Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 18)


Episode 18
the episode start with arjun get up in the morning and saw haya she was sleeping she was looking so beautiful like a doll arjun kiss her forehead and she smile in sleep then haya’s phone start ringing arjun saw it was raj so arjun came out of room so that haya won’t get disturb and pick up the phone and said
arjun:hello raj
raj:hey arjun h r u and how’s choti
arjun:I’m fine and she is also fine
raj:sorry if i disturb u but I think haya get up at 6:00 usually
arjun:yeah actually yesterday we were in my employee’s engagement party and we came home late that’s why she is still sleeping
raj:ooh sorry yaar i disturb u
Arjun: no yaar I was awake its ok
raj:well I call to invite u guys
arjun:invite for what
Raj: actually after 2 week I’m getting married
arjun:what really congratulations yaar
raj:thanks and inform choti
arjun:yeah I will inform her as soon as she get up
raj:ok and yes u guys are going to stay here because I’m getting married here in orphanage
arjun:yeah off course

raj:and u both are coming today and will stay here till my wedding
Arjun:what today but
raj:bhai please no excuse
arjun:ok yaar we will come
Raj: good so pack ur bags fast and come till evening because my girlfriend in coming in evening so I want u both there
arjun:ok Buddy see u saying this arjun cut the call and came inside and put haya’s phone on table and came out then after sometime arjun came inside and saw haya she was still sleeping then arjun put the tray which was in his hand down and said
arjun:babe wake up look I made bf for u saying this arjun came near haya and sit behind her and said while patting on her shoulder softly

arjun:haya get up look bf is getting cold
haya:please mother let me sleep little more saying this haya pull the blanket and cover herself and Arjun smile and think something then arjun get in the blanket and lie behind haya and slide his fingers on her bareback then arjun kiss her neck and as soon as haya feel his touch haya immediately turn to him and arjun pull haya closer and said
arjun:good morning babe
haya:what were u doing
arjun:just trying to wake up u
haya:this is not a way to wake up someone
arjun:yeah ur right this not a way to wake up someone this is a way to wake up only u well u didn’t even wish me good morning
haya:good morning saying this haya came out of blanket and sat on bed and arjun also came out and said
arjun:just good morning
haya:so what else u want me to say
arjun:I don’t want u to say I want u do give

arjun:a good morning kiss and haya give him a look that says”as if I will kiss u” and arjun said
arjun:its ok if u don’t want to give I’ll take it saying this arjun came closer to haya but haya push him and said
haya:I’m hungry
arjun:me too let’s eat up each other saying this arjun smile and come more close to haya and haya push him again and get up from bed and said
haya:arjun u r too much
arjun:this is not much there is lot to come for u Darling saying this arjun get up from bed and hold haya’s hand and said

Arjun:leave all this and come let’s have bf I made bf for u
haya saw bf and feel so happy that he made bf for her and said
Arjun:its ok and one important thing saying this arjun pull haya down and both sat on sofa then haya said
haya:what important thing
arjun:when u were sleeping raj call and he told me that he is getting married 2 week later
haya: what bhai is getting married and he didn’t even told me
arjun:actually he call on ur phone but u were sleeping so I attend it and he said that today his girlfriend is coming in evening so he want us to be there and we’ll stay there till wedding so after bf pack ur bags ok
haya:hmm ok but what about ur office
arjun:I’m boss I can take leave for 2 week and there is more people who can look after office in my absence

then both had bf and Arjun came in his room haya was there she was packing his bags and arjun was on phone
arjun:tina I’m on leave for next 2 weeks so u will handle all my meetings and all the work and I don’t want any mistakes and when I will come I want that Shah’s project done got it
tina:but sir we haven’t even start the project so how can we complete that project in 2 weeks we need at least a month to complete that project
arjun:I don’t know anything work day and night but complete that project in 2 weeks stay in office and complete that project and only u will do that project alone got it saying this arjun cut the call without listening to her and arjun thought in mind
arjun in mind:now tina will be busy 24\7 and she won’t be able to call haya or trouble her saying this arjun smile evilly and then arjun saw haya so he get up and hug her from behind and said
arjun:what r u doing jaan saying this arjun kiss her shoulder and haya push him little away and said

haya:I was packing your bag saying this haya close his bag and was going but arjun stop her and said
arjun:where r u going now
haya:I’m going to iron your shirt
arjun:don’t go saying this arjun pull haya closer
haya:arjun let me go I have lots of work to do
arjun:first my morning kiss which u didn’t give me
haya:and I’m not going to give u even now

arjun:its ok if u don’t want to give but at least let me take it saying this arjun came close to her lips and softly put his lips on her and haya close her eyes and arjun kiss her harder and harder both were so lost in each other that they didn’t realize that they are kissing like this for so long then arjun’s phone start to ring but Arjun didn’t let go after sometime Arjun release haya and again phone start to ring then arjun said
arjun:I heard somewhere that world is enemy of lovers but today I saw that saying this arjun leave haya and pick the call and said

arjun:what tina
tina:sir can’t we sent someone else
arjun:do u want me to sent someone else
tina:yes sir
arjun:ok fine then get out of my office right now
tina:what but why
arjun:if u don’t want to work then I don’t want useless people in my office
tina:no sir I will go
arjun:good and one more thing don’t call me until I call u even if its important don’t call got it
tina:yes sir

arjun:good saying this arjun cut the call and then arjun and haya both came down have did lunch and after lunch both get ready arjun was wearing blue jeans with black shirt and blazer and haya was wearing dark green lahenga saree with heavy embroidery of red colour matching accessories and then both leave for orphanage after sometime both reach orphanage and ring the door bell and raj open the door and said
raj:hey guys saying this raj hug both and they came inside then raj said
raj:arjun choti meet tanu and her sister aisha

tanu: hey guys
then Aisha turn and arjun was shocked to see her and Aisha said
aisha: hello guys and she smile evilly

Next Episode:A Bitter Truth Of Past To Make The Present And Future Brighter And To Make The Lovers Stronger And Closer… ?
Hey Everyone Here Is The Episode 18 I Hope U Will Like It Tell Me After Reading Till Then Bye Take Care And LOVE U ALL A LOT ?????

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  1. Aisha i think she is arjun ex girlfriend

    1. u will get to know in next episode ?

  2. Very romantic episode..who is that aishaa yaar ..again one more hurdle for arya love..so sad ..

    1. thanks and well she is villain but don’t worry because of her they will come closer ??

  3. I loved it ! Everything!! Arjun’s keeping Tina busy!! Love it even more… And Aisha?! What does she have to do with Arjun?! And bitter past?! God no …. If it’ll bring them closer, then I’m OK with it .. Keep up with the good writing skills… Update soon!!

    Love you ??

    1. thanks a lot and u will get to know in next episode ? will update asap ?love u too ?

  4. very nice

  5. Awesome update dear. So now tina was busy with lots of work ,arjun was superb??. Precap seems interesting .Will be waiting for next update.
    Love u ??.take care..

    1. thanks a lot will update ASAP and love u too and u to take care ??

  6. Nice episode dr. . Nd I hv one doubt yaar, in previous episode u wrote like arjun ordering someone to kidnap tina. . But in today episode nothing it doesn’t seems like tat happend .. explain me tat…
    Nd pre cap is superb… Good writing carry on .. bye princess. .???

    1. thanks ? actually arjun was just give examples he just dont want to see her before morning that’s it ? will update ASAP bye Pooja?

  7. awesome arya rocks

  8. It was so good episode. After knowing Tina’s truth Arjun is getting more closer to haya… But what is this new hurdle Aisha…?????

    1. thanks and u will get to know in next episode ?

  9. Good….now Arjun will make Tina’s life hell . And who is this Aisha ? Waiting for next update. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. thanks and u will get to know in next episode and will update ASAP ? u too take care ?

  10. Awesome. loved it. now another character. Who is this aisha now??!! Arjun keeping tina busy. that was too gud. everything was superb.

    1. thanks a lot and u will get to know in next episode ??

  11. Awesome, marvellous episode, arjun very nicely keeping Tina out…very clever n smart…haya very lucky to have him as life partner n lover…precap is very interesting, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thanks a lot and next episode is posted and love u too ??

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