Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 21)


Episode 21
the episode start with arjun wake up in morning he saw haya sleeping and kiss her forehead then his phone start ringing it was his office employ sameer arjun came out of room and pick up n said
arjun:yes sameer
sameer:good morning Sir actually sir I need ur sign on Mr Gupta’s project file
arjun:I can’t come I’m on leave
sameer:Sir please its important and if we lose this contract then we can have a big loss
arjun:I don’t care we loss how much I really don’t care what is important for me is my wife and I promised her that this 2 weeks is hers
sameer:but sir it will take only 5 min please
arjun:only 5 min not a second more
sameer:yes sir

arjun:ok I’m coming I want everything ready when I come I will sign and leave got it
sameer:yes sir
arjun:ok I’m coming saying this arjun cut the call and gone inside room aisha was hearing arjun and she was shocked to know that he is so rich and he don’t care how much money loss he get then arjun came out of washroom after getting ready and saw haya sleeping he came near her and kiss her forehead then arjun take a paper and write something on it and put it on side table and then put haya’s phone on it and left
when arjun reach office sameer was standing at office gate with file and pen in his hand arjun immediately read the file and sign that moment tina was coming out of office and she saw arjun she was coming to arjun n arjun saw her and then suddenly he remembered all what she done with haya and he was losing hi control so arjun immediately start his car and left tina try to stop him but he didn’t stop and left then arjun was driving he was stopped at signal just then a kid came with red roses and ask arjun to buy roses arjun think about haya and buy the whole bouquet its was 100 roses

on the other side haya wake up and saw arjun was not there she get up and gone in washroom after sometime she came out ready she saw the chit and open it this is what arjun write “Good morning babe sorry I’m going office because I have to sign some file but don’t worry I’ll be back soon and don’t think I forget my morning kiss when i will come I will take it” haya smile reading it then she saw at the end he write in capital letters “YOUR ARJUN” reading this she smile even more then after sometime arjun came home and saw haya she was helping mother for making bf arjun hide the bouquet behind him and came inside room then he came out and signal haya to came in room and haya signal him that she can’t come mother saw them and said to haya
mother:haya beta go arjun is calling u
haya get shocked hearing mother and then she blushed and left then she came inside but arjun was not there then haya said

haya:arjun where r u saying this haya came forward and suddenly she hear something and she turn around and saw arjun he was sitting on his knees in front of her holding rose bouquet in his hands then haya said
haya:what r u doing arjun please get up
arjun:for u
haya take the bouquet and said
haya:thank u so much its so beautiful
arjun get up and hold haya from waist and pull her closer then said
arjun:not more than u
haya blush and arjun said

Arjun:my morning kiss and give me like u give me yesterday
haya lower her eyes in shyness and Arjun said
arjun:u know what that was the best kiss I ever had saying this arjun came closer and haya close her eyes and they kiss then mother call haya and she gone and arjun gone in washroom then they had bf after that arjun was in room and haya came to him and said
haya:arjun we r going for shopping
arjun:no please don’t go
haya thought for sometime and was going arjun saw her going and said
arjun: haya where r u going
haya:I’m going to tell mother that I’m not coming with them
arjun get up from bed and came near haya he hold her from waist and said
arjun:and why u r not going with them
haya:because u said don’t go
arjun:u r not going just because I said don’t go
haya nod in yes and arjun said
arjun:but why r u doing what I’m saying
haya:because u told me to do what u say before remember
arjun remember how he treated haya when he didn’t know the truth and he become angry on himself and said

arjun:I’m sorry haya for whatever I done
haya:no no arjun I didn’t mean that I’m sorry
Arjun:no haya I know u didn’t mean that but
haya:no but now can let me go and tell mother that I’m not coming because she is waiting
Arjun: no don’t say anything we’ll go
haya become excited hearing we’ll go and said
haya:u r coming with us

arjun:yes I’m coming but with u saying this arjun smile and haya also smile and said
haya:then u get ready I’ll go and tell mother that I’m coming with u
then everyone came out and raj,tanu,aisha and mother sit in Raj’s car and haya came and arjun open the door for her and make her sit and then he sat on driver seat and on the other side everyone get happy seeing them and aisha get jealous then everyone left for shopping then everyone reach mall except Arya then after sometime they came holding hands and everyone start shopping Arya was just lost in each other then arjun said
arjun:r u not going to buy anything

haya:I think u r forgetting that few weeks before u brought a whole store for me
arjun laugh hearing haya and said
arjun:but u should buy something else to wearing in haldi,mehndi,sangeet and shadi
haya:no arjun no need for that
arjun:what u mean no need u have to buy because I have already choose for u
haya:what but arjun I don’t need before haya could say anything else Arjun hold her hand and take her to shop then arjun give her some lehenga and saree’s to try and haya said
haya:arjun I told u i have lots of clothes then
arjun:haya r u going inside to try them or then arjun think something and came close to haya and whisper in her ear
arjun:or u want me to help u saying this arjun looked at haya and smile romantically and haya said
haya:arjun u r too much saying this haya gone inside changing room and try clothes then arjun buy all of them and then came where everyone was sitting aisha saw that arjun buy so many clothes for haya and get jealous (as she get always ? ) then after shopping everyone left for home

Next Episode:Arya’s Long Drive And Romance…?????

hey frds h r u all ?
here is the 21st episode sorry for short update because was busy with family but even then I write it only for u guys because honestly speaking u guys have become my family and
I hope u guys will understand and will like this episode tell me after reading till then bye tc and LOVE U ALL A LOT ???????? ?

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  1. Wowww arjun u r awesome dr… the way arjun treats haya was awesome

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  2. Om princess!! It was beautiful!!

    Love you ??

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  6. toooo sweet n tooo nice. It was just so beautiful. Arjun n haya sweet couple.

    loveeeee u. waiting for the next.

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  7. I dnt lyk dis aisha. . . Remov her soon. . . plz. . .

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  8. Awesome episode yaar. Thanks for the update. Will be waiting for next update. Love u ??..take care..

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  9. Supr good episode.. Love your story… Arya rocks.

  10. I was a silent reader but u really forced me 2 write comments u r awesome I loved ur ff very much tx 4 such gr8 story

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  11. Lovelyyyyyy episode, Princess dearyyyy we love you soooo much n you also family to me…today’s episode was awesoooooome. …story getting more and more interesting day by day. …arya so romantic. ..Tina n aisha both r jerks…precap is very exciting. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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