Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 5,6,7)

Episode 5
the episode start with haya reach Mehra Mansion she ring the door bell and after sometime the servant open the door and welcome her and haya rubi n sona start doing painting and time passed like that and haya start to like Arjun because of his to much care toward her now she is not scared of him infect she like his caring nature now after a week arjun have some meeting and he had to go out of country for a week so sona and rubi came to stay in orphanage with haya
haya was feeling sad that he is going out of country and now she will not be able to see him then Arjun gone without meeting haya and in this one week Arjun never called haya or msg her she was very upset one day haya was in park and one boy came and put his hand on haya’s shoulder when haya turn to see who’s it and when she saw she was happy it was her best friend from school his name was raj
haya:bhai what a surprise
raj:hey choti h r u
actually raj don’t have any sister so he called haya choti she is like his sister
haya:I’m fine h r u
raj:me fine or sab kaisa chal raha hai
haya: everything is fine
raj:u r looking upset
haya:no nothing like that
haya and raj were talking then suddenly haya saw someone and stand up raj also get up seeing haya then haya said
haya:I have to go I have some work
raj:if it’s urgent then come I’ll drop u
haya:no u go I will go
raj:ok see u later
then haya turn to see the person but there was no one haya saw here and there and saw that person going and haya run toward where the person was going haya was running and shouting to stop that person but the person was going as if not hearing anything and finally haya shout his name
haya:wait Arjun ji
and Arjun finally stop and turn to see her and now haya was standing in front of him and said
haya:when u came
Arjun:none of ur business
haya who was really happy after seeing him was now feeling hurt because of his behaviour
haya again ask
haya:what happened are u ok
now arjun shout
Arjun:why the hell it will matter to u huh go and talk to u lover who is waiting for u in park don’t disturb me
haya was so shocked n angry then she said
haya:what r u saying he is not my lover and why r u shouting or what do u mean by it doesn’t matter to me it does
Arjun:ooh really then who is he huh if he is not your lover then why u were talking to him with so much love and was laughing I never saw this smile on your face when u talk to me now why are u silent tell me u know what when I met u I thought u r different from other girls but no every girl is same money and physical pleasure that’s what all girls want and u r also like that and one is never enough for u right every girl is same and why r u still here ur boyfriend is waiting for u or u always do this huh and if it does really matter then u should have attend my calls
haya was really hurt and was crying badly and said
haya:no its not like that u r misunderstanding me and my phone is silent and why are u doing this please I didn’t did anything wrong
Arjun:o please don’t do your drama and go to hell and don’t ever show me your face saying this he sat in his car and left
now haya was hurt because of his words she don’t understands what happened to him and then she run behind his car to stop him but he didn’t even look back and gone and haya was sitting on road crying then she was walking on road crying remembering each and every moment and Song start in background

Tu hi tu har jagah, aaj kal kyun hai
Tu hi tu har jagah, aaj kal kyun hai
Raastey har dafa, sirf tera pata
Mujhse pooche bhala kyun hai
Ek pal pyaar ka zindagi se bada
Aisa mere Khuda kyun hai (x2)
Wo.. oo.. ho.. (×3)

haya was still walking on road remembering there first meeting how he for the first time touch her hand then she remember what he said while they were dancing and what happened when he came inside her room after dance how he told her everything what he feel

Soona soona mann ka hai konaa
Soona soona tere bin hona hai har kahin par
Tu hai tu nhi hai par
Tu hai o bekhabar
Tu hai har mod par
Ittna toh bata mausamo ki tarah
Tu badalta gaya kyun hai

then she remembered how he save her from goons and how he show his care toward her and his protective and loving nature

Wo.. oo.. ho..(×3)
Tu hi tu har jagah, aaj kal kyun hai
Tu hi tu har jagah, aaj kal kyun hai
Raastey har dafa, sirf tera pata
Mujhse pooche bhala kyun hai

Teri meri baki hai kahaani
Teri meri aadhi hai kahaani
Aa gayi wo mod par
Tu gaya jo chhod kar
Mere dil ko tod kar, kya mil gaya
Pas ho to bura, door ho toh bura
Aisa mere Khuda kyun hai
Wo.. oo.. ho.. (×3)

then at last she remembered the recent fight and his harsh words and she broke down on road and cry badly

Tu hi tu har jagah, aaj kal kyun hai
Tu hi tu har jagah, aaj kal kyun hai
Raastey har dafa, sirf tera pata
Mujhse pooche bhala kyun hai
Ek pal pyaar ka zindagi se bada
Aisa mere Khuda kyun hai
at night
haya didn’t came home yet mother was really worried and then mother called Arjun when Arjun saw mother calling he saw time it was 10:00 pm he pick up and said
Arjun:mother appne is time call kiya is everything ok
mother was crying and said
mother:no beta nothing is fine haya didn’t came home yet and she is not even answering my calls beta I’m really worried she never did anything like this before
Arjun also get really worried and thought this is all because of him and said
Arjun:mother don’t worry I’ll go and find her please don’t worry
then Arjun cut the call and sat in his car and start looking for haya then he tried haya’s phone but it was unreachable and after some time arjun phone ring it was from unknown number Arjun immediately pick up it was some lady on the phone and said
lady:hello is this Mr Arjun Ji
Arjun was shocked to hear Arjun ji because haya call him Arjun ji this afternoon then he said
Arjun:yes who are u
lady:ji main city hospital Se bol rahi hon yahan ek larki ko laya gaya hai un k phone main last Dial number appka hai
arjun:city hospital kiya howa hai Wo thek haina
lady: un ka accident howa hai and un ki halat buhot kharab hai or Wo bar bar sirf Arjun ji Arjun ji bol rahein hain app please jaldi yahan ajayein
Arjun was in tears and said
Arjun:I’m coming please save her
and then Arjun was drive in speed and was remembering there moments haya’s smile her innocent face he was just thinking everything about her then Arjun reach hospital and gone to receptionist and ask about haya she tell him room number and Arjun run toward room he reach there and saw haya he was totally broken just then doctor came there and said
doctor:Arjun Mehra app yahan
Arjun saw doctor and said
Arjun: doctor haya kaisi hai she is fine na usay kuch howa Toh nahi na
doctor:calm down Mr Arjun she is absolutely fine and out of danger but she is still very weak and u have to take care of her a lot and right now she is unconscious but she will be conscious in half hour don’t worry
Arjun was relax hearing that haya is fine and said
Arjun:thank u so much doctor
doctor:ab app yahan agaye hain toh kuch paper hain ap sign kardein
Arjun:yeah sure please u go ahead I’ll be back in a minute
then Arjun call mother and tell her about haya mother was scared but Arjun told her not to worry n she is absolutely fine and he is coming back home with haya then Arjun gone in doctor’s cabin and doctor told him to sit and give him papers Arjun fill form and now its time to sign that will tell that what is there relation and Arjun gone in deep thoughts doctor saw Arjun and said
doctor:what happened Mr Mehra don’t worry your wife is alright now
when arjun hear what doctor said he came in his sense and looked at doctor as if asking ‘what’ then doctor ask
doctor:did I said something wrong
Arjun:no actually we r not married yet but we r going to get married soon saying this he sign as her husband then after sometime a nurse came and said
nurse: doctor Mrs Mehra ko hosh agaya hai
when Arjun hear this he feel extremely happy and doctor said
doctor:Mr Mehra come we should meet your wife now i will check up if she is fine enough to go home then u can take her home saying this Arjun and doctor both leave to see haya

Episode 6
the episode start with Arjun and doctor came in room haya was sitting on bed nurse was giving her water Arjun and Haya saw each other Arjun see her forehead and right hand there was bandage then arjun smile at haya but she turn her face to other side then doctor check haya and said
doctor: mr arjun u can take your wife home
when haya hear ‘ Mr Arjun Your Wife ‘ she look at Arjun with shock
Arjun with a smile:thanks doctor
then doctor and nurse leave as soon as they leave haya get up from bed and walk toward washroom Arjun came close to her and said
Arjun:what are u doing
haya with anger:I’m going to change
Arjun:ooh ok
then after sometime haya came out from washroom and walk toward door to go outside at that time Arjun came inside and haya collided with Arjun she was about to fall but Arjun held her from waist and they get lost in each others eyes then after sometime haya separate herself from him and said
haya: thanks and was going but Arjun held her hand and pull her inside then close the door and said
Arjun:haya where are u going
haya:in hell
haya: u told me to go to hell so I’m going
Arjun:babe please I’m sorry
haya:u don’t need to say sorry in fact I’m sorry its my fault that I thought u care about me and trust me
Arjun:no babe its not like that I do care about u and I trust u
haya:really if u really care about me and trust me then u should have ask me that who was he but no u just make your mind that I…i
haya was in tears and because of that she couldn’t complete her sentence haya broke down on floor and was crying badly Arjun was also in tears he immediately gone toward haya sat on floor and held haya from shoulder and said
Arjun:babe I’m sorry please forgive me I know I made a mistake because I was angry I don’t know why but when I saw u happy with that guy it was killing me and I just lost my mind I’m so sorry babe saying this he hug her but haya struggle to go and said
haya: leave me let me go to hell I don’t want to disturb u leave me u will never understand that how I felt that time u don’t know how happy I was when I know that u are coming back
but now i know that why u leave without meeting me why u didn’t call me in this one week and why u didn’t even bother to msg me because u think I’m a girl who want money and physical pleasure I used boys for my need
I never thought that u think about me like this and u hate me this much leave me let me go saying this haya struggle more in his arms
but Arjun tighten his grip and didn’t let go after sometime Arjun leave haya and make her looked at him and said
Arjun:babe I’m sorry please forgive me I know I made a mistake and for that I’m ready to be punish please shout at me fight with me but please don’t leave me and I can’t hate u even in my imagination babe I’m sorry now please let’s go home
then haya try to get up and Arjun hold her hand to help but she refuse and said
haya:leave me I can help myself and can go home also thanks for your help saying this haya was going but Arjun pull her toward him and hold her by her waist and haya said
haya:what are u doing leave me
Arjun:I didn’t hold u to leave and I haven’t done anything yet he said this smiling romantically
haya:are u out of your mind this is not your house we are in hospital what if anyone see us like that
Arjun:so what they think we are married
haya:they think we are married but we are not
Arjun:so what soon we will be saying this he tighten his grip around her waist and haya was about to say something but when she realize what he said she just looked at him in shocked and said
haya:what u just said
Arjun:I said what u heard
haya:oohh really but I don’t want to get married Arjun: ook but I didn’t ask u I’m telling u
saying this he leave her and then said
Arjun:let’s go now mother is waiting for us at orphanage
haya was shocked that how easily he become normal again and thought in mind
haya in mind:how rude he is but never mind I will not forgive him so easily
haya was lost in her thoughts just then Arjun hold her hand and she came in her sense then Arjun said
Arjun:let’s go
and haya and Arjun reach at parking lot then haya leave arjun’s hand and was going in other direction but Arjun stop her ask
Arjun:where are u going
Arjun:car is there u r going in wrong direction
haya:I know
Arjun:then why are u going there
haya:because there is road from where I can find taxi to go home
saying this she was going forward but Arjun held her hand and said
Arjun:u r going with me in car
haya:no I’m not
Arjun:so you’re not going to listen
Arjun:ok then don’t blame me afterwards
haya:what do u mean
Arjun looked at haya smiling and haya looked at him suspiciously then Arjun came close and lift haya in his arms and haya said
haya:what are u doing leave me please get me down
but Arjun doesn’t listen and he open the car door and make her sit and he sat on driver seat
then haya said
haya:why the door is not opening
Arjun:because I locked it and it will not open until we reach orphanage
haya:open it I don’t want To go with u
Arjun:I didn’t ask u I’m telling u that u r going with me
then Arjun came close to make her wear seat belt but haya refuse and said
haya:leave it I can do it by myself I don’t want your help
Arjun came close to her ear and said
Arjun:babe your hand is injured and if you will work with this hand then it will pain
haya:stop calling me like that and I can tolerate pain but I don’t want your help
saying this haya try to push him away but Arjun hold haya’s waist and whisper in her ear
Arjun:babe please don’t test my patient I’m already trying hard to control myself because seeing u after so many days it’s pretty hard to control so if you don’t want me to pin you against this seat and you know what I mean so please listen to me at once
haya get shocked after listening such a heart stopping threat and get silent then Arjun make her wear seat belt and start the car and drive to orphanage

Episode 7
the episode start with haya and Arjun reach orphanage when mother see haya like this she becomes very upset seeing her in such condition then Arjun hold haya’s hand and take her to her room and lie her down mother was sitting beside haya and haya said
haya:mother please don’t worry I’m fine look I’m absolutely fine just then Arjun came inside with soup in his hands mother was happy seeing arjun care for haya then Arjun sit beside haya and give her soup but haya said
haya:no I’m not going to eat this
Arjun:haya don’t be stubborn
haya:I’m not stubborn I don’t like eating all this mother say something u know that
mother:sorry beta but Arjun is right
Arjun:thanks mother and by the way doctor said that u have to eat this food for one week
haya:what one week no way
Arjun:yes u don’t have any choice
mother:ok beta I’ll be back
haya:mother where are u going
mother:beta I’m going to tell all girls that u r fine now everyone was worried and fall asleep waiting for u
(there are more girls also who stay here like haya and there are more lady’s also like mother)
mother:Arjun beta make sure she finish it please
Arjun:don’t worry mother I’ll make her finish it
then mother gone and Arjun take the soup bowl and make her eat with his hands but haya refuse but Arjun is Arjun he said
Arjun:babe listen to me at once otherwise u know na what I can do and he smile evilly
And haya said
haya:you’re unbelievable and
Arjun cut her in mid and said
Arjun:and I’m like that only for u now finish it
then haya finish soup and Arjun tell her to rest and he is going home as it is very late then Arjun was going when he reach to door he turn and said
Arjun:please take care of yourself would be Mrs Arjun Mehra saying this he smile and leave
haya also smile and said to herself
haya:I will not forgive u so easily Mr Arjun Mehra and smile then haya fall in deep sleep
Arjun was coming out of haya’s room just then he met mother and mother said
mother:thanks beta for saving haya
Arjun:mother please don’t say thanks it my duty to save her he said this seeing haya mother saw and said
mother:u know when her parents was alive she was so bubbly and lively person and she was stubborn also she was so childish her parents always fulfill her wishes but after her parents died she becomes very serious and lifeless after so many years I saw old haya
today I saw her old childishness and her stubbornness and this is all because of you Arjun thanks a lot u know what I always think that what will happened to her if I died but now I’m happy that u r there in her life for her beta
haya is a very good hearted person and her wishes is simple and cute please be there for her always like today u were there saying this mother whip her tears and Arjun said
Arjun:don’t worry mother today I promise u that I will always be there for haya no matter what happened saying this he take mother’s blessing and said
Arjun:I should go now as rubi and sona are alone at home and it already very late but please if u need something just call me mother
mother:thanks beta and drive carefully
then Arjun left for home and next morning Arjun call mother and said that haya will not come for teaching painting until she get fine
one week passed and in this one week Arjun came daily for seeing haya but haya was not able to forget his words she never tell this to anyone and show that everything is fine she didn’t even tell Arjun anything and its seems like that even Arjun can’t see that She is still really hurt she used to cry in her room alone at night and was again little scared of Arjun she always think if in future Arjun saw her with someone even then he Would do like this or not then it was the day when haya start going again for teaching painting it was first day after accident when haya reach ‘Mehra’s Mansion’ weather change and sky was covered with black clouds then haya ring the door bell but no one open the door then haya again ring the door bell and a servant open the door he ask haya
servant: haya beta u here
haya:ji kaka actually rubi and sona was not answering my calls so I came without informing but I told them before that I will come after a week
servant: but sona and rubi mam is not at home they are at there Friend’s home
haya:ooh acha then I will take a leave
as haya was leaving it start raining heavily just then Arjun came down from upstair and said haya to came inside then haya came inside when haya came inside Arjun said to haya in slow voice
arjun:haya go upstairs in my room I want to talk to u and don’t try refuse just go
then haya gone upstairs when haya gone arjun tell all servants to go in servant quarters and give them holiday then all servants leave and as it was raining heavily arjun told rubi and sona that stay at there frds place until rain stop now Arjun and haya are alone at home
then Arjun came in his room and saw haya was standing near window he came from behind and hug her and haya immediately turn and separate herself from him and said
haya:what are u doing
Arjun came close again and said
Arjun:hugging u well leave that and tell me why u came
haya:for teaching painting but I don’t know that rubi and sona was not at home
Arjun:well that’s good because now we can spend sometime together alone and he smile
haya didn’t said anything and was looking down because whenever haya looked at Arjun she start remembering his words and her eyes filled with tears so that’s why she was not looking at him then Arjun came close and make her look in his eyes and saw tears and now Arjun understood that haya is still hurt and upset because of what he said that day and maybe she is not able to forget that then arjun ask
Arjun:r u still upset
haya just nod in no because She was not able to say anything because of tears
Arjun:u r lying
haya with great difficulty said
haya:no nothing like that
Arjun:babe I have hurt u a lot right and u r not able to forget that I know that because of what happened that day u r not giving me time also and u r trying to go away from me whenever I try to come close please I’m sorry its all my fault
haya:no its not your fault its my fault that I’m not able to give u time and I know that I promised u that I will not stop u but still I’m doing I’m so sorry but I will not do this again ever saying this she try to hide her tears
Arjun:haya please don’t do this to me I’m sorry and don’t try to hide your tears from me u should scold me and fight with me that I shouted on u please give me punishment but talk to me I want my haya please while saying this he also have tears in his eyes
haya looked at him and his eyes which was fill with tears and said
haya:please don’t cry I’m sorry saying this she whip his tears and then Arjun hug her tightly and said
Arjun:I promise that I will never do anything like this again I’m sorry saying this he tighten his grip and they just get lost in each other after sometime haya try to go but Arjun didn’t let her go and said
Arjun:don’t go please
haya was about to say something but her phone started to ring it was mother haya pick up the phone and said
haya:yes mother
mother:haya where r u
haya:mother I’m in Mehra mansion when I came here I got to know that rubi and sone is at there frds place and I was coming back BT it started to rain heavily so Arjun ji stop me here
mother:oohn thanks god Arjun is there u stay there beta until rain stop ok and please give phone to Arjun I want to talk to him then haya give phone to Arjun and gone out to make coffee for them and Arjun said
Arjun:hello mother
mother:hello beta h r u
Arjun:I’m fine mother h r u
mother:I’m fine beta actually I want to say something
Arjun:yes mother
mother:beta I’m going out of town for a day I will be back tomorrow in evening so I want haya to stay there because she never stay alone without me and she is not really attached to anyone here so if u don’t mind keep her there for today
Arjun:yeah why not mother
then mother thanked Arjun and cut the call and Arjun come down to haya
hey frds how are u all and thanks a lot for your love and support here is the 5th episode I hope u will like it tell me after reading and tell me how was the song I think it fit perfectly on haya and Arjun till then bye tc love u all a lot ????????????

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