Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 16)


Episode 16

the episode start with arjun came down after changing and sat on chair haya serve him food and arjun ask her to have lunch with him and haya sat down but she was lost in her thoughts and was not eating then arjun said
arjun:what happened why r u not eating is ur hand paining still
haya:no not much actually can i go to meet mother today
arjun:yes why not in fact after lunch u get ready I’ll drop u while going office back
arjun then take haya’s plate and haya said
haya:what happened
arjun:let me make u eat otherwise u will not eat properly then after lunch haya get ready she was wearing neon green net lehenga half sleeves saree with heavy embroidery and matching accessories and she make bun of hair she came out of house and sat in car arjun saw her and was staring her haya saw him and said

haya:what am I looking bad
arjun:no not bad but 1 second saying this arjun came close and open her hair and said
arjun:perfect now u r looking really beautiful saying this arjun smile romantically and haya feel shy so she turn her face to window wind was blowing and haya’s hair was flying and arjun was staring her while driving then they reach orphanage haya and arjun get down and ring the door bell a girl open the door (her name is naina) she saw haya and hug her and greet arjun then mother ask from behind
mother: who is there naina and mother came and saw haya and arjun then both greet mother and mother said
mother:beta come inside then haya and arjun came inside after sometime arjun said
arjun:ok I’m going now
mother:why beta
arjun:actually mother i just came to drop haya i was going office
mother:ok beta drive carefully
arjun:hmm ok mother saying this arjun get up and was looking at haya and haya was looking arjun mother saw them and said

mother:I’ll just come saying this mother leave from there and arjun said
arjun: wouldn’t you come with me till door
haya:yes why not saying this haya also get up they reach at door arjun came out an turn to haya and said
arjun:I’ll pick u at night while coming from office u don’t need to go home alone
arjun:no ifs and buts take care saying is arjun came close and kiss her right cheek
haya:arjun what r u doing someone will see
arjun:that why i kiss u on cheek otherwise i will kiss on your saying this arjun wink and left and haya came inside blushing just then mother came with snacks and said
mother: my haya look so beautiful when she smile saying this she put the tray down
haya:how is ur health now
mother:after seeing my daughter so happy I’m perfectly fine now
haya smile and mother said
haya:yes mother
mother:what happened to ur hand
haya:its just a small cut mother
mother:beta its not a small cut its seems really deep
haya:no mother its ok now Arjun has changed the bandage in morning
mother:is it paining
haya:not much
mother:what not much i can see clearly its a deep cut
haya:why everyone is so worried on such a small cut I’m fine now
haya:yes even arjun reaction was like that when he saw the cut
mother:because we care for u see now Arjun he like u and care for u that why he get worried when he saw your injury now tell me do u still think that he don’t like u as u said that day in party
haya:yes mother i know he cares a lot he is a very good brother and person
mother: and he is also a very good husband and son
haya:yes saying this haya smile and then suddenly someone knock on door haya and mother looked up it was arjun standing at door
mother:arey arjun come inside beta
arjun:actually i forget my phone so i came to take it
mother: ok
then arjun take his phone and walk toward door then before sitting inside the car arjun turn and looked at haya and smile then left then arjun was driving and remembering the words haya said to mother just few min ago because when arjun came they were talking and hearing their topic arjun stopped at door and heard their conversion that is the reason arjun was smiling
In Night
Arjun and haya reach home and haya change her saree and wear a simple light blue saree with mangalsutra and sindoor and 2 golden bangles one in right and one in left then after changing haya came in kitchen to make dinner then while having dinner haya said
haya:Arjun I want to talk to u
Arjun:yes tell me

haya:actually I want to talk about
haya:about divorce
arjun:what about divorce
haya:i want divorce saying this haya close her eyes thinking Arjun will shout but what Arjun said was unexpected
arjun:ok when mother will be fine then we’ll file for divorce
after dinner Arjun was watching horror movie in his room haya came in arjun’s room to put his clothes haya saw that Arjun was watching horror movie she get scared Arjun saw that and said
Arjun:haya come sit let’s watch movie together
haya:no I have lots of work u carry on
Arjun:arey come na sit work can wait come
haya:hmm ok
haya came and sat beside Arjun it was really creepy scene so haya get scared and she lower her eyes Arjun saw haya and he switch off the TV and said
Arjun:what happened r u scared
haya:scared and me no nothing like that saying this haya get up and was going and Arjun said
Arjun:where r u going
haya:in my room for sleeping
Arjun:will u be able to sleep alone
haya:ummm yeah I mean off course I’m not scared I know its just a movie and I can sleep alone r u scared

Arjun can see clearly that how scared she is but won’t admit then Arjun think and said
Arjun:yes I’m scared please don’t go stay here
but if u don’t want then
haya:no no its ok I will stay here saying this haya gone toward bed and sat there and Arjun smile then Arjun also came toward bed and both lie down on bed haya was on right and Arjun was on left arjun’s back was facing haya’s back then after sometime haya turn to Arjun and pat on his shoulder Arjun open his eyes and without turning said
Arjun:what happened
haya:please turn around
Arjun turn to haya and said
haya:actually u said ur scared so if u sleep while facing someone then u won’t feel scared that’s it good night saying this haya close her eyes then after sometime Arjun came close to haya and hug her haya open her eyes and was looking at Arjun then Arjun said
Arjun:actually I’m scared so if I will be close to someone then I will be able to sleep peacefully saying this Arjun tighten his grip and haya also hug him and fall asleep then in middle of the night someone call Arjun and get up immediately and come out of room and pick up the phone and on the other side there was boy the boy said

boy:sir work is done
Arjun:good I will call u and will inform u what u have to do and when to do
boy:ok sir
Arjun:hmm saying this Arjun cut the call and came inside the room haya was sleeping arjun came and sat beside haya where he was sleeping then he take her hand in his hand and said
Arjun:I’m so sorry haya that because of me u have to go through so much saying this Arjun kiss haya’s hand
When tina came today at lunch time that time Arjun also came Arjun saw tina and haya Arjun was going to come inside but when he hear tina saying “Arjun Is My” arjun stop he hide there and Arjun heard their full conversion that moment when Arjun get to know the truth he felt liking killing tina he was so shocked that haya who he think betrayed him was actually trying to save his life Arjun remembered the first time when he saw haya till today then when tina was coming out Arjun hide there and tina didn’t see him and left Arjun saw haya crying and he came inside so that haya will stop crying
Flashback End) Present Day
Arjun has tears in his eyes he wipe his tears and said

Arjun:I promise haya I will not leave her easily she will pay for her deeds the pain she give u now she will bear its double I will make her life worse than hell she will beg me to kill her but even then I will not kill her I will show her that what is the result of hurting my life why is the result of making my love cry she will pay for every tear that drop from your eyes saying this Arjun lie down and hug haya again as they were sleeping and after sometime Arjun to fall asleep

Next Episode: Arjun’s Office Employ Engagement Party And Arjun’s Plan Against Tina And Arya’s Romantic Dance Performance

Hey frds h r u all ?
Here is the 16th episode and please suggests some awesome romantic songs on which Arya should dance and tell me how’s it after reading till then bye tc and LOVE U ALL A LOT ???

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  3. it is awesome. ..

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  5. wow finally tina dirty plan revealed arjun arya rocks.

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    Love you??

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    1. thanks a lot and next episode is summited I hope soon TU team will post it ?

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