Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 20)


Episode 20
the episode start with arjun and haya sitting on bed haya was in tears after knowing Arjun’s past then arjun saw haya in tears and said
arjun:haya I’m sorry please I know I hurt u by hiding the truth but I was afraid that u might arjun was saying but before arjun could say further haya hug him and while crying said
haya:I’m so sorry arjun I’m really sorry
arjun:haya why r u saying sorry I should say sorry because I hide the truth from u
haya:no I’m sorry because I misunderstand u I always thought that u don’t trust me and whenever u will see me with someone u will misunderstand me but I don’t know that whatever u did was because of aisha I’m so sorry arjun
arjun:haya please don’t say sorry its not ur fault but u r not angry that I hide this from u
haya separate herself from arjun and said
haya:no I’m not angry and why should I be its not ur fault and if I will think that u hide this from me intensionally then it will hurt me but i know u didn’t tell me because it’s difficult for u to tell me in fact I’m glad that u told me now because not everyone is strong enough to tell about their past and a person like u who hardly express himself so for u is kind of impossible and I understand that
arjun was so happy hearing haya and arjun immediately embrace haya tightly and said
arjun:thank u so much haya u don’t have any idea how relax I’m I was thinking that after knowing all this u might not look at me but u r not even angry thank u so much
haya:u don’t need to thank me arjun
and then both lie down on bed in each others arms and both fall asleep then after sometime someone knock on door and haya wake up and saw arjun sleeping she saw the time it was 5:00 pm then again someone knock so haya slowly move arjun’s hand from her waist and get up from bed and open the door it was aisha haya was about to say something but mother come from behind and said
mother:haya girls are waiting for u don’t u want to apply mehndi on your hand
haya:yes mother I’m coming in a min
then haya came near arjun and put blanket over him and came outside then the girl applied mehndi and now its time to write name on haya’s hand the girl ask
girl:what is ur husband name
girl was about to write but haya stop her and said
haya:can u please make a heart and write his name in it
the girl smiled and said

then the girl make heart and write arjun’s name in it after sometime when arjun wake up he saw haya was sitting beside him looking at her hands then arjun put his head on her lap and said
arjun:why u didn’t wake me up
haya:because if ur were awake u will do office work that’s why I let u sleep
arjun:ooohh really is that so
arjun:well show me ur hands
then haya show him her hands and arjun said
arjun:I heard that girls write their husbands,boyfriends or the person she loves name on her hand it is true
arjun:did u write my name on your hand
arjun:where show me
haya:because u have to find it
arjun:what but why should I find it
haya:I don’t know that but mother told me that husband have to find his name on his wife’s hand
arjun:ok then let me see saying that arjun get up and took haya’s hands in his and saw them carefully haya was staring him lovingly then arjun said
arjun:its so difficult
haya:let it dry first then when I will remove it then u can see
arjun:ok well I’m hungry saying this arjun again lie down on haya’s lap then suddenly someone knock on door and haya said
it was mother

mother:beta come for dinner
haya:ok mother
then both came outside because haya’s applied mehndi so Arjun make her eat with his hands and aisha get jealous then everyone gone to their room for sleeping when arjun came inside the room he saw haya she was removing her jewelry arjun lock the door and came near haya and help her removing her necklace then haya stop as arjun was helping her then arjun remove her earring then her bangles and at last her waist chain which she was wearing for the first time as soon as arjun’s fingers touch haya’s waist haya close her eyes then arjun turn haya and kiss her forehead and said
arjun:thanks for trusting me
then arjun kiss her eyes and said
arjun:thanks for supporting me
then arjun kiss her cheeks and said
arjun:thanks for tolerating my anger and nonsense talks
then haya open her eyes and saw arjun both were looking into each others eyes then arjun slowly slowly came close to her lips and then kiss her first softly then passionately and for the first time haya kiss arjun back her hands was on arjun’s chest then arjun release haya and both looked at each other with lots of love then arjun lift haya in his arms and lie her down on bed haya turn to other side and arjun hug her from behind then haya turn to him and hug him tightly and arjun hug her back even more tightly and both fall asleep in each others arms peacefully

Next Morning
haya get up and saw arjun sleeping she gone to washroom and came out after getting ready arjun was still sleeping she came near arjun and try to wake him up but he didn’t wake up and said
arjun:babe please let me sleep
haya:arjun please get up its already 9:00am now get up
arjun:no I won’t
then haya hold her hairs and drop some water on his face and Arjun said
arjun:haya i wont get up and u come let’s sleep together saying this arjun pull haya and she fall on him arjun hold her tightly from waist and said
arjun:now I won’t leave u saying this he pull her even more closer there was only an inch gap between them then arjun said
arjun:u look so beautiful in wet hairs
haya:arjun please let me go
arjun:first my morning kiss
arjun:that’s not fair u always do this with me saying this arjun make sad face and haya laugh seeing him like this and said
haya:u r looking cute like this
arjun stare haya lovingly and said
arjun:and u r looking even more beautiful like this saying this arjun remove haya’s hair from her face and lock them behind her ear
haya:aww thank u
arjun:my kiss
arjun:babe look u know even if u say no right now I will take it later so let me take it right now saying this arjun pull haya closer and was about to kiss but then they hear tanu’s voice and knock on door but arjun was not leaving haya then haya said
haya:arjun please let me go saying this haya make a innocent face and arjun leave her then haya open the door and saw tanu,raj and aisha seeing aisha haya was angry but didn’t show but Arjun saw her expression and understood that haya is angry seeing aisha then arjun get up from bed and stand behind haya and said
Arjun:good morning guys
raj:good morning to u too now get ready fast guys its my engagement today
haya:yeah I’m ready
tanu:u r looking so beautiful
arjun:she always look beautiful
haya smile hearing arjun and tanu n raj tease haya and aisha get jealous then arjun said
arjun:u guys go we r coming then they leave and arjun close the door and said
arjun:my kiss
haya: ok I’ll give but if u find ur name in my hands
arjun:ok show me ur hands
haya give him her hands and after sometime Arjun smile and haya said
haya:what happened
arjun kiss her hand where is name was written and said
arjun:I found my name saying this arjun saw haya his name and said
arjun:now my kiss
haya:ok close ur eyes
arjun:no haya its not fair
haya:please arjun
arjun:ok but no cheating saying this arjun close his eyes and haya smile then she slowly slowly came close and lightly kiss arjun’s lips and run from there in washroom and arjun stand there in shock then both came for bf after bf everyone was doing engagement arrangements and haya was helping mother and other girls and arjun was helping other boys in arrangements then haya saw arjun and stare him lovingly and song start in background (this song is from movie Ishq Ne Krazy Kiya Re)

Tadpaave ishq mein
Bairi jiya o Rabba ve
Tadpaave ishq mein
Bas mera haan ab kahaan ve
Tadpaave ishq mein

then arjun saw haya helping mother and arjun stare haya lovingly

Jaane hua kab se shuru
Aisa sitam haaye re
Neendon pe hai thehre huve
Tere khwabon ke daayre
Sab se huaa mehroom ye
Jab se tujhe chaahe re

Haaye ishq jo kar betha
Naino pe jo mar betha
Ik pal bhi naa dil ko chain aaye re (x2)

haya was staring arjun and mother was saying something but haya was so lost in arjun that she didn’t realize what mother is saying then tanu came and shake haya n she came in her sense and mother and tanu laugh and haya fee shy and she lower her eyes

Mujhpe huaa hai jo tera asar
Aane laga ab toh sabko nazar
Khamosh hain baatein, chup hai zubaan
Kehna lagi aakhein sab kuch magar

arjun saw haya shy and smile

Jab aise tu sharmaaye re
Dil ko bada dhadkaaye re
Jaane na jo kar jaaye tu piya

Haaye ishq jo kar betha
Naino pe jo mar betha
Ik pal bhi na dil ko chain aaye re (x2)

then everyone was talking and haya was just talking about arjun

Haan.. mere labon pe hai
Shaam-o-subah ab dastaan teri qissa tera
Shaamil hai tu mujh mein kuch is tarah
Har saans mein ab hai hissa tera

arjun was looking at haya and haya was also looking at arjun raj was on leader decorating door then raj was losing balance he told arjun to hold leader but arjun was so lost in haya that he didn’t hear raj then suddenly raj loses balance and he fall down and arjun came in his sense

Nazrein teri behkaaye re
Haule se kuchh keh jaaye re
Bechain sa reh jaaye re jiya..

Haaye ishq jo kar betha
Naino pe jo mar betha
Ik pal bhi na dil ko chain aaye re (x2)

In Engagement
arjun was wearing red and dark green sherwani and haya was wearing red and dark green lehenga arjun was mesmerize seeing her then haya came with tanu and make tanu sit beside raj then both did engagement arjun and haya was standing together and then arjun hold haya’s hand haya looked at him and arjun looked at haya and both smile
then after engagement everyone had dinner and gone to their room respectively and when haya came out of washroom Arjun was already on bed then haya also lie down on bed then arjun turn to her he hug her from behind and kiss her right cheek and said
arjun:good night babe
haya smile and said
haya:good night arjun
then both doze off

Next Episode:Arya’s At Shopping With Everyone ?
hey everyone how are you all ?
here is the 20th episode omg I’m posting 20th episode I’m so happy and this is all because of ur guys love and support thanks a lot everyone and keep loving me and supporting me like this and I will try my best to make my story better and better ?? so tell me how’s it after reading till then bye tc and LOVE U ALL ALOT ???????

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