Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 22)


Episode 22
the episode start with Arya’s in car arjun was driving and haya was sleeping because she was tired then arjun stop the car and came out then he came near haya open the door and wake up her haya open her eyes and saw arjun standing in front of her and said
haya:r we home
arjun didn’t said anything and ask for her hand haya give her hand in his and came out when she came out she was shocked it was beach there was no one they were alone the whole place was decorated with lanterns and balloons there was table for two which was decorated with rose petals and was covered with white curtains and there was sheet on ground to sit then haya looked at arjun and arjun hold her hand and make her sit on chair and sat on other chair and then they had dinner after dinner they were walking on sand barefoot and holding hands then arjun said
arjun:did u like the surprise
haya:like arjun I love it then they walk and talk after sometime haya said
haya:arjun we didn’t inform mother yet she must be worried we should inform her
arjun:why r u so worried when u r with me
haya:I’m not worried actually I always told mother about where I’m that why
arjun:hmm well I already told mother that we r going for dinner and I think its a good thing what u do
haya:hmm yeah i mean mother always told me to tell her for my safety
arjun:hmm good and u have to teach this to our kids also
haya:oohh but why me u can teach them also
arjun:no actually I saw that always moms teach their children’s these type of things because moms are strick and boring and dads are always cool u know
haya:ooh u mean I will be strick and boring mom
arjun:yes I think
haya looked at arjun with anger and hit Arjun’s shoulder lightly and said
haya:I will not leave u
arjun start to run and haya run behind him they were running and haya stop and said
haya:wait I’m tired

then arjun came close to haya and then suddenly he pull haya closer and said
Arjun:aww my kids mom is tired saying this arjun touch her cheeks romantically and suddenly haya realize what they were talking about haya felt so shy that she immediately lower her eyes and blush then arjun take her and they lie down on ground arjun’s left hand was on her shoulder and haya’s head rested on his chest and arjun’s right hand was entwined with haya’s left hand after sometime arjun said
arjun:I hurt u so much but u never said anything I always shout on u but u never shout back I never trust u but u always trust me I want to know why u r not angry
haya:arjun please don’t blame ur self whatever u did was because of ur past and I don’t want to talk about it anymore please I’m really happy and if u talk about it again then I will not talk to u
arjun:please never stop taking to me or else I will die without u
haya immediately put her right hand on his mouth and said
haya:never say that again
arjun stare haya lovingly haya didn’t realize that her hand is still on his mouth and arjun kiss her palm and haya immediately remove her hand she was going to get up but arjun pull her and hold her waist haya was on top of arjun n there was only an inch gap between them both were lost in each others eyes then arjun put haya on ground and came on top of her both were so lost in each others that they forgot the world around them it was just their world which was filled with love,trust,happiness,joy and romance then arjun came close and kiss haya softly and haya kiss him back then after sometime both realize each other haya’s eyes were still close and arjun was staring her then arjun whisper in haya’s ear
arjun:haya if I say I want u to say something would u say
haya also whisper in his ear
arjun:then please promise me u will never leave me and no matter what happened u will not break this promise
haya:I promise I will not leave u and I will never break my promise
arjun:tell me u r mine
haya nod in yes
arjun:no not like this say it
haya:yes I’m yours saying this haya hug arjun tightly and arjun hug her back then arjun’s phone start to ring he saw it was tina he cut the call and switch off his phone and haya said
haya:who’s call it was
arjun:tina saying this arjun open her blouse knot but then suddenly haya said
arjun looked at haya and haya said
haya:I’m sorry arjun but I need sometime for this i mean I want sometime before taking our relationship to the next level completely please I hope u understand
arjun:u don’t need to say sorry babe I understand its ok
haya:thanks saying this haya hug arjun and arjun hug her back and arjun think in his mind
arjun in mind:I know haya this is all because of tina but I promise once I settle her then I will make u mine in every sense of this world saying this arjun tighten his grip then after sometime both get up to go home and when they reach home everyone was slept both came in their room both change and lie down on bed arjun was on left and haya was on right haya was facing Arjun’s back seeing arjun sleeping little far haya thought about tina and how because of her she stop arjun even when she don’t want to stop him thinking about that haya’s eyes filled with tears she was not able to sleep thinking that she hurt arjun haya turn to other side and cry arjun turn to haya and saw her still awake arjun came close to haya and hug her from behind and said
arjun:u r still awake what happened
haya immediately wipe her tears and turn to arjun and said
haya:I’m not feeling sleepy
arjun:so why u didn’t tell me
haya:because u were sleeping its ok u sleep I’m will sleep
arjun:how can I sleep when my sweetheart is awake ok come with me
arjun:just come saying this both get up from bed and came in garden its was full moon and and Arya sat on bench and stare the moon then haya said
arjun:yes jaan
haya:did I hurt u by stopping u
arjun turn to haya and said
arjun:no u didn’t
haya:u r not upset with me
arjun:no and what u said was not wrong I understand u need some time and its ok now please don’t think about that more and please smile and lets go inside its to cold
haya smile and said
haya:thanks then both came inside and lie down on bed haya came near arjun and hug him arjun smile and hug her back even more tightly and both fall in sleep in each others arms

Next Episode:Raj And Tanu’s Haldi And Haya’s Jealousy Seeing Raj Female Frds Flirting With Arjun ?
hey frds h r u ?
here is the 22nd episode so I want to know that what u guys love about my story and what u guys like to read like their romance,fun,funny fights or something else tell me so that I will write that even more like if u like their romance then I will write romantic scenes so please tell me till then bye tc and LOVE U ALL A LOT… ???????????

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  1. Princess!! I loved it!! The romance… Everything… I hate this Tina… The precap seems to be interesting… Update soon

    Love you ??

    1. thanks a lot dear ??

  2. Awesome episode dear. I love everything in ur story like their love, funny fight’s, care towards each other ….. In precap Haya’s jealousy☺☺ very nice. Will be waiting for next update. Love u ??..take care..

  3. hey Dr ..it’s awesome…having funny fights will be more romantic …if u can pls include funny parts like that u have said in precap…jealousy fight a small and funny …loads of love fr u

  4. Superbly going dr… nd oly romance is not interesting princess so write with some funny fights nd romance… then it will be quite good… Carry on with some interesting facts dr.. waiting for next one..?? till then take care..?

  5. superb one. Romantic date. It was very gud. I love this story. Whatever u write it will be best.
    loveeeeee u . Waiting for the next. N thank u for super fast updates. I should really thank u for that.

    1. thanks a lot dear ???

  6. wow fantastic dear

  7. Loved it.. Amazing 🙂

  8. Arjun ur perfect in everything yaar… like true husbend

  9. Oh such a romantic episode!! I love Arjun as he is so understanding . I love their cute fights , romance and everything about them!!

  10. Awesome episode, arya very lucky to have each other as life partners…their fights, concerns, care, love very nicely written. …arjun’s surprise was very lovely…he is so understanding n haya is feeling guilty…but he handled the situation very nicely.. …today’s episode was another strong brick in their relationship’s foundation….loved it very much. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads 😉

    1. thanks a lot dear ????

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