Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 14)


Episode 14
the episode start with haya she was sleeping then suddenly phone ring haya open her eyes to see who’s call is this but when she open her eyes she saw Arjun who was sleeping and then she realize that both are hugging each other then again phone ring it was ti a who was calling arjun seeing tina’s name on screen haya immediately remove her hands from his waist and try to get up but Arjun pull her back and hug her again even more tightly then haya said in a whisper
haya:please leave me and let me go
Arjun:what If I don’t he was saying with close eyes
Arjun:why u want to go
haya:because its morning
Arjun:ok so what
haya:u r forgetting u told me to get up early in the morning
Arjun:oohh so u r obeying me saying this he open his eyes
Arjun:ok so u will do what ever I will say right
Arjun:ook remember this what u said saying this Arjun leave haya and get up he gone toward washroom but before entering in he said
arjun:make bf fast and arrange my clothes saying this he enter in washroom and haya also get up from bed she walk toward closet and arrange his things then she gone in her room she take a quick shower and change in simple white and blue saree with matching accessories then she came down and make bf for everyone after sometime rubi and sona came down and sat on chair and said
rubi:wow bhabhi did u make bf today
sona:yeah I think so because its smell so good
sona:wow well where is bhai
haya:he is taking shower
then after sometime Arjun came down and sat on chair then haya serve bf and was going but rubi stop her and said
rubi:bhabhi where r u going come have bf with us
haya:no I’ll have it later
Arjun:no come have bf anyway rubi and sona are leaving in evening
now haya know that she don’t have any choice she have to eat bf so she came to sit beside sona and sona ask her to sit with bhai and make her sit beside arjun and Arjun smile
In Evening
Arjun and haya drop rubi and sona at airport rubi and sona leave for Canada then when haya and arjun was coming out from airport haya collision with someone haya look up it was sona and rubi’s frd with whom haya dance in sona and rubi’s birthday party he saw haya and start talking and arjun felt jealous arjun was angry seeing haya talking to that guy but he control then arjun said
arjun:can we go now I have some urgent work
boy:ooh hello Mr Arjun and congratulation
Arjun:thanks saying this Arjun hold haya’s hand then Arjun and haya leave for home after sometime Arjun and haya reach home Arjun told haya to iron his shirt because he have to go office then haya gone in arjun’s room she take out a white shirt and iron it while ironing she burn her hand but still she iron his shirt then Arjun came and ask for his shirt haya give him his shirt but he throw the shirt on floor and said
Arjun: what is this can’t u even iron a shirt properly
haya:I’m sorry if its not iron properly I’ll do it again
arjun:off course u have to iron it again what u think u will burn ur hand and I will say don’t iron it or something like that well let me tell u You can’t leave your work for every injury
so do it fast saying this Arjun left the room and haya was shocked that how he talked to her
then haya immediately start ironing his shirt her hand was bleeding but she covered her hand in a piece of cloth and iron his shirt then before going to him for giving his shirt haya hide her hand behind her saree and give his shirt and leave from there immediately then time passes and now it’s been 2 week to their marriage and now haya do everything according to him so that he don’t get angry she show that she is not afraid of him but she get scared when he shout or rise his voice
then one day haya was working and mother came to meet her she ask haya to come with her to market haya thought for a while and said
haya:I’ll just inform Arjun then we’ll go
mother:yeah sure
then haya tried his number but he was not answering then haya msg him and left with mother they were in shop of clothes haya was buying clothes for kids then she was a shirt and she liked it so she buy it for arjun then they came home after sometime mother told haya that she forgot her purse in shop so haya said she will bring it haya reach there and a boy give him purse haya thank him and when haya turn to go she saw Arjun he was looking at her in anger then he came forward and grab haya’s hand and take her to parking lot and said
Arjun:how dare u step out of the house without my permission
haya:arjun I called u but u didn’t answer then I thought haya was saying but Arjun cut her in mid and said
arjun:then u thought u r free to meet anyone huh I never saw such a characterless girl in my life I told u hundred times not to meet any guy but what can I do now I already married a girl like u saying this Arjun leave haya and was going but haya while crying stop him and said
haya:arjun its not like that u r getting me wrong
but arjun push haya and left haya cry thinking that he think like that about her then after sometime haya reach orphanage she give purse to mother and left haya was walking on road crying haya was not able to forgot arjun’s harsh words she was feeling like someone is continuously shouting the words in her ear then it start raining heavily but it seems like its not affecting her and song start in background

Resha resha bikhra
Tera chehra teri ankhein
Saason mein meri chhupke
Leta hai tu saansein

Paas jo tha door hai kyun
Itne hum majboor hain kyun
Kyun hai nahin mere naseeb mein
Dhoonde jise shaamein meri shaamein
Laaoon kahan se woh lamhein

haya was walking on road crying

Lamhein lamhe, lamhein lamhe
Lamhein lamhe
Laaoon kahan se woh lamhein

Rose kose woh din
Shabnam shabnam si raatein
Jitna main bhoolun tujhko
Yaad aaye teri baatein

Neend mein taare sone lage
Kya the hum kya hone lage
Yaadon ke sab sheeshe hain kyun toote
Jaane kahan chhoote, kahan chhoote
Jaane kahan chhoote lamhein

she was remembering his harsh words

Lamhein lamhe, lamhein lamhe
Lamhein lamhe, lamhein lamhe
Lamhein jaane kahan chhoote lamhein

Khaali khaali raste
Poochhe kadmon se mere
Kehte kahan hain woh
Jo sang chalta tha tere
Laut ke aaye phir woh pal
Jo ginti hoon pal pal har din
Thehre hain palkon pe abhi aansu
Le aa kahin se tu, kahin se tu

Na na na na na..

Lamhein lamhe, lamhein lamhe
Lamhein lamhe, lamhein lamhe
Lamhein jaane kahan chhoote lamhein

Lamhein lamhe, lamhein lamhe
Lamhein jaane kahan chhoote lamhein x (2)

haya was still walking on road and rain was getting heavier and on the other side mother call Arjun he saw mother name on screen and pick up and said
arjun:hello mother h r u
mother:I’m fine beta actually I called because haya forgot the shirt she brought
mother:yeah actually I came in morning to meet and so I took her with me for buying clothes for kids because haya know likes and dislikes of kids and when we were shopping she like a shirt so she brought it for u and when we came home i told her that I forgot my purse in shop so haya said she will bring it after sometime she came but she didn’t came inside she left saying Arjun must be waiting
arjun felt extreme pain in his heart for saying so many bad things to her Arjun was lost thinking about haya then mother said
mother:arjun beta don’t tell her that I told u about the gift
arjun:yes mother saying this Arjun cut the call then Arjun saw that it was raining heavily so he get up and gone out to search haya before going he gives house key to guard and said
arjun:if haya came give her keys and inform me
guard:OK sir
them Arjun left and after sometime haya came walking toward the gate guard see her and give keys to haya and said
guard: sir told us to give u keys
haya take the keys and came inside and guard inform arjun then she gone in her room she take a shower and change her saree and wear simple pink saree with mangalsutra and sindoor only then she came in kitchen to make dinner because it was dinner time haya was remembering arjun’s words while cutting vegetables and she was so lost that she cut her right hand badly when she realise that her hand is injured she immediately bandage her hand and start making dinner again after sometime Arjun came and ring the door bell haya hide her hand under her saree and gone to open the door as haya open the door she saw Arjun and he was fully drenched Arjun came inside and haya close the door then Arjun was about to say something but haya said
haya:u r drenched u should go and change
arjun:haya actually
haya:dinner is ready u came after change then I’ll serve u haya was looking down while saying all this she was not able to look at him then Arjun gone in his room and came down after changing he sat on chair and wait for haya to come out of the kitchen so he can say sorry then after sometime haya came and was serving him food while haya was serving Arjun said
arjun:did u have dinner
haya:no I’m not hungry
arjun:what do u mean u r not hungry
haya:I mean I’m not saying this haya was going but arjun held her right hand and haya scream in pain and Arjun immediately leave her hand and ask
Arjun:what happened
haya:no nothing saying this haya again try to go but arjun get up and hold her hand softly and take it in his hand and Arjun was shocked and said
arjun:haya what is this
haya:it’s just a small cut
arjun:haya r u mad or what how this happened
haya:while cutting vegetables
arjun:u cut ur hand while cooking even then u cooked what’s the need can’t u leave ur work for a day
haya: i can’t leave my work for every injury
when Arjun hear this words he feel really bad and haya said
haya:u don’t have to worry about all the work I can do my work
arjun:no its not that actually I want to talk to u
haya:OK I’ll just come after putting everything in its place
arjun:OK I’m waiting for u in room saying this Arjun gone toward his room and haya gone in kitchen

Next Episode:Arya’s Romance
Hello frds how are you all?
so here is the episode 14th I try to write little longer hope u like it and I want to ask u guys something actually i write while listening songs so whenever I felt that this song is perfect for this scene I just put it so I want to know that r u guys OK with it or not I mean should I put song in between or not because I feel song is something that describe your feelings so that why I do that so tell me to continue to add songs in between or not and don’t forget to tell me how’s the episode till then bye tc and LOVE YOU ALL A LOT ???????

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