Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 3)


Episode 3
the episode start with Arjun coming toward haya and haya was going backward and said
haya: ap yahan kiya kar rahe hain look if someone see us then they will misunderstood plzz app jayein yahan se
while haya saying all this was going backward Arjun was coming forward then haya back hit the wall and Arjun block her by putting his hands on each side and she can’t go anywhere she was so scared that she was shivering and her body turn cold as ice she said in stammering voice
haya:wh..what are yo.. you doing he… here
Arjun:just came to see u babe saying this he leaned down his head on her neck and said
Arjun:I love your scent
haya:please what are u doing let me go saying this she try to push him away but he hold her waist tightly and said
Arjun:don’t u dare push me away from u saying this he kiss her neck when haya feel his touch she immediately close her eyes and she clutch her dress with her hands and after a minute she said
haya:please I beg u let me go its wrong
Arjun:really but it doesn’t feel wrong does it
haya:ap ye q kar rahe hain
Arjun:I told u didn’t I and what is this why u call me ‘ap’ I have a name so call me by my name
he said this looking at her

haya:please let me go or else
Arjun:or else what babe he said this pulling her more closer and haya who was already scared get even more scared and said
haya:or else I will again beg u please leave me
Arjun:ok I will leave u but I have one condition
haya:condition what condition
Arjun:if u r ready to repeat after me what I’m saying only then I will let u go done
haya:what I have to repeat
Arjun:say that u will never tell anyone about this he said this and leaned down his head on her neck again
haya:no I will not
Arjun:dammit haya say it saying this he tighten his grip around her waist
haya: ok ok I will not say anything to anyone about this
Arjun:good now say that u will never stop me from coming close to u
Arjun:u heard me now say it and don’t say no or else u know what I can do

Arjun now in anger:say it haya
haya:ok I will never stop u from coming close to me she said this with tears in her eyes
Arjun:now say that u will never stop me from touching u
haya who knows that she have to repeat in order to go said
haya:ok i will never stop u from touching me
Arjun: now say that u will never go away from me
haya: ok I will never go away from u
Arjun:now the last one
Arjun:call me by my name saying this he look up at her
haya: what type of condition is this
Arjun:this is my conditions so call me Arjun from now on u will call me Arjun without ‘ap’ and ‘ji’ only arjun now say Arjun
haya:no I will not
Arjun:haya I m telling u last time say it or else I will take u to bed right now and will do whatever I want to do and I promise I will not leave u even if u beg me for leaving u
haya was freeze listening to his words and said
haya: u know what you are
she was searching word to say then she said

haya: you are pervert
Arjun:and now u have to tolerate me Darling saying this he smile romantically n then he leave her and walk toward door he reach there n unlock the door open it but before leaving he turn to her side and said
Arjun:come downstairs in next 5 min if i don’t fine at 6 then I will come upstair and trust me then I will not let u go downstairs even if u want to saying this he walk away
and haya stand still in shock she just couldn’t believe that what just happened and what he all said was a shock for her then she came in her sense and saw the time and 3 min already passed she immediately walk to washroom she wipe her tears and wash her face then she came downstairs after that Arjun keep staring her and she was just thinking about what happened and then when party over haya immediately gone to her room saying that she is not feeling well and she want to sleep then everyone gone to their room respectively and doze off
hello Everyone thanks for so much love ???
here is the next episode I know its short but because u guys want the next part soon that’s why a write it in hurry and I will try to post as soon as I can actually I’m lil busy now days because of my studies so its very difficult to write long episode but on weekends I will try to write long one I hope u guys will understand and thanks once again ????
till then bye take care and love u guys a lot Se bhi zada ? issh.. filmy dialogue ??

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  1. Sema romantic episode princess…loved it

    1. is this deepu my cousin!!!!!!!!!! sry if not

  2. Awesome princess superb episode I really luved it can u update one more chapter plzzzzz becuz I can’t wait

    1. thanks ? and will try if I can post tonight as I’m going to start writing 4th episode now ?

  3. oh god. what is arjun upto. i think he is planning to kill haya with his words n actions. lol. arjun toh lagata puraaa paagal hogaya hi. aur haya ab tumhe is paagal ko jhelna hoga. it was gud n unexpected. i loved it. waiting for next one dear.

    1. hahahaha even I think so ?
      And thanks a lot ?

  4. It looks like dt2 story

  5. Oh god oh god…this was totally unexpected…Arjun is omg…I loved it loved it…plzz update sOOn….when u r free…I m waiting eagerly….love u 4ever…??
    One lovee?


  6. Princess I loved ur ff :* update next pat soon

    1. thanks ? and will try to post tonight ?

  7. Nice episode dear n will be waiting for ur next update.

  8. Princess can i ask u one question….. arjun is in love with haya innocence and heart…. or something else

    1. thanks a lot hayathi ?? and u will get to know this in upcoming episodes ??

  9. Arjun was so romantic yaar but why he us doing with her i mean why he is hurting her plzzzz update next one

    1. its a surprise for everyone u guys will know this in upcoming episodes
      And I’m sure u guys will love it ???

  10. Really awesome please update next soon

    1. thanks ? and will try to post tonight ?

  11. O god, dis was a diff arjun. . . Though it was vry romantic. . .bt poor haya. . .she lukd lyk in trauma stage. . . Updt nxt part today itslf. . .plz. . .

    1. thanks ? and will try to post tonight?

  12. Loved it… Update soon..

    1. thanks ? and will try post tonight?

  13. Sorry if my comment wasn’t right abt it resembling dt2

    1. no its ok I just didn’t comment because I don’t understand what to say ?

  14. Arjun: very bad…..
    Feeling sorry for haya….
    He has two sisters
    Still romaaaaanticcccc

    1. haya haya yes he is ??

  15. Wow… Princess well done…

  16. amazing

  17. I think there is a past between haya and arjun…… is it correct dr

    1. no it’s not haya and Arjun’s past its just about Arjun something had happened with him because of that he is like this sometimes Rude and sometimes caring and what is that u will get to know in upcoming episode ? I hope u r liking my story ?

  18. And haya dont know about her past may be

    1. no haya don’t have past ?

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