Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 11)


Episode 11
The episode start with haya and Arjun reach home they get down from the car and reach at door Arjun open the door and came inside but haya didn’t came inside then Arjun turn and saw haya standing at door and said
Arjun:why r u standing there come inside
haya:why u marry me when u know that I don’t want to marry u
Arjun:this is not a place to talk come inside we’ll talk in room
haya:no I will not coma inside first tell me
Arjun:u know what u r really stubborn
haya:yes I’m now tell me
Arjun:haya don’t test my patient just come inside Arjun said this in so much anger that haya get scared but still she didn’t came inside and said
haya:no I will not come she said this and try not to show her fear but her voice can show that how afraid she is and Arjun smile seeing how scared she get only by his angry voice then Arjun said
Arjun: so u r not coming inside 
haya:no saying this haya look at left side and arjun came close he pull haay inside by holding her arms then he close the door and lock it then he lift haya in his arms and take her to his room and haya said
haya:Arjun what are u doing get me down

but Arjun didn’t listen and they reach arjun’s room then he put haya down and lock the door and turn to haya and haya said
haya:what r u doing Arjun please let me go
Arjun:no no not so easily and what u ask me why I marry u so here is ur ans I married u because I want revenge what u think u will say that get out of my life and I will leave u no babe u came in my life because I want to have u in my life and now u will leave from my life when I want u to leave got it
haya:no u can’t do this
Arjun:trust me babe I can and now listen to me from now on u will live ur life according to me like u will not step out of this house without my permission or without me and one one will came here to meet u except mother 2nd u will take care of this house but don’t worry I will not torture u with all the house work but u have to cook like breakfast, lunch, dinner,tea, coffee etc and u will arrange my clothes for office so in short u will do everything which is related to me and servants will do rest of the work they will come in morning and will do everything except cooking and will leave before I leave for office then u will stay at home and will wait for me and yeah one more thing I want everything on time not 1 second before or not 1 second late and u will do whatever I will say u can’t say no and u can’t argue and if u will then i will tell mother that what u did and i think this will shock her more so this is it now let’s start our new life with a kiss

on this haya said
Arjun:yes saying this Arjun came forward and haya step backward then haya hit the wall and Arjun block her with hands then she try to go but Arjun held her waist and pull her closer he came close but she turn her face but Arjun hold her chin and make her looked at him and then he kiss her harder haya struggle to go but the more she struggle the harder he kiss then at last haya stop struggling and as soon as she stop struggling Arjun leave her and whisper in her ear
Arjun:this is just the start babe I promise you will regret the day you met me saying this he left and haya sat on floor and cry and on the other side Arjun was also crying and song start in background


Kuch pal to thehar jaao na
Ya phir laut ke aao na
Yoon kehte nahi alvida
Mud jaao idhar aao na

Tumhe dhoondein meri aankhen
Tumhe khoje meri baahein

Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin (x2)

haya and Arjun both are in different rooms and was crying both are remembering their moments

Kitne the waade kiye
Ik pal mein tod diye
Jhootha nahi tu mujhko pata hai
Bas thoda rootha sa hai

Tu roothe main manaau
Par tum bin kahan jaaun

Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin (x2)

then both remembered the night haya and arjun spend together and their romance

Ye aasmaan aur zameen
Bin tere kuch bhi nahi
Saanson se mohlat
Zara maang lena
Yoon uthke jaate nahi

Ya phir tu mujhe le chal
Sang apne jidhar tu chala

Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin (x2)

at last both remembered their fight and marriage

Next Day
haya get up late in the morning when she saw time it was 10:00 am she gone to take shower but when she saw herself in mirror she remember that now she is married she touch her sindoor and mangalsutra she was in tears but then she wipe her tears then she just wash her face and came down in same clothes Arjun was sitting in hall haya came there and Arjun said
Arjun: so Mrs Arjun Mehra u r awake then he looked at his watch and then at haya then haya said
haya:sorry I was tired that’s why
Arjun get up from sofa and came close to haya and said
Arjun:don’t be because u will be punish for this so save your sorry
haya:what punishment
Arjun:I will tell u this later right now go and have ur breakfast
haya:I’m not hungry

Arjun:haya i said have ur breakfast and don’t say no again didn’t I told u last night that u will do as I say and if u will not have ur breakfast then
haya:then what look I’m not hungry I just want to go and meet mother
Arjun: yes we will go to meet mother but for that u have to eat breakfast and if u will not eat ur breakfast then I will go alone and trust me I can do this so go and have it saying this Arjun sat on the sofa and start reading news paper and haya was standing there in anger then Arjun said
Arjun:u have only 10 min to have ur breakfast or else I will go alone
haya:yes I’m going saying this haya gone towards dining table and saw breakfast there was 2 boiled eggs with bread juice and tea haya thought something and take juice in her hand she was about to drink but Arjun shout from behind
Arjun:first eat eggs with bread then drink juice and tea
haya turn to his side and saw his back was on her side and think how did he know that I was going to drink juice only while she was think Arjun again said
Arjun:now stop thinking how I know and eat fast
then haya immediately finish her bf and came to Arjun and said
haya:let’s go
Arjun:u will go like this
haya:yes I don’t have any clothes to change
Arjun:go in ur room where u were staying when rubi and sona stop u here
Arjun:because there r some Saree which I brought for u
haya:when did u brought
arjun:I just brought them today morning and there are matching jewelry also and yeah there is a box of sindoor too
haya:why u brought all this

Arjun:because I want everyone to know that u r mine now and we just married yesterday so u should look like a new bride now no more question and go get ready
haya:ok saying this haya gone upstairs to get ready and arjun sat there and wait for haya

Next Episode: A night of newly married couple in orphanage
Hello Guys h r u all ? ?
so here is the 11th episode ? honestly speaking i never thought before writing that I will get this much love and support but I’m glad that I write and post here because I just love reading your comments frds thanks a lot everyone I LOVE YOU ALL A LOT ?????
so tell me how’s it after reading till then bye tc love u all a lot ??

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  1. Wowwwww arjun u r rockstar man awesome…. i think arjun ne haya ko punishment nahi diya yaar… this is diff type of love ha ha ha poor haya

    1. thanks ? hahaha yeah ?

  2. Arjun is behavng rude but so caring n loving. . . Hope tina gt exposd soon. . . N ur stry is superb dr. . . Updt nxt part toooo. . .pls pls. . . 🙂 😀 😉 luv u 😉

    1. thanks And don’t worry soon tina will be exposed ?
      Yes I will post ASAP ? love u too ?

  3. Nice update dear.Hope their misunderstandings will be cleared soon.Ur story is superb yaar.Love u princess….take care…

    1. thanks alot and yes soon everything will be fine ? love u too ? and u to take care ?

  4. Omg princess today episode was sooo amazing….bichari haya getting punished for tina…But I’m enjoying it… arjun is being soo rude but still soo caring but I’m waiting for the day when be will get to know the truth….and precap looks super interesting…update sOOn…. and thank you for such a beautiful story…ur imagination rocks baby…luv u ?????

    1. thanks lots dear u made my day ????? and I will update ASAP
      Thanks u for liking my story love u too ??

  5. wow nice dear

  6. Nice revenge…..

  7. Superrb episode princess..luv u lotz …take care

    1. thanks and love u to and u to take care dear ??

  8. arjun’s rules ki toh ek buk likh sakte hai. itne saare rules bol diye. pata nahi haya ko kitna samajh aaya hoga. lol. both r crying. this is pain of love like u r together but u r seperate. why these situations occur??!! Arjun’s love is completely different. he is rude yet caring, warning her yet understanding. oh god so many shades in love. u write so beautifully my dear princess so don’t need to thank. u worth it yaar. waiting for the next one.

    1. hahaha thanks a lot dear ?? well I don’t know why such situation occur but I can say that soon everything will be fine between them ? yes LOVE is like this with so many shades ? thanks again dear u always made my day by ur comments love u ?? and I will post ASAP ?

    2. Hey manha dr.. yes so many rules oh god real life mein aisa hua tho samne vali ladki tho coma me jayegi ha ha ha but i like this type of persons

  9. hey princess dear
    it was juzt rocking
    and pls update nxt paert soon
    waiting fr the nxt part
    and lots of hugs and kisses fr u

    1. hello pihu thanks dear and I will post ASAP and lots of hugs and kisses for u to ????????

    2. Princess your story is awesome.. Update nxt part soon.. Keep up the good work dear…..

      1. thanks a lot and will update ASAP ?

  10. Awesome plzzzzz update fast I can’t wait

    1. thanks and I will post ASAP ??

  11. O princess, it’s superb episode…loved the song n their emotions n love for each other…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thanks a lot and next episode is posted soon tu team will public it and love u too ???

  12. Such an amazing update !! Loved it …

    God, if this to a comes in my hands… I will just…. Sad of haya .. She’s being punished for all of this…. Keep it up buddy.. Update soon.

    Love you ..??

    1. thanks and next episode is posted ? love u too ?

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