Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 17)


Episode 17
the episode start with Arjun get up in the morning he saw haya was not there then he gone to washroom and came after shower when he came out he saw his clothes and everything was on bed then he get ready and think something then he call haya after sometime haya came and said
Arjun turn to haya and said
Arjun:look this shirt’s button is broken saying this Arjun came toward haya and show her then haya said
haya:but it was not broken when I put the shirt on bed
Arjun wear his clothes and call haya after calling her Arjun hold his shirt’s button and broke it
flashback end) present day
arjun smile and said
Arjun:but it is
haya:ok just a min I’ll give u other shirt
Arjun:no need for other shirt sew the button
Arjun:yeah I’m already late so hurry up
haya:ok saying this haya take a needle and thread and start to sew his button she was standing little far so Arjun pull haya closer and haya looked at him then Arjun said
Arjun:if u will stand close it will ne easy for u to sew
and haya give him a look that says “do u think I’m fool” arjun looked at haya and smile because he know that his excuse was silly Arjun was staring her lovingly then haya sew button and was looking at Arjun because he was still holding her then haya said
haya:Arjun button is stitched
haya:so leave me
Arjun:what if I don’t
haya:Arjun please
Arjun:please what
haya:please let me go
Arjun:ok i will leave u but I want something in return
haya:what u want
Arjun:I will tell u later now let’s go
haya was staring him lovingly then Arjun said
Arjun:come now let’s have bf saying this Arjun leave haya and hold haya’s hand and both had their bf and Arjun leave for office then at lunch when Arjun came Arjun said
Arjun:haya today is my employee’s engagement and he invited us so be ready at 8:00pm I’ll come home and after changing we’ll leave
then Arjun leave and haya did all the work then at 6:30 haya came in her room and take shower then haya get ready then Arjun came home he change his clothes he was wear black jeans white shirt with black blazer he saw haya and Arjun was stunned by seeing haya she was wearing red and black lehenga saree with heavy embroidery on it and matching accessories her hair was open and because of that she was looking even more beautiful then haya saw Arjun and said

haya:I’m ready shall we go
Arjun came in his sense and said
Arjun:yeah let’s go
then they reach at venue they came inside and Arjun introduce haya to everyone after sometime tina came there haya was upset seeing her then its time to dance and tina came to Arjun and ask for dance first Arjun refuse but then when she insist Arjun think something and agreed then they dance haya saw them dancing and feel jealous and hurt she knew that it will hurt but this much that she won’t be able to tolerate that something she didn’t know and then a moment came when haya feel like killing tina for dancing with so closeness with Arjun now haya can’t see them together anymore haya immediately get up and ask a girl that where is washroom she tell haya that where is washroom and haya left Arjun saw haya going and he said in his mind
Arjun in mind:I know babe its hurting u but I can’t tell u that i know everything because if by mistake tina get to know that I know the truth then she can harm u too and I can’t take this risk but don’t worry its a matter of some days then everything will be fine and once everything sort out then I will not let u go away from me even for a second I will hold u in my arms tightly so that no one can separate us then after dance Arjun came out and call someone and came inside after sometime someone call arjun and tina was standing beside Arjun he pick the call and said
Arjun:ooh shit yeah I forget ok I’ll sent someone saying this Arjun cut the call and tina ask
tina:what happened sir
Arjun:actually I forget Mr khanna’s project file in office and they are coming here to sign the file so will u please go to office and bring that file because I can’t go they can come any moment
tina:its ok sir I’ll go saying this tina left and Arjun call someone and said
Arjun:she is leaving for office lock her in office or kidnap her do anything but I don’t want to see her before morning got it saying this Arjun cut the call and said to himself
Arjun to himself:now no one will come between me and my haya saying this Arjun smile and look for haya then the boy and girl who’s engagement is (his name is sameer and his fiancée name is Sanjana) came and said
sameer: hello sir she is my fiancée sanjana
sanjana:hello sir
sameer:Sir where is bhabhi
Arjun:even I’m looking for her actually I saw her going upstair but don’t know in which room she is
sanjana:sir is ur wife wearing red and black lehenga saree
Arjun:yes why
sanjana:actually I told her where is washroom and she is in that room saying this she indicate arjun
Arjun:thanks saying this Arjun run upstair
on the other side haya was crying because she know that one day she have to go away from Arjun and the problem is that she don’t want to live without him she was remembering that how tina and arjun was dancing and their closeness thinking about that she cry even more then Arjun came inside the room and knock on washroom door and haya said
haya:who’s this
Arjun:its me babe
haya:yes I’m coming saying this haya wipe her tears and wash her face and came out arjun saw her and he was so hurt seeing haya like this then arjun said
arjun:what happened r u alright
haya:yes I’m fine
arjun:let’s go its time for engagement saying this arjun hold haya’s hand and both came down then arjun introduce haya to sameer and sanjana then the engagement happened and now its time for couple dance so sameer and sanjana ask arjun and haya to dance as they are newly married couple and arjun immediately said
arjun:yes why not saying this both came on stage with sameer and sanjana there was more couple also then lights gone off and dim light on then arjun pull haya closer he put his right hand on her waist and his left hand was joint with het right hand and her left hand was on his right shoulder then song start

Maine khud ko de diya hai tujhko
Main tera.. hoon tera
Kaate na kate, leta hai ye karvate
Din mera.. din mera
Aa tujhme bitaaun ratiyaan
Dil dil ko sunaaye batiyaan
Aa tujhme bitaaun ratiyaan
Ho tu mujhme kahin pe bas jaa
Ho… aa…

Arya was lost in each others

Tune chhuaa.. toh main dhadakne laga
Dil ki duaa.. hothon pe rakhne laga
Tune chhuaa.. toh main dhadakne laga
Dil ki duaa.. hothon pe rakhne laga

Aa tujhme bitaaun ratiyaan
Dil dil ko sunaaye batiyaan
Aa tujhme bitaaun ratiyaan
Tu mujhme kahin pe bas jaa
Ho… aa…

then arjun spin haya and pull her even more closer haya’s heart was beating so fast that she was thinking it will come out

Meri raahe.. kadmon pe tere ruke
Ye panaahe.. sajde mein tere jhuke
Ye meri raahe.. kadmon pe tere ruke
Ye panaahe.. sajde mein tere jhuke

after every minute haya was looking around and arjun understand that she is scared because of tina she is thinking what if she saw us together then arjun tighten his hold on haya’s waist and haya looked at him and arjun said
arjun:ur dancing with me so look at me saying this arjun smile and haya also smile

Maine khud ko de diya hai tujhko
Main tera.. hoon tera
Kaate na kate, leta hai ye karvate
Din mera.. din mera
Aa tujhme bitaaun ratiyaan
Dil dil ko sunaaye batiyaan
Aa tujhme bitaaun ratiyaan
Ho tu mujhme kahin pe bas jaa
Ho… aa…

then after dance they have dinner and then came home haya came in her room and change she was wearing simple dark green saree with as usual sindoor and mangalsutra and 2 golden bangles one in right and one in left then haya’s phone ring she saw it was arjun’s msg she open the msg and this is what he said “come in my room before sleeping” then haya came in arjun’s room he was sitting on bed doing something in his phone haya came near arjun and said
haya:u msg me to come so I came
arjun:ooh yeah I call u to say that u will sleep here
arjun:here in this room on this bed with me
haya:no I don’t want to sleep here
Arjun:I’m not asking u I’m telling u and u can’t refuse as u said u will do what ever I say and remember I was going to ask u something in return for letting u go in morning so that’s it I want u to sleep here on this bed with me now come let’s sleep
haya:no I will not saying this she was going but arjun hold her hand and pull her toward him and haya fall on arjun she try to get up but arjun held her more tightly and make her look at him her hair was covering her face so arjun hold her hair and lock them behind her ear and said
arjun:day by day u r getting more and more beautiful
haya felt shy and she lower her eyes then arjun said
arjun:u look even more beautiful when u get shy and saying this arjun put his right hand on back of her neck and pull her face closer and kiss her lips softly and haya immediately close her eyes then after sometime arjun release her and haya’s eyes were still close then arjun put haya on other side of the bed and came on top of her and haya open her eyes and said
haya:arjun but before haya could say further arjun said
arjun:please don’t stop me today because I can’t stop myself and u said u won’t stop me remember saying this arjun smile and haya nod in yes then arjun kiss her neck haya’s hand was on his back after feeling arjun’s lips on her neck haya clutch Arjun’s shirt tightly then Arjun kiss her shoulder then arjun kiss on haya’s lips softly but for long time then after releasing her lips arjun hug haya tightly and whisper in her ear
arjun:I just can’t stop myself from loving u saying this arjun kiss her forehead and both doze off in each other arms

Next Episode:Raj Wedding And Arya’s Romance
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