Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 24) Last Episode

Last Episode
the episode start with haldi function was going haya was in kitchen and arjun was talking to raj then suddenly aisha drop the glass and it broke into pieces then when everyone was busy in function aisha pick up 1 glass piece and put it near the kitchen door and walk away from there then haya was coming out arjun saw the glass piece and try to stop haya but the music was so loud that haya was not able to hear arjun saw haya coming arjun run toward haya and haya was about to put her foot but arjun put his hand on it and injured his hand haya saw him and immediately sat down and take his hand in her and said
haya:Arjun what have u done

arjun:just save ur foot from being Injured
haya was in tears hearing arjun she feel so special that for her he injured his hand mother and everyone saw them and mother told haya to bandage arjun’s hand then haya took arjun in room and make him sit on bed and came with first aid box then while bandaging haya said
haya:why u did this arjun u should have told me that there was piece of glass
Arjun:I tried to stop u but because of loud music u didn’t hear me that why to save u I did this
haya:arjun I want to tell u something
arjun:yes babe

haya:that day on beach I didn’t stop u because I need sometime I stop u because of tina actually before our marriage haya was in tears and because of tears she was not able to complete and she start crying arjun saw her crying and said
arjun:haya u don’t need to tell me anything because I know everything about tina
haya was shocked and said
haya:u know everything but how
arjun:remember that day when I came for lunch and u were standing at door
haya nod in yes
arjun:that day I heard ur and Tina’s convo I know everything since that day that’s why I was trying to keep tina busy so that she won’t be able to trouble u
haya immediately hug arjun and cry arjun to hug her then after haldi function tina call haya and ask her to meet her haya told arjun about it and arjun told haya to go and he will handle everything else then haya came to Tina’s home she open the door and ask haya to come in then she close the door and said
tina:umm u r looking very happy huh

haya:why u called me
tina:to remind u that arjun is mine because I think u r forgetting ur promise
haya:why r u doing this
tina:because I love him

haya:no u don’t if u love him then why u try to harm him
tina:yes I try to harm him to teach u lesson saying this she tell everything what she did then her door bell ring she open the door and police was standing there they heard everything then they arrest her and arjun and haya came home then time passes like this and after raj and tanu’s marriage both came back to their house it was night haya came inside the room and arjun was already sleeping she close the door and lie down on bed as soon as she lie down arjun pull her close to him and said

arjun:u took so long to come I was waiting for u
haya:sorry I was just placing everything in its place but I thought u were sleeping
arjun:how can I sleep without my babe saying this arjun kiss her shoulder
arjun:haya I LOVE U

haya just blush and arjun said
arjun:do u love me
haya nod in yes
arjun:then say it

arjun:I LOVE U HAYA saying this he kiss her neck romantically then he kiss her forehead, eyes, cheeks then he kiss her lips and haya kiss him back then they consummate their marriage then time passes and after one years arjun and haya came to orphanage with their little baby girl her name was angel and then they live happily ever after


Credit to: Princess


  1. Liya

    Dat was a sudden end. But it was a gud stry f lov n i lovd the way u ended it. . . C u in ur new ff page. Tc đŸ™‚ đŸ˜€ đŸ˜€

  2. Jwala

    aww………………….such a cute and beautiful luv story …….gonna miss arya for sure…………

  3. manha

    why did it end suddenly. ohhhh. well it was a super ending as the love story was in first like a super start. I loved the story. it was too gud. wish ur other story will be a bang on.

    Loveeeee u dear.

  4. Shree

    He end?! So soon?! Thank you so much!! For the wonderful story!! I loved it .. Just hope it didn’t end so soon …. Hope you come back with another one …

    This one as wonderful… Tina got punished.. Why not aisha?! Anyway they got together.. I loved the confession… Hope you come back soon with another story…

    Love you … And I’ll miss you .. Come back soon with another super story ??

  5. aditi

    Ohhhhh no it is over I really liked this off plzzzzzz princess can u post season 2 with similar story plzzzzzzzzzz because I am habituated to did story plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Haya

    Not fair….
    You ended it…. All of a sudden….
    I was expecting some more episodes…..
    I always read your story even though I couldn’t comment always….
    Was a nice story with nice pairs and I love the name of the characters ?

    All the best wishes for your upcoming story…..

  7. pratiksha

    wow nice ending ……can u plz write swasan ff it is my request…..becoz u r amazing writer ….we want some more ff from u……could u plz fulfill our desire plz princes

  8. usha

    superb story….I just loved each episode of d story,it was mind blowing…. just loved d characters of arjun and hiya…missing arya romance wanted to read more about them

  9. Pooja

    Amazing story.. why u ended al of sudden…? At least u should have told abt this end. . Anyways nice ending… u forgot rubi nd sona .. why u didn’t mention those in end…
    I miss u dear.. ? Come back soon wit rocking story… I will be waiting..
    Take care princess. .☺??

  10. Roma

    Very lovely end, this was very good story, arya were the best couple…Tina got her real place but what about aisha?…so sweeeeeet story. .. I hope your new story will be another amazing one..love you loads and take care sweetie

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