Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 4)


Episode 4
the episode start with haya get up in the morning and she gone to washroom she get fresh n up and come out of washroom she was wearing the same clothes which she was wearing yesterday when she came here
it was plain yellow backless kurti with dori and white salwar n dupatta she was trying to tied her knot but was not able to do that then suddenly she felt fingers on her bareback she look up in mirror and Arjun was standing behind her tying her knot of kurti haya immediately turn to face him and said
haya: app kiya kar rahe hain or app andar kaisay ayein dekhiye agar koi dekh lega Toh buhot hi galat samaj sakta hai please app jayein yahan se
she was saying this then suddenly she gone all mute because Arjun put his finger on her lips and was looking deep into her eyes and said
Arjun:u look even more beautiful in wets hair saying this he came even more closer n hug her and said
Arjun: I don’t want you to be scared of me I just want u to be with me saying this he left her and walk out of the room
and haya was trying to understand what happened to him then sona and rubi came to haya and take her to dinning table and they had bf after that they paint then haya said
haya: its time to go home
sona:please stay here for some more time
rubi:yeah please when bhai will come he will drop u
haya:not now I will come some other time to stay but right now mother will be waiting and your bhai is also late so I have to go
sona:ok but please next time when u will come to stay then stay at least for a week
haya:OK baba now can I go
rubi n sona:yes
haya hug them and gone she was waiting for taxi but no taxi was ready to go there then after 30 min she start to walk and thought she will take taxi from main road she was walking then suddenly she felt someone is following her she turn to see and saw there was 3 boys behind her she start to walk faster but still boys were following her she get scared then from one of them boys one said
boy:hey sweet heart where r u going came I’ll drop u
haya get even more scared and start to run and the boys also run behind her then haya slip and fall on road and now the boys were standing in front of her she get up and try to go but 1 boy hold her waist and was trying to come close haya rise her hand and slap him then the other boy came and hold her hand and twist it and said
boy:yeh thappar tumare liya buhot Galatea sabit ho sakta hai
haya was crying and begging to leave her
then the boy whom haya slap came forward and remove haya’s dupatta and throw it and hold haya’s hair tightly and was about to kiss her but was stop in mid and then he get a slap again but this time it was tight one
(but from whom guess guys) yes it was from arjun our hero then Arjun beat each one a lot and all boy run away then Arjun came toward haya he pick her dupatta and warp it around her and ask
arjun:r u alright and he hold her hand but when he hold her haya scream in pain and arjun immediately left her hand and said
Arjun:sorry is it paining a lot u just come with then he make her sit on bench which was there and he gone towards his car and came with first aid box in his hand he was applying pain relieve cream and haya was looking arjun and tears was rolling down her cheeks but she was looking deep into arjun’s eyes because now she was seeing love and care in his eyes for her and was shocked because since Arjun start talking to her in that way she thought that he just care about himself and no one else she thought that he didn’t care about her and her feelings but now she was seeing that how much he care for her and somewhere in her heart this feeling was making her happy she don’t know why but it was making her really happy and Arjun after applying cream look at haya and her tears then he wipe her tears and hug her n said
arjun:don’t cry till I’m alive i will never let anything bad happened to u and don’t be scared he was hugging her and saying all this to console her haya suddenly hug him back because haya was scared before but now after hugging him she felt like It is the most safest place in this world in his arms as haya was hugging him Arjun tighten his grip as if protecting her from the world then after sometime haya realize that she is hugging him so she immediately separate herself from him and get up to go but Arjun held her hand softly to stop her haya turn and said
haya:please let me go someone will see
Arjun:really but i don’t think that you care about this because of what u did few minutes ago he said this smiling romantically and all of a sudden haya was feeling shy and was blushing she don’t know why but she was feeling like this Arjun saw her and said
Arjun: now come I’ll drop u home because I promised mother that I will drop u home safely then they sat in car and Arjun drop her orphanage when they came mother ask Arjun to come inside Arjun first refuse but then agreed and came inside mother told haya to bring juice for Arjun after sometime haya came with juice in her hand and she put the tray down but arjun intentionally take anything and when mother saw that arjun didn’t have anything yet she ask haya to give him by herself and because of mother he can’t refuse then haya take glass of juice in her hand and give him he look into her eyes and hold the glass from where she was holding when haya feel his touch suddenly she remembered when they met for the first time he did the same thing and what ever he said yesterday thinking about that she pull her hand back and gone out of the room saying she have some work then after sometime Arjun said that he is going home because sona and rubi is waiting but when he was leaving he saw haya standing near window haya also see Arjun leaving and Arjun gone toward car but before sitting in car he turn his face and give her flying kiss and haya turn her face and hide behind curtains and blush then Arjun reach home and both think about each other and till its night both lie down on bed and think about each other and doze off
hey frds how are u all and here is this as I said I will try so here it is the 4th episode I hope u will like it tell me after reading till then bye tc love u all a lot ??????

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  1. Arjun charecter was so confusing yaar sone times rude type and sonetime caring romantic type why

    1. there is a story behind this as of now I can say he feel for haya ?

  2. I am not liking infact i love it a lot
    Super and fab story

    1. thanks a lot dear ?

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    1. thanks and as always I will try if I can ??

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    Just love the love

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  11. Hi dear just a small request in some dialogues you write in Hindi as a person from Chennai I can’t able to understand so could you plz plz plz plz write in English. And your story is awesome keep writing thanks for the story?

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  17. Hay guys actually I want to tell u that I will post the next part on Monday because of holiday is page refuse to submit and story and they will start submitting stories from 4th January so I decided that i will write more episode of this story and will post on monday all together ????

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    1. thanks a lot dear and will post as soon as they will start submitting ?

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