Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 9)


Episode 9
the episode start with Arjun hugging haya then haya ask
haya:can I ask u something
Arjun:sure babe
haya:when did tina left because when I was going on terrace I saw she was with u and after sometimes rain start again
Arjun: she left before rain start and why r u asking about her
haya:because she just left like that and she didn’t even meet me before leaving
Arjun:okk well I told her to leave because it was late and she was not going and thank God she left without meeting u because if she will meet u then u both would have start talking and then the rain would have started again and u would have stop her again
haya looked at Arjun everything was dark but haya can see his face because of moon light then haya said
haya:what u told her to leave how rude its bad manners and I stop her because it was raining heavily
Arjun:I don’t care if I was rude and I’m really angry with u saying this Arjun leave haya and wear his shirt then haya came on front of him and said
haya:with me but why
Arjun:because u stop her and because of u she ruin our evening that’s I’m angry with u
haya:oohh ok i’m sorry saying this she hold her ear
Arjun saw her like this and she is so cute like this so Arjun thought why not irritate her little more then haya said
haya:what happened
Arjun:do u really want me to forgive u
Arjun:ok if I really want me to forgive u then u have to go through punishment
haya:what kind of punishment
Arjun:don’t worry punishments are easy and u have 2 choices
haya: and what are these choices
Arjun came close to her and whisper in her ear
Arjun:first is u have to say sorry and
haya: and
Arjun:and a kiss
haya:and 2nd one
Arjun:2nd I can’t tell
haya:what do u mean by u can’t tell
Arjun:ok wait I’ll show u

saying this Arjun came close to haya’s neck and kiss and haya close her eyes then Arjun said
Arjun:this is your 2nd choice and trust me I’ll be more happy if u choice 2nd one saying this Arjun smile romantically then Arjun said
arjun:did u decide saying this he looked at haya then haya thought something and said
haya:I’ll go with 1st one
Arjun was shocked then haya said
haya:but I have one request
Arjun:what request
haya:u have to close your eyes
Arjun think for sometime and then he close his eyes then haya whisper in his ear
haya:I’m really sorry Arjun

and then she kiss on his left cheek Arjun immediately open his eyes and said
Arjun:this is not where I asked for a kiss
haya:u didn’t said anything about where to kiss Arjun:ooh really u r saying as if u didn’t know where I meant well now u know so complete your punishment saying this Arjun came closer but haya push me and said
haya:I already have completed my punishment
Arjun: haya this cheating
haya:ooh really then I hope u have heard that everything is fair in love and war saying this she run and Arjun run behind her they run here and there in room then finally Arjun pin haya against the wall and said
Arjun:now u can’t escape from me saying this Arjun came close to her neck and kiss and haya immediately close her eyes after feeling his touch then suddenly Arjun phone start to ring but Arjun didn’t move then haya said
Arjun: hmm
haya:your phone is ringing
Arjun:let it be
haya:pick up it can be important
Arjun:not more than u
haya:Arjun please
arjun then looked at haya and then he gone toward side table where his phone was and saw it was tina he pick up and said
Arjun:what tina
tina:sir I forget kapoor’s project file in your house
Arjun:ok I will give u tomorrow in office anything else
tina:no sir
Arjun:good saying this he cut the call then haya ask
haya:what happened
Arjun:nothing tina just forget the project file
haya:oohh ok saying this she was going but Arjun stop haya and said
Arjun:where r u going
haya:in my room I mean where I’m staying
Arjun:and why r u going there
haya:for sleeping
Arjun:but u can’t go
haya:and why is that so
Arjun came forward and said
Arjun:because u haven’t completed your punishment saying this he took another step forward and haya was going backward and said
haya:look now this is cheating I have completed my punishment
Arjun:ooh really but just now I heard that everything is fair in love and war saying this he came forward and haya hit the bed wall and was falling and to save herself haya hold arjun’s hand but he also loses his balance and both fall on bed first haya try to get up but Arjun hold her hand and make her look in his eyes then they get lost in each other then Arjun open 2 top buttons of haya’s shirt and kiss her neck and shoulder romantically haya closed her eyes because of shyness and Arjun was kissing her continuously then Arjun looked at haya and whisper in her ear
Arjun:u know I never saw someone more beautiful than u your hair your eyes your smile is making me crazy and day by day u r getting more and more beautiful and its getting difficult for me to stay without u saying this Arjun again kiss on her neck and shoulder romantically then Arjun kiss haya’s forehead,eyes,cheeks romantically and was looking at her rose petal like lips and haya was looking at him then Arjun slowly and softly kiss her lips his kiss and hold on her hand was so soft that as if she is a delicate doll and if he will hold her or kiss her toughly she will be shattered in to pieces then Arjun release her and look at her for a second haya didn’t open her eyes because of shyness and then Arjun again kiss her and this time for long after sometime Arjun release haya and whisper in her ear
Arjun:I love loving u saying this Arjun hug haya tightly and haya hug him back then Arjun pull blanket upon them and they fall in sleep in each others arms peacefully

Next Episode:A Big Shocked Before A Big Surprise ?

hey frds h r u all here is the 9th episode I hope u will like it please tell me after reading because ur comments made me really happy and thanks for the love and support ?? and don’t forget to tell me how’s it till then bye tc love u all a lot ??????

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  1. Superbb …update next part fast plzz

    1. thanks and will update ASAP ?

  2. What is big shock and surprise yaar… tina feels jealousy so cute yaar and arjun so arrogant ha ha ha

    1. u will get to know in next update and I will updade ASAP?

  3. hey princess
    ur juzt amazing
    i was just dying without ur stories
    i m so happy
    u r really an amazing wruter
    and pls post the nxt epi tom itself

    1. Hey pihu thanks a lot dear thanks for the support and will update ASAP ??

  4. Jasvin J.Kaur

    Wow interesting

  5. Awesome

  6. Arjun n haya both r very naughty.Awesome update princess.Us story is superb dear.what is big shock? Eagerly waiting for next update .

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    Nice yaar….
    I am waiting for the big shock and big surprise

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  10. Again it’s very awesome princess .. Story very nicely gng dear… nd I want to share u onething after asking u I read ur 1st story ”Love is all I need”.. tats also such a nice story.. but u ended tat so early..
    Don’t do tat wit this story… Continue writing… waiting for next big surprise nd shock☺☺? bye take care….

    1. thanks a lot for liking this story and thanks a lot for reading the previous one ?? and I will not end this story early because I have already thought about what I will write in upcoming episode ??
      Bye And u too take care ?

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      And love u a lot too ?

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