Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 12)


Episode 12
the episode start with haya reach her room as soon as she enter In room she start remembering the moments when Arjun tell her his feelings for her and she was In tears then suddenly she hear Arjun shouting
Arjun: make sure u wear something heavy u should look like u r newly married
haya immediately wipe her tears and shout in same manners

haya:oohh please don’t tell what to do I know saying this haya enter in washroom and take a quick shower then she came out in bathrobe there was a big closet with 4 big doors she open the 1st one and was shocked because it was full of lehenga saree’s with heavy embroidery then she open the 2nd one it was also full but it was normal saree’s with little embroidery then she open the 3rd one and it was also full bit with simple saree’s then at last she open the 4th one and there was something different there was matching shoe pairs and purse for each saree’s then she moved to 2nd door and take out a beautiful white and red saree with golden embroidery and change the she moved toward dressing table on one side there was three drawers and on other side there was one small cupboard and big mirror then she open the cupboard there was lots of box maximum 51 one was really big and 50 was of same size then when she open the same size boxes she was shock because in 50 boxes was just jewelry then she open the big one there was sets of bangles for each saree and then she moved toward drawers she open 1st one there was 2 boxes she open the 1st box there was only heavy earning and in 2nd there was rings then she open the 2nd drawer there was one large box and one small heart shape box she open the large box there was payals then she open the heart shape box and was shocked because it was sindoor at last she open the 3rd and last drawer and there was makeup then she heard arjun’s voice

Arjun:haya how much time will u take do it fast
haya:yes just 5 more min saying this haya immediately take out matching shoe,purse,rings,bangles and only earning and start to get ready she wear her saree but was not able to tie her blouse knot then Arjun knock on door and said
Arjun:haya what the hell r u doing how much time will u take
haya:bus 2 more min
Arjun:do it fast
then haya again try to tie her blouse knot but it was vain then Arjun said
arjun: hay ur time is over now come out
haya:I can’t come out like this I’m not read yet
Arjun:what then what r u doing

haya: I’m trying to tie my blouse knot
arjun:haya can’t u tie ur blouse knot
haya:ohh u r saying as if u can
Arjun:yes I can but when u can’t tie ur blouse knot then why u wear this type of blouse
haya:ooh hello Excuse me u r the one who brought these blouse and its ur fault that u brought all blouse of this type every blouse is backless with knots so its ur fault
Arjun smile listening her and her cute complains and said
Arjun:yes I know and I brought these type of blouse intentionally so that u will look beautiful and s*xy saying this Arjun smile and haya get shocked listening his words then Arjun said
arjun:haya open the door
haya:what no

Arjun:haya u r taking so much time
haya:Arjun please wait I’m coming
Arjun:haya r u opening the door or not
haya:no I’m not
then Arjun get silent and haya thought he is gone and smile thinking she won but then when she was looking down trying to concentrate on knots suddenly she felt fingers on her bare back haya immediately look up at mirror and it was arjun and she turn to him and said
haya:what r u doing And how u came I side the door was locked then and haya looked at the door
Arjun:babe u r forgetting this is room and it surely will have window and unfortunately u forget to lock it then haya looked at window and it was open then haya said
haya:please go from here
Arjun:no i will not go and u turn around

haya:no please go
Arjun:o god haya I said turn around
haya:and I said go saying this haya try to push him but Arjun hold haya left arm and turn her and said
Arjun:just shut up and stand straight he said this dangerously so haya get silent and stand straight then arjun start to tie her knot and when haya feel his touch she close her eyes then after that he came more close and make her wear bangles then haya said in whisper

then he make her wear earning then he turn her to his side and make her sit then he go down on his knees and make her wear payal then haya open her eyes and looked at him then he make her wear mangalsutra and put sindoor in her head line haya was in tears but she wipe it then Arjun said come out fast and left then haya looked at herself in mirror and smile then she came out and sat in car then they reach orphanage and haya said
haya:why r we here we were going to meet mother right
Arjun:yeah right that’s why we r here
haya:what mother is in orphanage but how
Arjun:morning she came with rubi and sona now no more questions
then both came at door and ring the bell after sometime rubi and sona open the door and hug them and said

rubi:what bhai u both came so late we were waiting
sona:rubi they are married now and yesterday was their first night
Arjun:no its nothing like that actually
rubi:bhai I was just joking well look at bhabhi she is looking so beautiful look like Bhai help her in getting ready as rubi said this Arjun cough and haya lower her eyes then sona said
sona:what rubi u r to much come let’s go bhai come bhabhi then they both go to mother and meet her and talk in evening Arjun said
Arjun:now we should go
mother:please stay her for tonight then u guys can go tomorrow evening
haya:but mother

sona:yeah please bhai
rubi:ye please please
Arjun:ok fine
then they had dinner after that Arjun was with rubi,sona,other orphanage girls and kids and haya was with mother then haya said
haya:mother I’m feeling sleepy so can I go to sleep
mother:yeah beta go
then haya hug mother and gone in her room she came inside she change her dress and lie down on bed but she couldn’t sleep because she wasn’t feeling sleep she just came because she wanted to sleep before Arjun came to sleep she was looking at door then she turn to left side and close her eyes and was going to sleep but suddenly she felt a hand on her waist and someone behind her she try to remove the hand on her waist and to turn but then she stop in mid when she hear arjun’s voice
Arjun:don’t struggle and sleep
haya:what is this Arjun

Arjun:your punishment for waking up late in morning saying this Arjun kiss her neck and tighten his grip and then haya close her eyes and both fall in deep sleep

Next Episode:Haya Confront Tina
hey frds h r u all ? ?
here is the 12 episode I know it’s short but u guys ask for next part soon so here it is ??
tell me hows it after reading till then bye tc love u all a lot ????????

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    1. haha maybe ? thanks a lot and I don’t know from where these ideas came but when I start writing I just keep writing I write what ever came in my mind and I’m glad that u guys like what I write ??
      Umm well I can’t post 2 episode per day but I can try to post 1 per day but can’t promise hope u understand dear and will update ASAP ???

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