Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 23)


Episode 23
the episode start with haya get up in morning arjun was sleeping she gone in washroom came out ready she wake up arjun get up and said
arjun:good morning
haya:good morning u go get fresh then we’ll have bf
arjun:hmm ok saying this he gone inside the washroom and haya sat there thinking he didn’t even smile at her neither he ask for a good morning kiss nor he hug her seeing arjun like this haya become sad then haya came out she enter in kitchen and saw mother she was making bf haya came and stand beside her and mother said
mother:hello beta how’s ur dinner yesterday
hearing mother haya become teary eyes mother saw haya and said
mother:what happened did u guys have any fight
haya:no nothing like that it was really good
mother:ooohh so its tears of happiness

haya nod in yes then they came and sat on dinning table everyone was having bf haya was looking at arjun but he was not even looking up then after bf arjun was working on laptop the whole day passed like that its night haya was in her room she was standing near window haya was feeling so bad the thing that arjun is hurt and he is trying not to show this is what hurting haya then haya saw arjun in garden he was sitting on bench looking at his phone haya thought this is the right time to talk and she gone in garden arjun was looking at his phone he was looking at haya’s photo in his phone and said
arjun:why haya why its so difficult to stay away from u I don’t know why but its hurting me that u want me to stay away from u I know u didn’t want to hurt me but still its painful and maybe it’s my punishment for treating u so badly and now I think even my sorry is not enough to rectify my mistake saying this arjun close his eyes and tears drop from his eyes then he wipe his tears and get up to go when he turn he saw haya she was standing there in tears and arjun said
arjun:haya u here I was just coming inside let’s go saying this arjun was going inside but haya hold his hand and stop him and said

haya:I hurt u and that is why u r ignoring me since morning right
arjun turn to haya and said
arjun:no haya its not like that u r getting me wrong and please don’t cry
haya:no I’m getting it right now
arjun:no haya please don’t say like that its just that I don’t want to make u uncomfortable
haya:u really think if u ignore me I’ll be comfortable
arjun:I thought u need sometime so that’s why
haya:I said I need sometime to take our relationship to the next level completely but I didn’t mean that i don’t want u near me I want u like u were before I want u like u were when I didn’t said that I don’t want u to stay away from me I really didn’t want that and I didn’t said that because of whatever happened between us before I already have forgotten that I like what we have between us
arjun came near haya and hold her face in his hands and said
arjun:babe please don’t cry I’m sorry I misunderstand u again saying this arjun wipe her tears and haya hug him tightly and arjun hug her back even more tightly both stood there like this for long time then Arjun separate haya and said
arjun:let’s go its late saying this arjun hold haya’s hand and both came inside both lie down on bed and arjun kiss haya’s forehead and haya hug him and said
haya:never think like that again arjun please I love what we have between us
arjun:babe its so difficult to stay away from u I swear I will never do this again saying this arjun tighten his grip and both fall asleep

Next Morning
haya get up and saw arjun was sleeping she kiss his forehead and was going but arjun held her hand and pull her back in his arms and said
arjun:where are u going don’t go
haya:arjun its morning and today is haldi I have to go as there is lots of work
arjun:there is lots of people who can work in ur place but for me no one can take ur place I need u babe saying this he made a cute face
haya smile and said
haya:awww sho sweet saying this haya kiss his nose softly and arjun said
arjun:my morning kiss and this time I want two
haya:ooh really and why u want two
arjun:because I forgot to take my yesterday morning kiss now give me saying this he pull her closer both were lost in each other and now haya can clearly see his love his pure love for her after whatever happened yesterday haya got it that even she can’t live without him then both came more close and finally they kiss for long time then both realize each other and haya hug arjun and arjun hug her back both stay like this for sometime then mother shout from outside and call them for bf then both came for bf they were having bf then suddenly haya cough arjun give her water and said

arjun:what happened saying this he wink and haya smile aisha saw them and thought why they are smiling then she intensionally drop her spoon and bow down to pick it and saw arjun was holding haya’s hand she sat straight on chair and saw both were smile then after bf both get ready for haldi arjun was wearing white kurta with jeans and haya was wearing simple yellow saree with some bangles,earring and mangalsutra n sindoor with open hair when arjun saw her he was just staring her because she was looking very beautiful then three girls enter and met raj he introduced them to arjun and haya they were raj n tanu’s frds
raj:arjun choti they are my and Tanu’s frds
1st girl:hi I’m riya
2nd girl:hi I’m tani
3rd girl:hi I’m pooja
arjun:hi I’m arjun
haya:hi I’m haya
arjun:nice to meet u

then after sometime arjun was talking to girls and haya was getting jealous arjun saw her getting jealous and thought to irritate her little more haya was sitting with tanu and arjun was sitting with girls they were talking like they r frds from childhood haya was getting angry but she can’t even do anything so she get up and gone inside her room arjun saw her going inside and came behind her haya was about to close the door but arjun stop her then haya came inside and stand near window arjun came and hug her from behind and said
arjun:what happened why u came inside
haya:just like that and what does it matter to u go talk to that girls
haya:jealous and me no way I’m not jealous and why will I feel jealous
arjun:really u r not jealous liar
haya:I’m not liar and why will I be jealous when I don’t feel anything
arjun:ok then when u don’t feel anything then I’m going to that girls saying this arjun was going but haya stop him and said
haya:u can’t go
arjun:why u aid u don’t feel anything then

haya:yeah I mean
arjun:u mean what
haya:I mean nothing saying this she was going but arjun pin her against the wall and said
arjun:u don’t feel anything tight
haya nod in yes
then arjun kiss her shoulder and whisper
then arjun kiss her neck and said
then arjun kiss her both eyes and said
then arjun kiss her both cheeks and said

then arjun looked in her eyes and then her lips and he came close and kiss her lips first softly then passionately and haya kiss him back with same passion then after sometime both release each others and looked at each other with lots of love then arjun said
arjun:I love what I feel when I’m close to u
haya:me too saying this both hug each other then both came out holding hands and the haldi function start everyone applied haldi to raj and tanu after haldi is applied raj said
raj:if I would have known that this is going to happened with me then I would have married like arjun and choti direct marriage hearing raj everyone laugh and arjun and haya both smile at each other

Next Episode:Arjun Injured His Hand To Save Haya And Haya’s Care Toward Arjun…

hey frds h r u ?
here is the 23rd episode I hope u like it as I show different emotions like “Pain,Jealous And Romance” in one episode as i can’t see them sad so I unite them as soon as I separate them so tell me how’s it after reading till then bye tc and LOVE U ALL A LOT ???????

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