Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 13)


Episode 13
the episode start with haya she was sleeping then sun rays fall on her she get up and sat on bed she look at other side but Arjun was not there then her phone start to ring she looked at phone it was tina for that moment her heart stop but then she gone to balcony and pick up the phone and said
tina:what the hell is this huh what Arjun is saying
haya:what happened
tina:Arjun told me to arrange a grand party because he want to tell the world that he is married and when I ask who is the girl he told me its u
haya get shocked as hell and said
haya:what look I can explain
tina:explain ok tell me u said u will leave him right then why the hell u marry him I think his life is not important for u right
haya:no no please I will soon divorce him I married him because my mother had a heart attack and she wanted to see me settled before dying but I promise I will leave him as soon as my mother will be fine
tina:and what if he didn’t leave u
haya:he will because he hate me he think I betrayed him and he marry me to take revenge I promise I will never told him anything but please don’t do anything to him please
haya was crying badly while saying all this
tina:ok I believe u but if u ever try to tell me anything then he is gone and don’t ever try to show him your love and care n don’t go near him he is mine and I don’t want u to touch him don’t ever give him the rights of husband and if needed tell him that u love someone else and now promise me that u will do as I say
haya:yes I promise I will do everything like u say but please don’t do anything to him
tina:ok I promise he is save till he is away from u saying this tina cut the call and haya cry
then suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder she turn to see it was Arjun he saw haya in tears he take her face in his hand and said
Arjun:babe what happened

that moment haya just wanted to tell me everything but she was so helpless that she can’t even say that why she is crying then Arjun again ask
Arjun:haya tell me what happened why r u crying
haya:nothing saying this she was going but Arjun stop her and said
Arjun:haya I know there is something u r hiding from me please tell me did anyone said something please tell me
haya:no it’s nothing please let me go
Arjun:haya don’t lie I can see u r hiding something
haya:Arjun please I said there is nothing
now Arjun get angry and said
Arjun:for god sake haya tell me what happened
haya was so angry now not on Arjun but on tina that because of her she is hurting him and on other hand Arjun was keep asking haya that what happened then finally haya rise her voice but this much that only Arjun can hear
haya:stop it please stop it can’t u get I I don’t want to tell u anything please leave me I’m not hiding anything its just that I hate u because of u I’m away from my love u ruin my life I just hate u saying this haya was going but Arjun who’s anger is now beyond control pin her against the wall by holding her hands tightly and said
Arjun:u know what I thought there must be something that’s why u did all this but no u prove that I was so wrong that day I just said to said that I will make u regret the day u met me but today I promise that I will surely make u regret and I promise from today afterward I will make ur life worse than hell saying this Arjun tighten his grip on her hands then haya said
haya:Arjun leave me u r hurting me
Arjun:oohh really but this is just the start there is lot to come saying this Arjun push haya on floor in anger and walk out of the room and haya sat there and cry badly thinking about his words she know it will hurt her but this much she never thought and now she hate herself for hurting Arjun this much but she is helpless then after sometime haya came out of room mother,arjun,rubi and sona were having bf then mother saw haya and said
mother:haya beta come have bf hearing mother Arjun looked at haya but haya lower her eyes and avoid eye contact with him then while having bf sona and rubi said
sona & rubi:we want to say something
Arjun:yeah say
rubi:bhai u remember we told u that there is a academy of painting in Canada where we applied for admission
Arjun:yes what about that
sona:we got admission
Arjun:wow that good news
rubi:but there is a problem
sona: we have to leave for Canada tomorrow
Arjun:so what’s the problem
Arjun:don’t worry I will arrange
sona & rubi:thanks bhai
haya:well of how many days course is
rubi:1 year

hearing rubi haya cough and arjun take water glass in his hand and make her drink by his hands and smile evilly because he knew that haya was thinking that how will she stay alone with him in that house where haya was scared Arjun was happy then Arjun said
Arjun:mother tonight I have throw a party to tell the world that I’m married and I want u to come
mother:ooh why not beta I will come
rubi:wow bhai
sona:awesome bhai
then Arjun,haya,rubi and sona left to see arrangements for party after sometime they reach home as soon as haya enter she saw tina she was doing arrangement when tina saw haya she looked at haya with anger and haya immediately gone in her room then Arjun tell tina to go home and come in party and she left
At Party
rubi and sona was standing at door and was welcoming guests then after sometime Arjun came down and meet everyone then everyone ask Arjun that where is his wife and Arjun was about to say something but then he saw haya coming down she was wearing yellow and pink lehenga saree with matching jewelry and shoes she was looking so beautiful that Arjun was not able to take his eyes off of her then haya came to Rubi and she was standing with her but rubi make her stand with arjun then everyone congratulate them and then rubi and sona announce Arya’s dance performance haya want to refuse but before she could say Arjun hold her hand and take her to stage Arjun put his left hand on her waist and joint the right hand with her left and haya put her right hand on his shoulder and song start

Tere liye khudko badal de
Tere liye kuch bhi kar de
Waada hai tujh se mera
Ab sada ke liye

Tere liye saanse le rahein
Tere liye har din ji rahein
Tu hai mera main hoon tera
Ab sadaa ke liye

Khud pe koi hak rahan na humara
Tere liye hum hai jiye
Phir ab na hoga yeh ishq dobara
Tere liye hum hai jiye

Both were lost in each others eyes

Tu hai mera main hoon tera sahara
Tere liye hum hai jiye wo
Maarke bhi de doonga ye kafara
Tere liye hum hai jiye
O tere liye hum hain jiye

Jism ka nahin tera mera rista
Ruhon ka ye rista hai
Koi dekhe jab surat meri
Toh dikhe tera chehra hai

then Arjun spin haya her back was touching his front arjun rested his chin on her shoulder with close eyes and haya also close her eyes

Tu panaa meri, tu saya mera
Tu makan mera, main basera tera
Tu manzil meri, main musafir tera
Tujhpe hi aake main rukka

Khud pe koi hak rahan na humara
Tere liye hum hai jiye
Phir ab na hoga yeh ishq dobara
Tere liye hum hai jiye

Tu hai mera main hoon tera sahara
Tere liye hum hai jiye wo
Maarke bhi de doonga ye kafara
Tere liye hum hai jiye

then Arjun make her face him and came more close

Ikk din ye umr dhal jayegi
Zindagi poori ho jayegi
Tab bhi rehna paas yoon mera
Jab dil ki dhadkan tham jayegi
Teri baaho mein dum
Nikkle mera sanam
Hain bas ye hi akhiri dua

haya try to go but Arjun pull her to him he was so lost in her that he forgot the people around them

Khud pe koi hak rahan na humara
Tere liye hum hai jiye
Phir ab na hoga yeh ishq dobara
Tere liye hum hai jiye

Tu hai mera main hoon tera sahara
Tere liye hum hai jiye wo
Maarke bhi de doonga ye kafara
Tere liye hum hai jiye
O tere liye hum hai jiye

then Arjun was about to kiss her and haya whiper
then everyone around them start clapping and both came in her sense and haya immediately separate herself and then both get down from stage as they came down from stage mother and tina enter together Arjun and haya both go to mother and take blessing then tina give them roses bouquet and congratulate them
then after sometime tina ask arjun for a dance and arjun agreed haya saw them they were in front of her and haya feel jealous so she turn her face to other side arjun saw her getting jealous and smile then mother came and take haya inside in a room they came in Arjun room and sat on bed and mother said
mother:beta actually I wanted to ask u something
haya:yes mother
mother:actually I know it’s a silly question but I want to know that r u happy with Arjun
haya was shocked because she didn’t expect this question from mother and haya was in tears thinking that how much she had hurt him then mother said
mother:what happened haya r u not happy did he did something bad
haya:no no mother its not like that infect he is really good person its just that I think I’m not good enough for him I’m afraid
mother:don’t be I know Arjun and I think he like u
haya smile and hug mother and cry silently then they came down and then party over after that haya came in arjun’s room because rubi and sona was at home so haya have to sleep in arjun’s room she change her clothes and lie down on bed when Arjun came inside he saw haya she was sleeping then he also change his clothes and lie down on bed then suddenly haya turn to his side and hug him in sleeping Arjun smile and hug her back and both fall in sleep in each others arms
hey frds h r u all ?
here is the 13th episode I hope u like it and the song also please listen this song while reading I just love this song I always play this song while writing it just awesome and do tell me how’s it till then bye tc and love u all a lot ??????????

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      But dont worry everything will be fine soon ?

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