Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 15)


Episode 15
the episode start with haya knock on the door Arjun was standing in balcony looking out and then Arjun said
Arjun:u don’t need to knock haya saying this Arjun came inside haya was standing there looking down she was just wearing a simple saree with her sindoor and mangalsutra and her hair was open but still she was looking very beautiful then Arjun came forward he make haya sit on bed then he gone toward side table of bed and bring First Aid Box and sat beside haya he take her injured hand in his hand but haya pull her hand back and said
haya:it’s OK u don’t have to but arjun cut her in mid and take her hand again in his hand then said
arjun:haya the cut seems really deep let me see saying this Arjun remove the bandage from her hand and take out a cotton from First Aid Box to clean the blood while doing this Arjun said
arjun:haya I know my sorry is not enough and this time I have hurt u even more but u know I can’t see u with someone else and when I saw u with someone else it kills me and trust me whatever I said it just come out of anger I really didn’t mean anything please I’m really sorry I know its difficult for u to forgive me but please forgive me if u can saying this he close the First Aid Box and kiss haya’s injured hand and a tear escape from arjun’s eye and fall on haya’s injured hand haya feel his tear on her hand and make him looked at her Arjun looked up and haya saw tears in his eyes and at that moment when haya saw Arjun in tears she forget everything she forget their differences their fight their misunderstanding the promise she made to tina the promise she made to herself everything she just remember that the person who is her world is crying in front of her for her and then suddenly haya hug Arjun and Arjun hug her back tightly and said
arjun:I’m so sorry haya please forgive me I’m really sorry please forgive me one last time
haya:arjun please don’t cry it’s OK I understand but please don’t cry saying this haya separate herself from Arjun and whip his tears and arjun again hug her and this time passionately and while hugging Arjun softly kiss haya’s shoulder and haya realize their closeness and immediately separate herself from Arjun and get up to go and Arjun said
arjun:what happened
haya:it’s really late I should go saying this haya was going but stop in mid way when she turn to see Arjun was holding the end of her saree then Arjun get up and fold the saree in his hand and came just behind haya there was only a inch gap between them then haya said
haya:arjun let me go
arjun:I don’t want u to go
haya:but I want to go
arjun:but u said once that u will obey me remember
haya:but I didn’t said that I will do everything
arjun:but u didn’t even said that u will not do everything saying this Arjun came more close and now there is no gap between them Arjun left her saree and he put his right hand on her bare belly and haya felt like someone has give her a electric shock and she close her eyes and Arjun holds haya’s left hand from his left and put it on her belly with his left hand above her and kiss her back romantically and said
arjun:I never saw someone looking so beautiful in such a simple attire
then Arjun turn haya to his side and hold her right hand softly and put it on his chest near his heart and said
arjun:I never knew that I have a heart which can beat for someone unless u came in my life
then Arjun cupped her face in his hand and kiss her forehead and said
arjun:I never saw someone innocent more than u
then Arjun kiss her both eyes and said
arjun:it kills me when I saw tears in this eyes
then Arjun kiss both her cheeks and said
arjun:when u get shy ur cheeks get reddish that moment u look even more beautiful
hearing Arjun haya open her eyes and looked in his eyes then Arjun looked at haya’s lips and Leaned down and kiss her lips softly and haya close her eyes then Arjun looked at haya and said
arjun:I never taste anything sweeter than ur lips saying this Arjun lift haya in his arms and lie her down on bed then he came close and haya turn to other side her back was facing Arjun then Arjun hug haya from behind and kiss her back then shoulder then neck and said
arjun:babe please never leave me saying this Arjun hug haya even more tightly and both fall asleep

next morning
haya get up at 6:00 am she saw Arjun was sleeping she smile remembering last night that then she came out of the room and gone toward her room she take a shower and get ready she wear a beautiful yellow saree with golden embroidery on it and some matching accessories then haya came in Arjun room and saw Arjun was not there then she hear water sound was coming from washroom so she open his closet and was arranging his clothes then Arjun came out of washroom and saw haya arranging his clothes so he hug haya from behind and said
arjun:my clothes
when haya turn to his side she saw Arjun he was in towel so haya immediately turn back and said
haya:yeah just 1 min
then haya give his clothes and was going but arjun held her hand and said
arjun:is bf ready
haya:yeah almost
arjun:OK saying this Arjun left her hand and haya gone out of room then haya serve him bf and gone inside the kitchen after sometime when haya didn’t came out Arjun call haya
arjun:haya come here
haya came out and said
haya:yes what happened
arjun:what r u doing
haya: preparation of lunch
arjun:did u have ur bf
haya:no I’ll have it later
arjun:what do u mean u will have it later come sit here
haya:no its OK
arjun:haya he said dangerously
so haya came and sat down beside him then Arjun take an apple he cut it and make haya eat from him hands then Arjun leave for office then its lunch time haya was arranging table then suddenly door bell ring and a wide smile came on haya’s face she run toward door thinking its Arjun but as soon as she open the door her smile vanish because Tina was standing in front of her she came inside and said
Tina:what happened why ur smile vanished after seeing me
haya:why u came here
Tina:to remained u that Arjun is mine
Tina:yeah because I think ur forgetting
haya:what u want now I have already told u that as soon as my mother will be fine I will leave him
Tina:ooh please don’t give this bullshit about ur mother’s health because I really don’t care now listen to me carefully today when Arjun will come u will ask him for divorce
haya:but I do care about my mother look i did whatever u said u told me to leave Arjun I did u told me to tell Arjun that I hate him i did u told me to tell him that i betrayed him i did that u told me to tell him that I just want his money I did that too u told me to tell him that I love someone else not him I did but now I can’t risk my mother’s life
Tina:ook so u will not ask Arjun for divorce
haya:I will but not now
Tina:OK then be ready to see Arjun dying but not only him with him ur beloved mother will also die and it will be all because of u
haya was shocked and said while crying
haya:no please u cant do this
Tina:I will do this if u didn’t talk to Arjun about divorce
haya:OK I will but please don’t do anything to both of them
Tina:u will talk to him today
haya:OK I will
Tina:good and see u later saying this Tina left and haya turn n cry then suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder she immediately wipe her tears and turn and saw Arjun and Arjun said
arjun:what happened what r u doing here
haya:nothing I was just waiting for u
arjun:hmm OK I’ll just come after changing then we’ll have lunch
haya: hmm ok saying this haya gone in kitchen and Arjun gone in his room

Next Episode: No One Can Hide The Truth For Long Time
When two persons love each other truly then nothing can separate them no matter how much time it takes and how many peoples try to hide the truth but at the end of the day truth come out
hey frds how are you all ?
here is the 15th episode I can’t believe I’m posting 15th episode WOW ?
well tell me how’s it after reading till then bye tc and LOVE YOU ALL A LOT ???????

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    1. thanks a lot dear ? yes he will punish tina and will love haya ?
      No im not going to finish this story when i will start a new story then i will finish this one as of now i will continue this story ?
      Will update asap and love u too ??

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