelief.
He sighed exasperated and she snorted a little at his attitude. And now he was angry.
“You’re wincing every time you walk. The jeans are too tight. And I know your knees are grazed too. So, stop looking dumb and change into something else.” He snapped at her angrily.
Her hung lower jaw snapped shut. She blushed ever more profusely now. He was thinking about the wounds again. What was he? some kind of robot. Goodness.
“It will be uncomfortable.” She said awkwardly and in a quiet voice.
With him here, oh it will be very uncomfortable.
His eyes lazy and little mocking caught hers. His lips lifted up in cool smile.
He got up taking the plates to the sink across the kitchen counter.
“If you’re wondering I will look, then rest assured that won’t be a problem.” He drawled sarcastically and his eyes strayed down to her body in a slow lazy swipe and assessment.
Her body heated up at the way his eyes moved over her intensely.
“And, really, it won’t be a problem because you have nothing there going on much to hold a man’s attention. Don’t worry, your body is a ‘easily fade out kind’ in a crowd.” He drawled in gruff gravely voice.
His voice through and through sarcastic and cynical.
Her mouth hung open wide as well as her eyes. She gasped.
He smirked at her reaction and sauntered out of the kitchen after giving her the final blow of an insult.
Her face reddened and she felt as if she will blow apart in anger.
She screamed in frustrated anger and it got a round of roaring laughter in the hall.
The rude, crazy, arrogant, mean, brute, big bully. She muttered quite a few heavy curses under her breath. She moaned instantly as it stung her sides when she twitched in anger.
Oh, it hurt. Ah,why was he here making her life hell now…….
He walked around her apartment feeling pleased as hell. He had put her in place and finally it was something very important he had achieved. This tinge of heartache he had for her, this messed up obsession about her eyes and the deep inner secrets in her soul that he desperately wanted to know, all of it, he wouldn’t feel anymore. He wouldn’t want to tangle himself into such a mess. He opened the refrigerator door and got out a water bottle for himself. He gulped down half of it. His eyes strayed to the closed door. He grinned lightly. He had scared her and she scurried like a frightened mouse and kept herself locked in there since morning. Good. He wouldn’t now see her walk around and make his eyes feast on her body. She had given his mind much trouble.
He frowned sitting down at the cosy dinning table in the kitchen. His eyes drew to the outside view through the glass window. The evening was dawning around the light bringing in the darkness with it. His mind circled around numerous thoughts of her. The first day he saw her, she had this delicate vulnerability around herself. It somehow unsettled and disconcerted him. It constricted his chest. Her loneliness was his. He could feel it the first time he ever laid his eyes on her.
He surprised himself staying back. His mind was reluctant to leave her all alone and suffering. He couldn’t do it even if he wanted to but also she should be in her place and never cross the barrier. He wouldn’t have much of restrain if she ever did try. Hell, she hadn’t even tried yet but still he kept bantering and bickering with her this morning. Which he never did with any woman he had ever been with.
She had this alluring innocent appeal to her that he couldn’t let go off nor he could restrain himself from teasing her. Either this or that she was a great actress trying to be slyly coy. He wouldn’t trust a criminal’s daughter. His jaw hardened thinking about the things he faced because of her father. His fingers clenched on the water bottle.
He closed his eyes counting to ten. His face cleared off the frown when the beguiling smile of her face appeared into his vision slowly through the fog of darkness around his mind. Damn her. His eyes opened and they strayed towards the closed door. His lips thinned into a straight grim line speculating a few things.
He needed to find out a few more things about her background. He shouldn’t be so blind to believe everything that is her. She was still a puzzle to him and his instincts sharpened to know her through and through. He wouldn’t fall for a deception again like his father did. If she had anything as such then she was in to pay a lot more than she ever could think of deceiving him further. If it is otherwise, then he wouldn’t know how into her he would go and coming back to himself would be very difficult for him. The thing he despised was, he very much want to be with her. He couldn’t help himself.

The time she bled in his arms….he closed his eyes feeling all those swirling emotional storm that he felt while holding her…those moments he didn’t how but he connected with her soul which tried to wrench away from his and he could feel the pain of it as it was tearing away from his limbs. Those moments finalised something in his heart and in realization, it hardened the ice barriers around his beating organ.
He was vulnerable again and she was the reason for it to happen. Now, something is to be seen. His eyes turned cold and narrowed cruelly. Now he either would punish her for it or that he would fall for her. The latter one…that would never happen…He had no place for such things and even though he had then it wouldn’t be with her…..
Chapter-3 ( Her Blush )
Neil was on his front sliding deeply into a dreamless slumber. Never had he got into such delicious sleep. He hadn’t had the luxury of sleep since long these days and it was very healing to his tired and haggard body but he was abruptly pulled out of it when he heard loud voices disturbing the peaceful around. He groaned heavily into the pillow. Dammit, he wouldn’t get a moment of peace, would he.
He tried to fall back asleep but the voices persisted making him grunt in irritation. He opened his eyes completely bleary and dishevelled. He muttered a few heavy curses under his breath and got off the bed lazily. He stretched his shoulder muscles and yawned loudly. He looked around for his t-shirt and spotted it on the far side of the bed. He slid it over his head and walked forward out of the room.
The voices cleared into two. One was hers. The other was…Neil straightened up. He walked into the hall.
“How dare you to barge into my apartment. You just wait here I’ll call the police and….” Her voice shook with extreme anger and annoyance.
Neil got around her and put his right hand over her slender shoulder.
“Relax. He is my employee.” He drawled, while tilting his head to the HR manager of the office.
He stood there with his huge round glasses blinking bewildered at him and her. Well, now the office gossip would start.
After a second of freezing to the floor, she stiffened immediately at his touch. His eyes strayed down to the long wavy hair curling down on her back. The thick volume reached down to her hips. She had on a thin blue t-shirt which hugged her curves spectacularly. Her legs were mostly bear because she was in her shorts.
Stupid woman. This is how she answers the door? With barely covered clothes…. Neil’s jaw hardened. He got around and pushed her behind him. His eyes narrowed at his employee who had been staring down at her too.
“What?” He barked, feeling annoyed as hell suddenly.
Rahul blinked up at his boss and wondered what he was doing here in this tiny apartment.
“Uh,…I brought the papers that you asked me to get, Sir.” He answered a little without much enthusiasm as his eyes were busy looking around the place.
Before he could see the girl peering from behind the boss’s shoulder, he scowled in the very blackest glare and Rahul folded back in fear.
Neil snatched the documents from his hand and tilted his head curtly to the door in signal for him to leave.
After closing the door behind the man quite angrily he changed his glare back to the woman standing before him staring scowlingly.

He gave her a once over.

“You always answer the door dressed like that?” He asked her nodding his head down to her body in a sardonic tone.
Her scowling face turned red and embarrassed suddenly and then her brown eyes spit out ample of fire.
“I’m going to think that I unheard it….but firstly I want to ask this.” She straightened her shoulders ready for a fight.
It was quite amusing to see all these traits on display on her very animated and expressive face and eyes. He broke away from the thoughts while his eyes trained on her hair. His fingers itched to circle his hand around the silky smooth tresses. And his eyes moved to the very luscious lips of hers which were moving in a stiff purse.
“What are you still doing here?” She asked as her hands went on her hips.
He ignored the anger and went for the blush covering her face and neck.
“You blush a lot.” He hedged her question and stated lazily.
She blinked twice and confusion marred her forehead. She looked completely thrown off the loop now which also strayed her anger into a bewildered one.
“What?” She asked in a normal tone now.
He turned to the kitchen walking away from her. A frustrated sigh escaped her lips and he grinned a little.
“Why would you answer me with a question?” She asked again in an irritated voice.
He turned around to face her and looked down into her face innocently.
“Did you ask something? I didn’t hear it.” He replied flatly and turned around to the front, but not before seeing her face turn incredulous in disbelief.
“Seriously?” She seem to question herself.
He took out a all fruit juice bottle out of the refrigerator while looking around at her flatly.
“What?” He asked uncaringly.
She slid him a light glare. His eyes fell over her narrow waist. His forehead lined. She was wincing still. Why was she roaming about when she was still in the prices of healing. His eyes narrowed on her tired face.
“Go to bed.” He clipped an order.
Her eyes widened at that as she stood there near the kitchen counter.
“What? She asked blinking at him surprised.
“You either go to bed yourself or I’m going to make you.” He said in a low imperious tone.
She blinked up at him again and Neil sighed heavily. He put down the juice carton and moved towards her.
“You wouldn’t listen, would you.” He murmured while bending down.
She squealed surprised when he hefted her in his arms. Her hand reached across his neck to save herself from falling.
“What are you doing?” She gasped looking panicked into his eyes.
He stared deep into her eyes with a narrowed lazy look.
“Making you go to bed.” He replied sternly.
She stared into his face as if he was an alien.
“I can do that myself. You don’t have to lift me up or anything.” She said while trying squirm away from his arms.
He tightened his hand over her shoulders.
His breath instantly filled with her scent. Roses.
“You don’t stand there before my eyes wincing. You’re clearly in pain. I don’t like it.” He gritted through closed teeth.
She did the same thing in reaction. Her eyes flared round. A blink of the eyelashes came next.
“Don’t like it?” She asked breathily while he walked forward towards her bedroom.
He lead his eyes away from her penetrating stare. She was very light to hold yet so warm. His fingers flexed into her skin. She was soft all over. He beat back a grunted pleasure of feeling her skin on his.
“I don’t like to see you in pain.” He replied quietly.
He felt her stiffen in his arms immediately. He didn’t like that as his hands tightened more on her legs. She sagged into his body a second later of more staring at him.
It pleased him immensely. He liked that a lot.
She remained silent and meek while he walked into her bedroom. He moved to left and slid her slowly onto the bed.
He pulled the covers over her waist while looking down into her face.
“Now you rest.” He said softly.
She stared into his eyes and nodded her head a second later.
He moved towards the door but her voice stopped him from opening the door.
“You’ll be staying here?” She asked in a low hesitant voice.
Neil didn’t turn around but answered over his shoulder.
He understood the uncertainty and hope in her tone.
“Yes.” He replied shortly.
He waited for her to say more. She hesitated and he waited still.
“How long are you staying here?” She asked finally.
“Do you want me to leave?” He countered instead.
He heard her sigh.
“No.” She answered immediately and vehemently.
Neil smiled inside.
“Good.” He said shortly over his shoulder.
Pleased with her reply he left her to rest…..
To be contd…
Well, I feel that this Neil is kinda different from bbcb one. I mean here he is more broody there well…..i dunno haha coz bbcb characters are too I dunno…you guys tell me. How do you find the Sam and Neil here? Are they the same?
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