Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 8)

Episode 8
the episode start with Arjun came in kitchen where haya was making coffee he came close and hug her from behind and said
Arjun:what r u doing babe
haya:I’m making coffee and lunch
Arjun:I didn’t send servants out of the house to make u work I send them so that we can spend time together all alone
haya:oohh is that so
Arjun:yes it is now let’s go
Arjun:In hall and we’ll order something from restaurant because rain is very little now
then they order pizza and sat in hall after they finish there lunch suddenly someone ring the door bell its was Tina (Arjun’s pa)
Tina:hello Sir

Arjun:u here he looked the time it was 3:00 pm
haya came from behind and ask
haya:is this rubi and sona but when she came in front of the door she saw someone else
Arjun:she is Tina my pa and she is haya
Arjun:well why u came
tina:actually I want some sign on kapoor’s project
Arjun:hmm ok and he take the file
then haya said
haya:please come in
then they came in and sat in hall Tina sit on sofa and haya sit on chair and Arjun also sit on chair which was beside haya and he was reading file then after sometime haya get up and was going but Arjun held her hand softly and haya stop in mid them she turn and saw Arjun holding her hand then she look at time who was looking at them with angry eyes then Arjun said
Arjun:where are u going
haya:in kitchen to make tea
Arjun:u r not perfectly fine yet
haya:I’m fine
Arjun:sit down I’ll make tea
Arjun: haya u know na what I can do if u won’t listen to me at once saying that he wink at haya and haya immediately sit down again and Arjun said
Arjun:good I’ll be back with tea
Tina look at them angrily
(now I’m sure u guys can understand what Tina feels for Arjun ?)
when Arjun leave Tina ask haya
Tina:well how u know sir

haya:actually I teach painting to sona and rubi
Tina:oohh ok
then Arjun came out n call haya in kitchen saying he need help and haya gone saying Tina that she will be back in a min
haya reach kitchen and ask
haya:what nothing
Arjun:nothing means nothing
haya:u said u need help
Arjun:I just said to said I don’t need help
haya:but why
Arjun:because I know Tina she will ask hundreds of question to u and u will be stuck in question so to save u I call u here
haya looked shocked and said
haya:how do u know that she was asking questions
Arjun:because she worked with me in my office
haya:hmm yeah
then suddenly its start raining heavily again and haya run near kitchen window to see and arjun follow her haya was so happy seeing rain and Arjun hugged her from behind and said
Arjun:u love rain a lot right
haya first distance herself from him and said
haya:please Tina is in house and yes I love rain a lot
Arjun:so what
haya:please let me go she is sitting alone
then Arjun let go of her and came near stove and turn of the gas then haya said
haya:I didn’t know that u can make tea
Arjun:babe I can cook also
haya with shock:really u know cooking
Arjun:off course and if u don’t believe me then I will make u believe at dinner he said this with tea in his hand then he said
Arjun: let’s go babe

then they came out and Tina looked at them angrily but before they can see she change her expression and smile
then after tea tina was going but haya stop her as it was raining heavily and she happily accepted to stay
Arjun get angry but didn’t said anything
then Arjun and Tina start to work on kapoor’s project and haya was just sitting alone as Arjun was angry he was not even looking at haya and Tina was so happy seeing them not talking to each other then after sometime haya gone at terrace that time rain was stop haya thought as rain is stop tina will go but she didn’t then after sometime Arjun and tina finished there work and it was not raining so Arjun thought to send tina back then he thought it would be rude but then he said in his mind
Arjun in mind:so what if it might be rude let it be if she will not leave i will make her leave then he said to tina
Arjun:tina its really late
tina get happy thinking he will stop her here but when she hear what he said next her smile vanish
arjun:and I think u should go home now as your parents will be worried
tina immediately get up and gone as soon as she leave it start to rain again heavily haya was on terrace and she didn’t know that’s tina has left haya saw raining and thought that now tina will stay here tonight and as she was getting bore she start to enjoy rain because she love rain then after sometime Arjun came on terrace looking for haya and he saw haya was enjoying rain and was behaving like a child and that make him smile and then he realize that she is fully drenched he came to haya and pull her near the door and said

Arjun:what r u doing your wounds are not fine yet and u r taking a shower in rain leta go inside saying this he pulled haya but haya said
haya:no please i won’t come its so beautiful look
Arjun:no haya come inside u r already drenched now its enough
haya:no its not and why don’t u come too let’s enjoy saying this she drag Arjun with her and again she start to enjoy in rain after sometime Arjun looked at her hand a d saw it was bleeding so arjun immediately hold her hand and pull her inside and haya said
haya: what r u doing please little more
Arjun:no way look at your hand haya its bleeding its enough then suddenly haya ask
haya:where is tina

Arjun:her home and no more question
then Arjun take her to his room and bandage her hand then he give her his short pant and white shirt and told her to change haya gone in washroom and change when she came out Arjun was standing in his shorts without shirt haya saw him and immediately turn and put her left hand on her eyes and said
haya:sorry I didn’t knew that u were changing
Arjun looked at haya she was looking cute in clothes that short pant which came to her keens and shirt was lose which came little above her keens and her open wet hairs was making her even more beautiful and s*xy then Arjun came close to haya and haya can feel that how close he was then suddenly light gone and a sound of thunderstorms make haya so scared that he immediately turn and hug Arjun tightly and Arjun ask
Arjun:what happened
haya:I feel scared of darkness and thunderstorms
Arjun:don’t worry I’m here saying this he hug haya back even more tightly

Next Episode:Arjun and haya romance and there first kiss

hey frds h r u sorry for late and I hope u will like it till then bye tc love u all a lot ??????

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  1. Oh god how romantic princess plzzz dont make haya arjun seperate because of tina

    1. thanks and don’t worry no one can separate Arjun and haya because Arjun won’t let that happened he will never leve her ?

      1. Thanks for ur reply buddy arjun charecter was nice

    2. ur welcome dear ?

  2. Awsmmmm princess

  3. wow super iam waiting for your next episode

    1. thanks and will post soon ?

  4. Twilight??

  5. Hey princes. . . Its such a cute part dr. . . I luvd it. . . Romanc n haya’s innocenc was the bst part. . . So is TINA the devil. . .??

    1. Thanks and tina is the devil ??

  6. Awesome update .Arjun cares alot for haya.

    1. thanks ?yes he care a lot ?

  7. Whoa arjun is really very romantic. I just hope that that Tina doesn’t create any rift between our lover birds. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. thanks and don’t worry because of tina Arjun and haya will come even more close ??

  8. What an episode!!!!! Mashallah…..

  9. Wowwww awesome, lovely episode, day by day it’s getting more interesting. ..loving it sooo much…Tina was very irritating…arjun n haya rocked in the rain…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thanks a lot and will update asap ?

  10. Loved today’s episode. It was so cute. Update nxt part soon….

    1. thanks ? and will update ASAP ?

  11. Lalalalala… I’m swayiing my head in illusion… I loved it dear..

    Tina likes Arjun?! She’s so jealous…. Don’t tell me she’s gonna come in between them…

    The rain sequence was pretty… Like a kid !!

    It was perfect.. From start to finish… Update soon

    Love you loads

    1. thanks a lot and love u too dear ?? and will update ASAP ?

  12. Superb episode princess. . Nd it’s worthy waiting for ur update…??
    One suggestion dear why u always writing ‘there’ instead of ‘their’.. Make sure while writing next one…
    Hope the next episode too awesome… waiting till then.. tc☺

    1. thanks a lot dear and yeah I’m sorry for that actually I always write in hurry so but I will check next time before posting and will update ASAP ??

  13. nice

  14. Princess I loved today’s update…tina is a devil….update next part sOOn….I totally love ur story…and the precious long 1 was amazing awesome…I’m speechless….ur writing is amazing….I totally love u ???

    1. thanks alot dear and love u too ? and will update ASAP ?
      Yeah tina is devil ?

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